Unable to connect to server, and character not found.

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I'm having constant trouble with connecting to the server "Stormscale" and, when I after 3-4 restarts of WoW, manage to connect to the server and try to log on my characters, It says "Character not found".

All in all it takes me about 30 minutes everytime to log on the game, and it is making me quite frustrated, is this really what I'm paying for? a game that constantly consists of problems and faults?
Can you post a pathping to the server?
Running A Pathping Test - https://eu.battle.net/support/en/article/718
Sp†rar v„g till ”ver h”gst 30 hopp

0 Carl-PC.lan []
1 gestionBbox.lan []
2 * * *
Statistik f”r 25 sekunder ber„knas...

K„lla hit Denna nod/l„nk
Hopp Tid f”rl/skic= % f”rl/skic= % Adress
0 Carl-PC.lan []
0/ 100 = 0 % |
1 2 ms 0/ 100 = 0 % 0/ 100 = 0 % gestionBbox.lan []

Sp†rning utf”rd.
Well, that's no help. Seems it's not configured to allow pathpings. Can you make sure both IPv6 and "Optimize network for speed" are disabled in the System options of WoW? Also can I ask whether you're using the Battle.net app beta launcher or the regular one?

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