2014 WoW Expansion and Film

Ok so the rumour mill is well underway and with titles like "Warlords of Draenor", "Emerald Dream", "The Dark below" and tool tips around the "lost lovers" it is looking increasingly likely that something is going to be annouced surrounding the Burning Crusade as a basis for the next expansion, next week

But knowing how our wonderful creators like to drop little extra tit-bits into the game to tease us, there is something else i think we should consider.

Blizz are known for pushing the bounderies of MMO and the fact that the storyline has not yet been annouced for the film that is due to start filming in the first quarter of 2014 i wonder if they are going to annouce the film and the expansion at the same time and more importantly the 2 are going to be linked in someway, what better way to promote a game and a film, launch them together with a similar back story!

Azeroth is complete in terms of new content, so we can only guess at little tweaks, but along with the Burning Crusade prequel/sequel, the next stage in the development of Bolvar as the Lich King is still unexplored, along with a greater story line surrounding the underwater world. Remember there is still a question of what exactly lies in the whirlpool in Vash'ji, what is the back story of the Murlocs and why has more not been done with the Night Elfs.

Finally in the end sequence of the Siege of Org, did we see Jaina suddnely showing signs of going bad, by encouraging King Varian to attack the Horde leaders. Finally where does The Black Prince fit into all this, are we about to see the rise of the Black Dragon wing in greater numbers.

Well thats my views, looking forward to next weekend to see what is in store for us in 2014 and beyond!
I think Duncan Jones the director of the warcraft film is going to be there, so yeah totally makes sense that the expansion and the film are related and will both be discussed at Blizzcon.

My guess is that we will time travel back to see the characters featured in the film.

So the next expansion will arrive in either Q2 or Q3 of 2014 and the film is due out december 2015.Which means will be coming to the end of that expansion and in fact looking forward to whatevers next but importantly all the characters in the film will now be known by the players.

As for Jaina she's not bad per se.She just no longer trusts the Horde and it probably won't take much for her to be in conflict with them again.

Wrathion thinks he has killed off all the corrupted black dragons, but with the time travel angle and where we are heading I suspect he might get to find Dad .Deathwing. Quite what happens when they meet should be interesting?
Like the idea of seeing how Deathwing became what he is, kind of simliar in thread to how they treated the story of Arthas i guess... going to be a fun weekend next weekend
03/11/2013 21:09Posted by Nitelord
Like the idea of seeing how Deathwing became what he

so would you like to play an whole expansion in the past ? like, doing something what is already doing. doing all your raids in Caverns of time ????
i don't see the cool in this like everyone ells does :(

03/11/2013 16:56Posted by Nitelord
story of the Murlocs

lets go fishing then ! :D
lets go fishing then ! :D


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