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About Us
Calamitous Intent is a semi-hardcore raiding guild. Our guild is made up of a group of friends who have been playing together since Wotlk. We class ourselves as a semi-hardcore raiding guild with the intent to clear content as fast as possible. At the same time, we feel that we have a strong social community where members can feel at ease.

Our raid team is currently fully prepared for the legion expansion to raid competitively. We have updated our raiding days and times from previous expansions to suit the guilds needs. We are recruiting a few key classes to provide more options for progression.

We're always recruiting EXCEPTIONAL raiders no matter recruitment status. Get in-touch if you feel you can outperform our current raiders!

Raid Times
-Sunday 20:00 - 23:00
-Tuesday: 20:00 - 23:00
-Friday optional (old farm content - hc/normal raids and boost runs)

Guild Requirements
- Reliable - All of our raiders must be able to maintain as close to 100% attendance as possible.
- Skill - All raiders must be competent within their class/role. This also includes being capable at playing your off-spec. You must also be able to move from fire and other not-so-enjoyable things on the ground.
- Tactics- It is expected that you turn up to all raids full prepared. When it comes to progression raids, you are expected to have learnt as much about the encounter as possible and be able to help develop tactics. This includes having the correct spec and add-ons prepared and made for all bosses indivdually.
- Humour - Members must have a strong sense of humour to be able to fit into the guild comfortably.
- Communication - Access to Teamspeak and a working microphone is mandatory.

What We Offer
- Organised & structured raiding.
- Fair loot distribution. We use a loot council.
- Progression raid spots are based on performance and reliability. Farm boss raid spots will prioritize players that still need loot from a particular boss.
- A fun atmosphere with a serious raiding environment.

Current Recruitment


Possibly one exceptional Healer of any class/spec

For more information regarding recruitment, please contact one of our recruitment officers in-game: Durburz#2541 Nicolé#2480

Thanks for reading
Bump updated recruitment, got some new blood in, need 1-2 more players to fill our roster.
Bump updated progress and recruitment, require a new rogue to complete our team
Hi I am interested in joining your guild. I know that I am undergeared (522 ilvl) but I am gearing up quickly. I have a lot of raiding experience from TBC, WotLK, and Cata (killed Deathwing before the raid nerf). I took a break for most of MoP but I am looking to raid now and into the next expansion. Tuesdays and Thursdays are also good evenings for me.
Hey guys,

I would like to join your guild in case you have a free spot for a hunter.
I don't have much SOO xp cause I stopped playing since like the beginning of December till 3 days ago.
In this 3 days i managed to down the 4 flex full parts and the first 5 bosses on 10 normal.
I handle really good my hunter, at least i think so and i could prove that on training dummy if you like.
PLease let me know something as soon as you can.

Bump for new progress and updated recruitment.

Hello sorry for the late reply, we only need back-up players atm if you wouldn't mind that role.
Bump updated progress and recruitment. We would like a Holy Paladin or Resto Druid for the healing position and any well geared ranged dps preferably.

Almost had the Sha of Pride down last raid so that should fall soon.
<Vesuvius> is currently looking for people aswell, and we have been talking about a merge with another guild might would be the way to go. We lack a few here and there, just like you. We are on 1/14hc after a few weeks raiding with just barely 10 people for raid.

We are stuck due to lack of people. Seems like you are aswell. Give me a shout ingame if you think this would be interesting. :)
Bump need 1-2 good DPS a good melee and ranged dps would be great and a new healer. /w me in game or leave me some mail if you are interested.
Bump Recruiting a Healer to complete our 10man team. Equaled our current progress in half a night of raiding and had some good attempts on Iron Juggernaut so come join the fun.
Bamp update looking for a Disc Priest and Mage.
Hello 9/14 down, a range DPS mage/boomkin would be ideal for the team.
If you ever happen to need a tank, I would love to join.
Recruiting a Range DPS in pursuit of some more kills before WoD hits, made some good progress in guild lately, come join the fun. Please contact me asap if you are interested, trying to fit as many raids in as possible for kills.

@Mukrath Hi we are full on active tanks at the moment but ill keep you in mind.
Still in need of a range DPS and we are recruiting a new healer, a Resto Druid or Holy Paladin would be awesome.

Also our raid days are changing to Wednesday and Monday sometime in September due to work changes.
Do you need a Warlock? i got 8/14 hc exp???
Bamp lf range dps, a geared hunter, mage or lock with similar exp, get in touch asap.
Hello long time no bump. Some major updates to the guild.

Killed Siegecrafter HC last week before the patch hit, got a suitable raid-comp for him and he fell quickly.

Alot of new raiders have joined the guild and we raided our 1st mythic raid yesterday and it went very well.

Our times have changed from 2 days a week to 3 days a week also.

We are in a good postion to raid mythic content in WoD to a good level. We are in need of more recruits though to help strengthen the team and to keep pushing us further.

We are recruiting all good players but we are in mainly need of the following:
Healer: Holy Paladin, Resto Druid and Disc/Holy Priest
Range Dps: Warlock, Mage, Boomkin

As always please get in touch asap if you are interested in joining as now is a great time to trial before WoD hits.

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