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Argent Dawn

It’s not peculiar that people prefer to keep walking when passing the sound erupting from Military seven. Exciting gnomes, speaking in their native tongue, can indeed be scary to listen to. But if you -do- speak the language, you’ll find that the gnomes inhabiting the building are actually really fascinating. Daily subjects are different types of gizmo, different ways of blowing things up and different tastes of cheese. The question is, who -are- these gnomes?
Originally, Steamshell Unit was found to support High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque in his charge onto Gnomeregan. Yet, it turned out that gnomekind could use more help than the Unit originally expected. With the efficient team of well-trained Troopers, the Unit saved the lives of millions of gnomes. That’s the idea, at least.

Getting overwhelmed by a stack of paperwork reaching the top of the building isn’t that impressive when a building is sized after gnomish proportions. In general, getting overwhelmed by paperwork isn’t that great, though. Luckily, the majority of Steamshell Unit has nothing to do with paperwork. With a vast amount of combat training, condition training and intellectual training the Steamshell infantrymen manage to keep their shape. The question is, what drives these gnomes?
There are two answers to that question, actually. The first one is that by a strict schedule of disciplinal drilling, the infantrymen won’t think about disobeying orders. Who’d dare say ‘no’ to an order given by disciplinants such as Umbrog Steelhammer anyway?
But except for the weekly drilling routine, the solid Trooper team can safely say that they are having a good time. The Steam Commander and Steam Captain, commonly referred to as the ‘Steam Team’, ensure that apart from the blood-soaking discipline, the Troopers will get a chance to get to know one another. An occasional straight-to-the-point vacation and ‘less-convenient-drill’ does the thing to thrive the community together.

Hello there, and thank you for placing interest in our guild!
Steamshell Unit is a roleplaying guild on the Argent Dawn server, usually describing itself as 'progressive military gnome/dwarf roleplay'. The 'progressive' in that line stands for the fact that we frequently have events altering the status of the Unit. As the guild is based around dwarves, but gnomes mainly, engineering plays a major role in Steamshell Unit. It's no requirement at all for your character to be practised in engineering, IC or OOC, but we can assure to have unique roleplay prepared for you if your character does practice the profession.

    Before you sign up, note the following requirements:
    - We only accept members of level 20 and higher.
    - We only accept gnomes and dwarves.
    - Some of our guild events require you to have the Gryphonheart Items (GHI) addon installed and updated on your computer.

We highly encourage you visiting our Argent Archives profile:

In order to join us, simply contact any of our officers in character. Also, feel free to whisper me (Falkireohan), Lorman or Umbrog for more OOC information on the guild.
    Bumpage for my awesome friend! :D

    -edit: You know who I am!
    Head of Discipline Umbrog Steelhammer reporting in!

    You there! Yes you, mister awesome and creative gnome/dwarf roleplayer! We want you to sign up, and do it NOW!
    Yes, yes.. Join us now, dwarves and gnomes. I'll give you extra cheese the first month.

    Join the units and do your share for the future of gnomeregan!
    Don't walk away, for thousands of miles!
    Care for the future of the Gnomish Exiles!
    Don't be foolish, don't be astray!
    Join Steamshell Unit today!

    ...I tried!
    Falkireohan, master poet
    Ace Salii Swiftfeet reporting in for duty.
    Also. When do we get more Tomlerson Zests?
    Sign up asap
    Dun´ be scared!
    Oh wait.. x_O We are a very scary guild! Filled with gnomes and dwarfs.
    Bumpity bump!
    According to article 4.2B of the new Steamshell Line Guide, Unitmen can now vote for what officer would suit the job of Steam Captain best. The one with the most votes will actually roll for Steam Captain!

    Be involved! Sign up!
    Yay for the Steamshell unit

    wait im posting on a blood elf..umm Yer I'm a gnome really xD


    from Hirikoti
    Thumbs up for the Steam Team! You're really....Mean? Green? Lean? Bah, who need rhymes anyway....
    Bumping for great justice and because I'm interested, might shoot one of your officers a letter today, if I get around to it.
    Yesterday, Steamshell Unit has been blessed with a new Steam Captain; after two rough weeks of trying to get Unitmen to vote for their favourite, Umbrog Steelhammer came out as a clear victor. In one month, a new election will take place!
    Bump for the best guild I've ever been a part of!
    The ranks of the Unit have been thrown around for a bit, and we can finally say that the Ace rank has been removed, that Warrant Officer has been renamed to Corporal and Platoon Officer to Sergeant. Mhm!
    Since our lovely creator Falkireohan decided to take a break from wow I've taken over the leadership of this lovely Unit. And you know what I want?


    So do your part for the gnomish and dwarven community, enlist today!

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