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first of all i dont see a suggestion forum on these new ones so maybe can we have one ?

then engineering.
as gnome and a engineer i just love my goggles sadly they become no longer viable for use after the first tier is done and gone.
now my idea would be is to give engineers a tinker that works like the normal faction head enchant (think arcanum of burning souls) this tinker will give you head piece the same stat increas but will make it look like a pair of goggles.
ofc the recipe will be available from the same rep vendor as the arcanum and at the same rep lvl.
this will not give the engineers a unfair advantage.

just a little thought of mine what do you think

cheers zeo
I agree, engineers deserve to look a bit engineer-y.

Since engineers can already add devices to some bits of armor couldn't those that recipe also change the items visuals to look a bit more engineer-like.

"Rebuild - you dismantle/unstitch your helm and then use the parts to make a pair of really hip goggles, you also add on a mind-amplification device."

So this would do the same as the "Mind Amplification Dish" but also change the model to be much more fitting.

They can also just add a new recipe on each tier like with other proffessions since, well, a long time...

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