battle net error 2 !!!

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hi guys did any one face such a problem I was trying to login a couple of times today but I

kept getting this error when I enter my password any idea ?



Try out the steps mentioned in this Error 2 Support Article and let me know what happens.
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i get the exact same problem after the patch and hotfix after the last patch

first of my launcher is very slow its stuck all greyed out intilazing for like 2 mins before you can click anything

after that and i try to log in typing account name and password its connecting for 1 min and then Battle net error 2

ive done everything in error 2 article

i also get another error if i try to repair i get error 2220 and yup done all that is related to that to

The error arent alwyes there so i think its a server side issue and a big one

ive been able to play 1 time today but tried to log in to the game around 1000 times at various times..

If this keeps on im gonna cancel my subscription again and regret returning to the game after 1½ year breack, seems like its gone down the drain from back then :(
even the free games now dayes are less bugged than wow is and thoose are free to play :/

And all these problems started aftre latest patch/hotfix

Before that only problem was random disconects and 100 times a day Characther not found
1000 times a day Instance not found

hell i even used my heart stone a coupple of times without anything happening cd was counting i dident get ported

1. What security program do you have installed?

2. Have you tried resyncing you mobile authenticator? If not, here's a support article with information on how to do that: Mobile Authenticator Troubleshooting

3. To address the slow initializing process, try Deleting the tools folder.

Check out this support article for steps on how to do that:

Deleting Files

Let me know what happens.
I'm available Monday through Friday from 11AM to 8PM Pacific Time
Support Contact Information

Got some feedback?
i had norton but un installed it to se if that fixed my problem

i never get to the part with authenticator right after i type in my password it hangs for a short while on connecting then ther battle net 2 error pops up, so no problem with sync it works fine when i actually get to that part

i delete all folders in battle net


delete thoose 3 all the time then i start the launcher and then i can use repair without getting the 2220 error

But it only works 1 out of 22 times so 21 times i get battle net 2 error

Right now im on my 43th login attemt still getting battle net 2 error, and im deleteing the folders each time but to no avail :(

Seems i have to be lucky to hit a certain time to be able to log into the game last night i managed to log in 2 times once in the morning and then again after several tries late night but in between i couldent..

and yeah it aint blocked, the right ports are open aswell, have the newest drivers and so on and on

The battle net 2 error appeared after the last path/hotfix cant you check up on your patch maybe for the time beeing rollback/take it off or make a horfix to it

i rather prefer getting no instance found 1000 times a day again and charater not found 100 times a day then not being able to login

Its just with so many getting the error you must see that its sudenly happend after the patch and thus the error must be in the patch and not a client wise error just look at all the post on the forum with various errors after the patch
I was able to fix the problem by disabling my Norton antivirus program thanks to you dream void :)) but does that mean that when I ever want to play wow I should turn off Norton all the time or will this be fixed in the near future ?

well norton dident fix it for me, but great that it helped for you

Shouldent be nesecary, maybe theres some configuration you can make to it
but until anyone has a clue you might have to

reasosn to it shouldent be the problem is me or i think you aswell had norton runing before last patch without problems..

Anyway still not able to log in
I am having the exact same problem as Dreamvoid.

Failed to log in MANY times today and yesterday, 3 times i diddnt get error #2, but then i got "character not found" several times, and "Instance not found" - this is kinda pain in the !@# when you are playing arena for rating, cuz 6 games i diddnt even get to enter!

I have Tried to turn off my antivirus "Microsoft security essentials"
I have tried to flush dns and such
I have tried to run wow 64 exe as administrator
I have tried to remove all addons
I have tried to reboot a million times
I have tried all the threads online about battlenet error #2

So yea, i might think this is a 5.4.1 bug, and nothing to do with my computer, if any1 have been able to fix this, please let me know :)
I have tried deleting the folder and the cache folder in blizzard entertainment
but the launcher still stays grey for like 1minute, when i can click play, i still cant log in due to the battlenet error #2.

Any1 have a soulution for this yet?
Another note i been able to log in today totaly gave up last night was not possible to log into wow so played another game instead..

"wonders if i get game time refundal for the dayes i cant play due to wow is bugged more then there are vermin in the world"

but as i said i could log in today played for a little and then i got hit by instance not found so far 36+ instance not found in a row , this sux beacuse players get mad and angry at you cause you dont enter the instance but problem is you cant..

Now the instance is not found problem then creates another problem cause if you log out you cant log in then you get the charcter not found and on all charcters, so i gues if i exit the game and restart i will then also get the battle net 2 error

so in short

Instance not found creates Charcter not found wich then ends up wuth battlenet error 2 if you exit and restart..

Could you please make a fix for it since you are not delivering the fun and enjoyment as promised to a paying custommer

Soz but this is so wrong
sinjina guess the only real solution is to delete wow play another game

Its confirmed instance not found creates charcter not found wich then if you exit and restart launcher/game creates battle net error 2

So its the database/code on the servers that are messed up not the clients
Couldnt agree more.
Yesterday i got the same as you, when i finally got to log in i could play for like 30mins then i get "instance not found" logged out to character screen, where the character not found problem popped up, then when i tried to restart the game i get error #2 and havent been able to play AT ALL today, which pisses me off!

One word for you Dreamvoid, DO NOT LOG OUT xD

And yea, this is so wrong!
Blizzard should fix this problem immediatly and add 2 more days to my gametime imo.

If you find a soulution other than deleting wow, please do share!
If it was an error with the game it'd affect many more players, Dreamvoid. If you still need support try contacting support directly as the forums aren't manned at all times - at the moment they are not, but tickets are 24/7. "Instance not found" can be either on the server side or due to the connection being too unstable when trying to reach the servers.

So please, if you have an issue, don't only post on the forums, also ticket to contact the support team.

Did you take a course in "how stuff works - for dummies".

"If it was an error with the game it'd affect many more players." Really, would it now. Because network/server or even authentication infrastructure never develops any issues that affect small clusters of users now, does it.

The smugness of the these so called MVPs is ridiculous, take it elsewhere pal, and let the Blizzard reps, or someone who can actually offer some assistance do the helping here.

Now onto the problem of this error 2. I have two high specced machines here, running on a 100mb line (100mb down and 50mb up). Other applications, tests, games etc function perfectly fine. Bandwidth, utilisation issues, ping, latency or jitter issues, i have none of. I cannot connect via WoW or Diablo (error 3003).

It only became an issue in the last half an hour, prior to this i had no issues. If someone could share any information on what's going on i'd be most grateful.

You're the one applying smugness to the tone of my post, not me. When there are major issues even if they affect only a small cluster of players you can normally tell on the forums - there is nothing open at the moment in regards to connection issues, either because they've not detected it or because there isn't anything on a general scale.

If people start ticketing and Blizzard detect something then they'll be able to fix it faster; that's why I'm suggesting that whoever has the issue tickets, because the forums are not manned currently. If you have not ticketed don't wait for a reply here before doing so. I have no reason for not wanting people to get their game running which is why I'm asking them to contact support directly. Edit: that is, try the support article that was linked earlier on the thread by Dankorii and if nothing works then ticket.
This is exactly the kind of non-committal response i would expect from an MVP.

Put in a ticket, wait a few days for a response.

Fantastic. Good job!

Can anyone else share any light on the situation?
I'm going to leave it there as I have no desire to antagonise someone that seems to have a personal issue with others just cause their text is green.

But no, you should not be waiting 'a few days', you can use livechat (which is done through text) and phone/voicecall through Skype for this sort of issue which is open at the moment and should not have to wait more than two or three minutes. Just make sure if you use livechat that there are no popup or javascript blockers active on your browser as they will block the livechat.
Nyshae i have made ticket about it some dayes ago also did a ticket about me not beeing able to do instancses due to instance not found and so forth, my latency ping is fine, i got no bottle necks on the tracerts i dont have any jitter on my line and i ahve absolutley no problems in any other games online be it battlefield 4 or dota and other massive online resource demanding games internet connection fine "check"
Alot of the games i play im notofied instantly either by a message or game shuts down if my connection acts up wich it dont

note : can conect now but never gets a charter screen jsut goees right to realm screen and nothing more happends cant enter any realm at all
Dreamvoid: make sure you didn't livechat by accident and it got blocked, I've seen it happen sometimes. You can see if your ticket is still open here, though:
When livechat gets blocked it appears to create a ticket but it actually doesn't. You can even abandon the ticket if you want and use the livechat option instead, it's pretty much instant, they'll be open until 7:30 PM Paris time.
Nyshae, I have no desire to antagonise anyone because of the colour of text, this isn't personal so don't be so sensitive. This is merely a vent for my frustration at a minor issue that's causing me some grief and the tunnel of that frustration is directed at the irrelevant position of the self rewarding title of MVP, that really serves no purpose other than to gratify someone for wasting their own time, and in this case, my own time.

Dreamvoid, glad you're getting a bit more luck than me! I can't even connect. Time to socialise with the family i suppose!

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