[H] Calamitous Intent 3/8M 8/8HC 2 Day Raiding Guild

Twisting Nether
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Hello and sorry for the late reply avernum, we are recruiting mages, please add me on b.tag.
Bump recruitment updated - Contact me at Durburz#2541

Ranged DPS
Mage, Warlock, Boomkin, S.Priest.

Melee DPS
WW Monk, DH

Resto Druid, Holy Priest, Mist Monk (will take alook at other healers if exceptional)
Bump scorpion down and almost had Chronomatic down.
Lots of new positive recruits and looking for a new new players to push for more kills.
Healer and some range are especially wanted.
Contact at Durburz#2541
Bump 2 bosses down. Also boosting on HC if any interest contact Darksens ingame for a price!

Recruiting all cloth DPS, DH, WW and MW Monks.
Do you have any spots left for a tank?
Just leave a message here if you would be interested and I will make an actual application :)
Bump 6 bosses down and 1% wipes on botanist, looking for all good DPS.
08/06/2017 20:24Posted by Dúrburz
Bump 6 bosses down and 1% wipes on botanist, looking for all good DPS.

i have added you to discuss

Arcane Mage
WW Monk
8/9 HC done and phase 3 on KJ on the regular, kill incoming soon.

We are recruiting a few players to bolster the team for mythic - we especially need a new Holy Paladin ASAP and prehaps another healer.

Rogues, Hunters and Boomkins could be used as well.

Contact Durburz#2541 for more
9/9HC on farm and looking for some good dps and healers to push on for solid mythic raiding, have a great team, just need a few more people to solidify it.

All class needs listed on front post

Contact Durburz#2541 for more
Do you have a spot for a Holy Priest?
Recruitment is going well and a 1% wipe on Goroth, need a few more players to make a solid team again.

Talked to you in game Kutsai
Bump recruiting all dps and a healer!
Progress and recruitment updated.
Looking for mages, rogues and a holy paladin asap.
Progress updated, killed other 2 awhile ago and progress on sisters is going well.
Looking for ranged DPS, MAGES!, hunters and boomkings especially welcome.
Contact Durburz#2541 for more
Bump recruitment updated!
Oh hai thar, progress and recruitment updated! Well prepared for Antorus, great time to join the guild.
Progress updated 5/11HC - First HC raid went very well considering we nearly had a full 30 man raid. More kills and purples to come.

Looking heavily for ranged dps - mages especially welcomed.

To see our recruitment needs and info please refer to the first page and for more info contact our officers Durburz#2541 Nicolé#2480
Yoo! You still recruiting? Im defiently interested and may be able to sort something out! Add me on real id cuff#2951 and ill be able to talk later when im home :)
Bump progress updated and decent progress on coven after the buff to them.

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