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Argent Dawn
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11/01/2011 2:39 PMPosted by Klyvian

If it's female, it'll have to be butch to live up to that title. And, urm... You'll have to think about the differences between "Warmage" and "Battlemage". As far as I can tell, the only difference is in the names.

Also... What's with all the Dalaran War/battlemages? It's not like Rhonin's waging war frequently. Alliance/Horde mages I can understand being focussed on combat, but Dalaran's still largely neutral in this conflict barring certain anomalies. I mean, using Rhonin as an example again, he'd have charged back to northern Lordaeron imediately if he actually cared about Ambermill. A stuffy little back-water town, made up of demon-summoners and Alliance supporters.

Bah, Ambermill.

There are two Dalarans if you will. The ones in Northrend lead by Rhonin and his fangirl council and the one in Silverpine who despise the one in Northrend for leaving seeing them as abandoning thier lands and stealing thier city. Rhonin doesn't care bout Ambermill cause Ambermill aren't his friends anymore!
Oh.. dont worry..
The actual Dalaran in Northrend will play a part, you just wait and see..
Oh yes, Northrend's where all the cool people are! Valven High Five! *raises hand*
11/01/2011 3:36 PMPosted by Marrowscar
Oh yes, Northrend's where all the cool people are! Valven High Five! *raises hand*

And... Not the eastern plaguelands? Why, you traitor to Syl's memory!
I haven't betrayed her! I've just discovered that SV is a unused but completely god-like awesome place to play!
It's taken a long time.
Just spied some of the old Kirin'Dal adventures from late 08' under Dalar.

Bumping again.
Bump for the guild.
Still going, and looking for new mages that would bask in our violetness.
#1 Spellcaster guild eu

If I change sever from Steamwheedle to this one, I am really considering joining this guild with my mage, always been in a Kirin Tor related guild :]!
Go for it Serramin! the more neutrals we have engaging in story related RP to do with the progression and development of class/allignment centric RP the better!
*Plants new guild theme song*


Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip, That started from this tropic port, aboard this tiny ship. The mate was a mighty sailin' man, the Skipper brave and sure. Five passengers set sail that day for a three hour tour. A three hour tour.

The weather started getting rough, the tiny ship was tossed. If not for the courage of the fearless crew, the Minnow would be lost. The Minnow would be lost. The ship set ground on the shore of this uncharted desert isle,

with Valven,

the Councillor too,

the Wizard,

and his wife,

the Magus,

the Apprentice,

and the Associate.

Here on Valven's Isle.

Those who have read about - or played - the Forgotten Realms, will recognize this guild as a mix between the Red Wizards of Thay and the Harpers / Moonstars.

The Harpers are a semi-secret organization dedicated to promoting good, preserving history (including art and music of old) and maintaining a balance between civilization and nature by keeping kingdoms small.

..with the aim of unifying the humans and other races (especially elves) against the forces of evil.

During their height of power, the Red Wizards were the notorious and nefarious spellcasting ruling class of the inhospitable but well-inhabited country of Thay.

The leaders of the Red Wizards, and of Thay, were the eight zulkirs, each for a different school of magic. Chief amongst these, and, indeed, among all Red Wizards was Szass Tam, a powerful archmage and feared lich.

Eh... apart from the lich part - and contrary to popular belief, we're not evil!

I may have missed something prior, but why do you not accept Draenei in the Kirin Dal? As far as I'm aware there are several Draenei in the Kirin Tor, so would it be so rare as to see them in a subfaction as it were? I can't exactly find anything that explains why not. Perhaps their connection to the Legion as a whole, which can be quite easily turned aside anyway. After all, they are a magically skilled and gifted race of people.

Just curious.
I dont recall there ever being any Draenei in the Kirin Tor. But of course, I could be wrong. Am I wrong, Marttus?
I'm fairly certain there are a couple of Dalaran NPCs, or guards as it were, who are draenei. I personally may be wrong, but as a whole that doesn't exactly answer the question I'm imposing.

Edit: After a brief look, I've noticed there are none of the sort. I was thinking of the shaman you occasionally see wandering around. But even so, question still stands.
16/02/2011 3:52 PMPosted by Valven
I dont recall there ever being any Draenei in the Kirin Tor. But of course, I could be wrong. Am I wrong, Marttus?

There's one NPC. It's called a Dalaran Visitor, I think, and it flies into Krasus' Landing on a Netherdrake, dismounts, then runs towards the streets before despawning once more.

It's perfectly possible that some Draenei mages would see the merit in serving Dalaran and the Kirin Tor. They possess a great history of Arcane knowledge before most of their race was corrupted by Sargeras. And even afterwards, the tradition has remained strong, if not the focus of society that it once was.

Those traditionalists might want to move to Dalaran, to learn further, or teach, or learn of Azeroth's history, mundane and magical. We haven't seen any in lore or in game just yet, but it's possible. Draenei already have a habit of joining or forming neutral factions, as it is.

It's up to Valven whether he'll ever take them or not. Kirin Tor RP guilds on other servers have often become inundated with female Draenei mages, and he clearly doesn't want to go the same way. Perhaps a few specific kinds of Draenei RPer would suit the guild, but they'd have to be very selective.

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