Wow lore, where to begin?

pretty simple really, Im looking to get into the wow lore however im not really sure where to begin. Any ideas?
Basic story behind each expansion:

Some of the characters in Warcraft:

WoWWiki & Wowpedia offer a bunch of WoW lore, but the info is put in by the fans. Not 100% accurate.

Warcraft 3 & quests in WoW offer a bunch of story.

World of Warcraft: The Ultimate Visual Guide is a book you can buy with contains most of the basic WoW lore, but also not 100% accurate.

Novels and stories:

Dawn of the Aspects

War of the Ancients : The Well of Eternity (Novel, 10,000 Years)
War of the Ancients : The Demon Soul (Novel, 10,000 Years)
War of the Ancients : The Sundering (Novel, 10,000 Years)
The Burdens of Shaohao (Youtube video)
War of the Shifting Sands (SS)

Rise of the Horde (Novel, Pre-First War)
Lords of War (Youtube video)
Harbinger: Gul'dan (Youtube video)
Unbroken (SS, Pre-First War)
The Last Guardian (Novel, First War/WC1)
Tides of Darkness
Beyond the Dark Portal (Novel, Second War/WC2)
A Thousand Years of War (Audio drama):

Alternate reality/Warcraft movie:
Durotan (Novel, Pre-First War)
Bonds of Brotherhood (Graphic Novel, Pre-First War)
Warcraft Official Movie Novelization (Novel, First War/WC1)

Lord of the Clans (Novel, Post-Second War)
Day of the Dragon (Novel, Post-Second War)
Of Blood and Honor (SS, Post-Second War)
Road to Damnation (SS, Post-Second War)

Arthas: Rise of the Lich King (Novel, WC3/Third War)
Death Knight (Manga, Third War)
Vol'jin: The Judgment (SS, Third War)

Sunwell Trilogy (Manga, Post-Third War)

Cycle of Hatred (Pre-Vanilla)
Ashbringer (Comic, Third War & Vanilla)

Night of the Dragon (The Burning Crusade)
Garrosh: Heart of War (SS, Post-TBC, Pre-WotLK)
World of Warcraft: The Comic (The Burning Crusade & Pre-WotLK)
Harbingers – Illidan (Youtube video)
Lor'themar: In the Shadow of the Sun (SS, Pre-WotLK)

Sylvanas Windrunner: Edge of Night (SS. Immediately post-WotLK)
Stormrage (Pre-Cataclysm, Post-WotLK)
Shaman (Manga, Pre-Cataclysm, Post-WotLK)
Pearl of Pandaria (Graphic Novel)
The Shattering (Pre-Cataclysm, Post-WotLK)

Curse of the Worgen (Comic, Cataclysm)
Genn Greymane: Lord of his Pack (SS, Cataclysm)
The Council of Three Hammers: Fire and Iron (SS, Cataclysm)
Tyrande & Malfurion: Seeds of Faith (SS, Cataclysm)
Baine Bloodhoof: As Our Fathers Before Us (SS, Cataclysm)
Gallywix: Trade Secrets of a Trade Prince (SS, Cataclysm)
Wolfheart (Novel, Cataclysm)
Velen: Prophet's Lesson (SS, Cataclysm)
Varian Wrynn: Blood of Our Fathers (SS, Cataclysm)
Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects (Novel, Cataclysm)

Quest for Pandaria (Comic, Pre-MoP, Post-Cataclysm)
Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War (Pre-MoP, Post-Cataclysm)

The Trial of the Red Blossoms (SS, Mists of Pandaria)
Bleeding Sun (SS, Mists of Pandaria)
Dawn of the Aspects (E-Book, Mists of Pandaria/Pre-History)
Vol'jin: Shadow of the Horde (Novel, Mists of Pandaria)
The Blank Scroll (SS, Mists of Pandaria)

War Crimes (Novel, Warlords of Draenor)

Illidan (Novel, Legion)
The Tomb of Sargeras (Youtube video)
Magni: Fault Lines (Comic, Legion)
Harbingers – Khadgar (Youtube video)
Dark Mirror (SS, Legion)
Highmountain: A Mountain Divided (Comic, Legion)
Nightborne: Twilight of Suramar (Comic, Legion)
Anduin: Son of the Wolf. (Comic, Legion)

The Speaker (Comic, B4A)
Three sisters (Comic, B4A)

Before the storm (Novel, B4A)
Reunion (Comic, B4A)
Warbringers: Jaina:
A Good War (Novella, B4A):
Elegy (Novella, B4A):
Warbringers: Sylvanas:
Cinematic: “Old Soldier”:

Traveler: Warcraft Children Book (Part 1 &2) (No idea what time period)
Also see the link down below for Nobbel's list on the novels.
What Nobbie said.
Though you're better off reading a proper fantasy series because the Warcraft universe is turning into a steaming pile of Tauren ****.
It aint that bad...getting a bit convoluted sure not that that bad.
Any story without consistency is bad in my book.
When i think about it... we actually have enough plot to kill an entire country by simple letting an one set of all books ,comics, questtexts, and dialoge lines from the wow-universe drop on them.... :)
The five parts of A Song of Ice and Fire can reach from Dover to Calais, barely.
I'm not sure Warcraft's lore can flatten a province let alone a country.

Any story without consistency is bad in my book.

I can agree some of the latter novels arent that good but are you seriously going to let masterpieces like Lord of the Clans, Rise of the Horde, The Last Guardian and so forth be tossed away because you dont like where the current plot threads are going? That's a bit mean and silly.

Can you give some examples why you think the way you do, i;m actually quite interested in playing Devil's advocate.
Or just watch Nobble's channel :)
pretty simple really, Im looking to get into the wow lore however im not really sure where to begin. Any ideas?

Dont bother Dave Kosak is in charge now.
Okay I dont wanna be THAT guy, because !@#$ that guy... But if someone asks you for more lore about the game they are playing, something not many people who play WoW do, why are you all being cynical and scare off people who are genuinely interested?
It's like you are punishing Blizzard for trying to make a story.
Play warcraft, starting with Reign of Chaos, then Frozen Throne, then warcraft 1, then warcraft 2. Or you might just watch awesome let's plays by Husky.
25/11/2013 03:47Posted by Teylore
starting with Reign of Chaos, then Frozen Throne, then warcraft 1, then warcraft 2.

Lol shouldn't it be "starting with wc1, then wc2, then Reign of Chaos, then Frozen Throne" ?
If you want to play the games, better start with the one that is actually good.
Warcraft 1 better than Warcraft 2? Are you mad?!
Controls are clunky as !@#$!
No, warcraft 3 is the good one. Once you played it and TFT, you are basically hooked up - and can allow yourself to play the first two games. Those are best played in chronological order.
Oooooh....well okay I totally agree with you there.
TBH I did play WC II first and then got into WC III.
Well , and where ONLINE can I buy the Books? I'd like to have the book itself instead of it virtualy. Thanks!
You can buy them from Amazon. I have a kindle, so I dont have to order the books and wait x amount of days for said books to arrive. I can just buy them and read them straight away (Like I did with the Warcraft Chronicle.)
I would actually say start with the newly releases World of Warcraft Chronicles as it dates back to the very beginning of the games lore.

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