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Looking for Players – PvE
Dear reader,

With the Cataclysm upon us, my friends and I have decided to start our own 10-man dedicated raiding guild, for which we are now recruiting experienced players.

We are currently recruiting

Recruitment status is currently open for all Tank and/or DPS classes, with priority for:

- DK tank w. Unholy/Frost DPS OS

- Feral tank w. Feral DPS OS

- Rogue (Combat/Assa)

- Shadow Priest

Who are we?

Starting our World of Warcraft careers in the days that Dire Maul was still high level content, we have been around for quite a while. During those 5 years, one develops a certain amount of skill. This is mostly a good thing, however cracks can begin to appear in the fun of raiding after making the decision that real life comes before WoW. Casual guilds leave you surrounded by far less experienced players then yourself, while the 25-man hardcore guilds drain too much of your time. We had this same problem and came up with a solution: starting a guild that doesn’t take up as much time as a hardcore raiding guild, while keeping up the high level raiding quality and social cohesion.

Ourselves being long time World of Warcraft players, we have raided on many different characters in many different guilds and compositions. With Blizzard’s new take on 10-man raiding for Cataclysm, making the raids more difficult and establishing them on equal grounds with 25-man content, the 10-man spirit of small scale, yet challenging raiding with a close group of people attracted us more than the large scale 25-man raiding.

Raiding philosophy

We shall be raiding twice a week, most likely on Thursday and Sunday, however this does not mean we are a casual guild. We have busy real life schedules as some of us are in university, so we simply do not have time to raid many times a week. This means that the few days we do raid, we want optimal performance and concentration. Quality over quantity is a motto which we will adhere strongly to.

What we are looking for

We are scouring the forums looking for those players that fit our mentality well. This means we expect:

Responsibility and preparation:

You are a member of a small group that should be able to count on you. This means knowing tactics, preparing for raids by bringing your own consumables and attending raids. Of course, real life can sometimes prevent you from showing up for a raid. This is fine, as long as it doesn’t happen often and you let us know. Remember, we only raid twice a week, so it is not hard to plan activities around those two evenings.


We expect from our members to be able to hold their own in a raid situation. While we won’t require years of experience, we do need our members to know the game inside out. Our guild is not a L2P guild. We need people who know the game through and through.

Knowledge of your class

Keeping up to date with your class, following changes, knowing your rotations and what spells to use, including theory crafting should be natural for the members of our guild. If you don’t play a pure DPS class, you are expected to have almost equal knowledge of your offspecs. You must be willing to change at least your main and/or offspec if asked so by the officers.


While it might seem obvious, we are looking for people who want to be part of a strong social group. We don’t expect to find soul mates immediately, but we do need people we can work together with and who try to help each other out. A 10-man raiding guild is a small community, and because of this we need players that are compatible and, simply, fun to hang out with.

The members we are looking for are of a rare breed, and as such we won’t just accept anyone. We do not have a template for applications so your first impression is an important one. Try to convince us not just why we need you, but how much we need you : ).

What you can expect from us

- Serious and progressive raiding, while still having enough time for real life

- Friendly social environment, including our own new Ventrilo server

- Mature, veteran players and good raid leadership

- A simple, yet effective website that is updated frequently

- An easy to understand loot distribution system based on equal loot and rewards loyalty

Raid Times

Thursday: 20:00 - 00:00

Sunday: 20:00 - 00:00

You can post your application by visiting our website on http://thewildhunt.guildlaunch.com/ and posting on the Applications forum. You need to register before you can apply, also don’t forget to read through the Guild Rules section before applying. In-game you can contact me on Escudocabra or the other officers: Pandora and Kier.

- Escudocabra
needing healers/rdps!
bump for a ranged dps.
bump: give us a darn SP, Boomkin or Lock!
bump for a Warlock :)
bump :)
in need of either a Shadowpriest or a Warlock!
bump for a ranged dps.
up we go!
Le Bump.

We know our warlock is out there!

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