[setting][guide] FERANOS's guide to Metals and Minerals

Below you will find a wide assortment of information on the various crafting metals and alloys in the game setting, hunted up largely by one player, of excellent use as a [guide] for the roleplay of blacksmiths, miners, jewelcrafters, engineers, and more. The information was gathered principally by one player, Feranos on Argent Dawn, and since he is not me, linked credit will be offered on each of the initially cited posts.

General introduction and credits: post 1
Table of Contents: post 2

Adamantite: posts 9, 13,
Balanced Trillium posts 36,
Cobalt: posts 5,
Copper: posts 10, 11,
Dark Iron: posts 43,
Elementium: posts 5, 13, 31,
Fel Iron: posts 8, 13,
Felsteel: posts 13,
Ghost Iron: posts 6, 36, 43,
Iron: posts 10, 11,
Khorium: posts 54,
Lightning Steel posts 36,
Mithril: posts 3, 4,
Moonsteel: posts 40,
Obsidium: posts 31, 38,
Pyrium: posts 39,
Quicksilver: posts 52,
Saronite: posts 23, 24, 25, 26, 40,
Thorium: posts 3, 7, 10, 12, 13, 37,
Titanium: posts 13,
Truegold: posts 39,
Truesilver: posts 3, 5, 37, 40,
Trillium: posts 6, 20, 36,

Gems and Jewels: posts 4, 9,
Enchanting: posts 7, 9,

Blackrock Ore: posts 57,
Energized Iron Ore: posts 35,
Incendite Ore: posts 8,
Indurium Ore: posts 5,
Iridium: posts 57,
Jovite Ore: posts 57,
Lightforge Iron: posts 5,
Nethercite Ore: posts 5,
Pyrite Ore: posts 39,
Quicksilver: posts 52,
Rethban Ore: posts 5,
Saronite, "Primordial": posts 46,
True Iron Ore: posts 57,
Umbral Ore: posts 5,
Underlight Ore: posts 5,
Feranos, http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8574007321?page=2

I'd like to point out, I don't draw any information from the WoW-RPG when it comes to things like this, which is non-canon and I've seen people use before. I prefer to find sources from the quests, novels- short stories and other canon sources, rather than pin my hopes on a non-canon source possibly being in line with canon.

First of all, Thorium isn't as rare as you think it is.


"Can you believe this rubbish?! The last shipment of ammunition from Kharanos was botched! All we have for ammo now are these flimsy, good for nothing arrows! What in the world am I going to do with 500,000 Thorium Headed Arrows?

I'll tell you what, kid. If you can bring me thorium shells, I'll trade you thorium headed arrows - straight up! Deal?"

That's -half a million- Thorium Headed arrows.

In a single shipment.

Also, Thorium has, in a quest, been described as "the strongest of metals" (back during Vanilla).


The key to Scholomance is called a [Skeleton Key]. It must be forged from the remains of a skeleton - several actually - and hardened by only the strongest of metals within a suitable mold. A signet of power from a being who naturally can open the portal to Scholomance will make the key ultimately function.

First thing's first though, <name>. We'll need skeletal fragments for the key's forging. Skeletons inside Andorhal should yield what we need, but the ones outside the walls might work too.

Furthermore, Thorium (or at least, the crafting of skeleton fragments alongside thorium) requires a great source of heat.


You need two bars of thorium and a powerfully hot heat source to forge the key stem. You're on your own for the thorium, but I can help with the heat.

To our west in Un'Goro Crater is Fire Plume Ridge - a simmering volcano. The lava lake up top is hot enough to fuse thorium and bone together. Your gold has bought you a mold that simply requires you to dip it in the lake up top; the lava will take care of the rest. That's it on my end. To finish your key, you'll need to talk to Arbington again.

In regards to Truesilver, Truesilver has been noted to be -lighter- and -stronger- than steel, and more durable than Mithril.


"Truesilver, incredibly light but stronger than steel."


It is said that truesilver is stronger and more durable than mithril. Galvan does not disagree with this assessment of the minerals, but contrary to its name, truesilver is not true! Mithril is a far nobler mineral! HAH! Regardless, for this lesson you will need to find the great silver deceiver, <name>.

As for mithril itself, there is not much information on it outside of the WoW RPG books.

Though, Gelbin's pair of mithril-rimmed glasses were described as "Strong, reliable, comforting" and "sturdy", so we can assume that mithril isn't actually significantly -heavy-, otherwise I doubt anyone would make use of them in a pair of simple spectacles, and that it is indeed a strong and hard material.

Feranos, http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8574007321?page=2

Also of note is the properties of gems; at least some gems in the Warcraft universe seem to work well with spellcraft.


"The harvesting of precious gems is of utmost importance to our craft, <name>. Few gems are more precious than the [Citrine]. The magical properties we imbue into our goods are amplified greatly by the presence of citrine.

For this lesson, we will fortify forty bars of mithril with four citrines. The result will be a better understanding of magical gemology and the knowledge to create ornate mithril shoulders."

This is what I found on mithril though.

''Mithril is a rare, silvery, glistening metal that is lighter than iron but just as hard. When worked like steel, it becomes a wonderful material from which to create armor; it is occasionally used for other items as well. Most mithril armors are lighter than other metals. An item made from mithril weighs half as much as the same item made from other metals. In the case of weapons, this lighter weight does not change the weapon’s ease with which it can be wielded (whether it is light, one-handed or two-handed). Items not made primarily of metal are not meaningfully affected by being partially made of mithril.''


Aye, but that information is unfortunately taken from the RPG books. Don't get me wrong, the information within might very well be canon, but unless the information within is confirmed elsewhere, it's non-canon until we get confirmation otherwise :\
Feranos, http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8574007321?page=2

02/11/2013 02:37Posted by Haalibel
a set of elementium armour sounds right tough but given how insanely dense the stuff is supposed to be you wouldn't be able to move.

-- Don't forget that the Warcraft setting is chock-full of magic; don't be surprised if this involves materials in the Warcraft setting as well.

Truesilver is incredibly light, and yet stronger than both steel and mithril.

And, there's plenty of armour in-game made either from Elementium (or Hardened Elementium) or partially made from Elementium (possibly an alloy).


Elementium is perhaps best known for it's elemental properties, and can be "woven" and summoned up from the ground and used as building materials.


Furthermore, the elementals utilized by the Twilight's Hammer were bound within Elementium "cages", according to WoW Art Director Chris Robinson.


If Elementium is so heavy as you claim, wouldn't the pure elementium cages have made it impossible for them to move about?

And, Elementium plates wereused to seal Deathwing up because it helped contain the elemental fury that was threatening to literally rip him apart.

Furthermore, looking aside from the Elementium used in the legendary weapons, Elementium was also used in Ahn'Qiraj as a reward to the adventurers.


Six different weapons and one shield, all infused with Elementium; I doubt the adventurers (even the ones that are not physically strong, like priests and mages and warlocks) would have been rewarded with weapons -too heavy to be lifted-.

Really, all the -canon- sources of lore say it's a material that works well with elemental properties and chaotic energies, and can also be used to contain elemental forces (Deathwing's body tearing itself apart, Bound Elementals, etc.).

The only source on it being a super-heavy material that cannot be used in convential weapons/armor is, once again, non-canon, at least to the best of my knowledge.

02/11/2013 13:13Posted by Ailred
Makes one interested in the properties of those materials that are definitely mentioned and used within the lore, but are not a part of the crafting system. To what do I refer? Well, Lightforge Iron, for one. There is very little information to be found on its actual properties, yet it is obviously used in the world for certain purposes

-- Aye, there isn't too much information on it; but it seems to be an ore that, when forged into a weapon, strikes with the power of the Light, possibly not unlike the crystal weapons of the Draenei and the crystals of the Naaru.


Years ago, the Third Fleet of Kul'Tiras sunk along the coasts of The Wetlands, an expanse of marsh north of the Dwarven kingdom of Ironforge. Aboard one ship was a load of Lightforge Iron.

This metal is precious to us, for items crafted from it strike with holy truth. If you are to face Morbent Fel, then you will need such a weapon.

Go to Menethil Harbor and speak with my dwarven colleague Glorin Steelbrow. If that lost metal can be found, he'll know where to look.

Lightforge Iron is a precious metal, but it sounds like your quest is a dire one. You've come a long way, <Brother/Sister>. With luck, you might just find what you seek!

And if you do get the iron, I know who can fashion it into a weapon against this Necromancer you speak of in Duskwood.


"A holy artifact crafted from lightforged iron."

-- Then there's Underlight Ore, which gives off a faint aura in the dark. The Blood Elves don't know much about it but hoped it would have some unique properties, possibly ones that would help them in the fight against the Scourge.


Thank you, <class>, for bringing these samples to me. We are hoping that we can uncover some special property from them that will help in the fight against the Scourge.

-- Nethercite Ore has really no information, apart from the fact that the Illidari Fel Orcs were interested in mining it.


-- Then there's Elunite Ore, which the Night Elves consider "blessed by Elune herself".


Ah, elunite ore. This is a fine metal to work with, for it is blessed by the goddess Elune herself. It would be an honor to craft weapons with it.

Please wait while I work...

-- Indurium Ore has been used (and desired) by the racers in the Shimmering Flats because it is very resistant to heat.


Rizzle's schematics describe the process of the refinement of indurium ore. From his scrawls, it is apparent that indurium ore is being obtained from the dwarven excavation site of Uldaman in the Badlands.

Much of the other notes relate to the heat resistant properties.

Used as a paperweight for the plans is a hunk of what appears to be unrefined indurium ore.

Indurium? Interesting... If it is capable of resisting heat to the degree that you say, it would explain the performance increase the gnomes have displayed of late.

This sample you've brought to me will be invaluable, also. I will be able to perform some tests on this, but I'll need more for this to actually be of any use to us.

-- Rethban ore is described as being not as strong as iron.


Rethban Ore is named after the man who first found it, Bart Rethban. When smelted it's not as strong as iron, but its ore has a dark, flat color that some scribes use in their dyes. It can be found in the Rethban Caverns, north of here.

Well you see, I make my own ink for books I copy. It's my own recipe; it doesn't run or smear, and it dries very quickly Unfortunately, it dries too quickly! My last batch dried up before I could finish the copying job, and I haven't had the chance to make more ink!

To make more I need Rethban Iron Ore from the Redridge Mountains. Foreman Oslow in Lakeshire is my usual supplier.

-- Umbral Ore is a relatively newly-found type of ore that can be used in the creation of weapons.


My mentor, Sturgy Ironband, had a compound south of Helm's Bed Lake in eastern Dun Morogh. There he taught blacksmithing and he was the best.

But one day, one of his students brought him a load of strange ore. Master Ironband called it umbral ore and was eager to work with it, but soon after it arrived... a band of Dark Iron dwarves attacked his compound. They killed everyone!

Enter Ironband's compound, <name>, and avenge my master's death. And bring me the load of umbral ore that caused it.

But thank you for the ore, <name>. I'm eager to work it and find its properties.

Here are some weapons, hot off the anvil and made with the new umbral ore you brought me!

Please, <name>, take your pick!

-- As for Cobalt, we know that it at least exists outside of Northrend (or so we can assume), thanks to the quest "Gordunni Cobalt", and that it has a blue glow.


I just arrived here in Feralas, and I've heard that the Gordunni Ogres that inhabit the wilds here have some interesting minerals. Who knows what they are up to, but they sure are protective of that stuff! They don't leave it just lying around; no, they bury it to protect folks like me from getting their hands on it.

If you'd be willing, I'll give you my shovel. Go to the Gordunni Outpost north of here and dig me up some Gordunni cobalt. Look for the blue glow, then start digging!
Feranos, http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8574007321?page=2

02/11/2013 14:10Posted by Vatsug
Feranos, I don't suppose you have any information on the Pandaria metals?

02/11/2013 14:44Posted by Víncent
This. I'm quite interested in Ghost Iron.

-- Very little, I'm afraid. Though, going by the misty vapours that rise from the Ghost Iron desposits, ghost iron may be simple iron that has been "contaminated" by Shaohao's last breath, when he cloaked Pandaria in mist. But that's just me assuming and theorizing.


But Ghost Iron doesn't seem to be any harder to work with than regular iron from what I can see, given the wide array of Ghost Iron training objects in Blacksmithing:


There are Ghost Iron Spatulas, Wire, Wok-pots, Statues, Spades, Saws, Pots, Pokers, Pins, Pans, Needles, Ladles, Hooks, Frames, Cups, Crates, Bowls, Bells and Barrels. And that's just the random grey training stuff a Blacksmith can make, and doesn't even touch on the weaponry and armour.

Seeing how so many different (and mundane) objects can be made with Ghost Iron, I think it's at least safe to say that Ghost Iron doesn't need any particular legendary sources of heat or somesuch. It seems to be just Pandaria's version of iron, and might require a different way of forging than regular iron, but probably nothing exceedingly difficult (though, that's just me musing).

-- As for Trillium, very little is known about it. Only one quest requires Trillium Bars, the Legendary quest by Wrathion:


For two thousand years the mogu ruled this entire land. So brutal was their regime that its name is never uttered aloud: Pandaren call it either the "Old Kingdom" or "First Dynasty."

The Thunder King was its founder and first emperor. He amassed enormous power on what is now the Isle of Thunder.

His time has passed, <name>. We should claim some of his power for ourselves. Gather mogu relics for me from the Throne of Thunder, and amass some trillium - I have a plan!

<Wrathion inspects the treasures you brought him.>

Well done. The trillium will need additional refinement, of course, but these samples are pure.

I will need to study these artifacts for a time but I believe I can use the knowledge contained here to craft something of great value to us both.

He then, through the follow-up quests, smelts the trillium by the Thunder Forge, and crafts the "Lightning Lance", an item Anduin describes as a "Mogu" weapon, and it's in-game text reads "Immensely powerful, but dormant".

Since Wrathion requested Trillium rather than Ghost Iron for the forging of the Lance, we can assume trillium is better suited to holding powerful enchantments than ghost iron.

-- As for Living Steel... I have no idea, sorry. It is a material that is never really used in any quest, or described in any way (to my knowledge).

My guess is that it is an exceedingly dense material (or extremely recipient towards beneficial enchantments and such), but that's just my own musings from the in-game high-lvl items that can be made with Living Steel.

-- Of course, we know plenty about Kyparite, even if that isn't an actual -metal-.
Feranos, http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8574007321?page=3

Some more info on Thorium and Enchanted Thorium that I came across.


The quest item, Thorium Shackles, are described as "Unbreakable Bindings". Now, I very much doubt that they really -are- unbreakable, but it still tells us quite a bit of the sturdiness of Thorium that they are described as such.

Also, in regards to Enchanted Thorium, I came across this tidbit:


The Dark Iron taskmasters and slavers of the cauldron use weapons of enchanted thorium, an extremely sturdy alloy. If you bring me eight thorium plated daggers, I can break the alloy down and reforge a shaft.

So, while Thorium seems to be a fairly common material, Enchanted Thorium seems a bit more rare, given that only the Taskmasters and Slavers made use of it in their weapons, while the common soldiers didn't have access to them.
Feranos, http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8574007321?page=3

Some more tidbits.

-- Incendite Ore, which seemingly explodes at the slightest spark.


Thelgen Rock over yonder is something of a natural wonder. It's the only known source of incendicite in the world!

The stuff's rare, highly sought, and ridiculously explosive. Hit it with a steel mining pick and you'll set off a fireworks show that'll put a room full of goblins to shame.

Luckily, I've developed a spark-proof pick for such tasks. I'll loan it to you if you bring me back some incendicite ore, and I'll split you in on the profits, of course.

Glorious! Beautiful stuff, this ore.

Good on you for not droppin' your pick. Last person I sent out let the butt end hit the floor, and that part's not sparkproof.

-- Also, it seems that in the lore, Fel Iron can only be smelted if you use fel fire (or something equally hot) to heat it; regular fire isn't hot enough.


Fel orcs might be complete barbarians but their smithing is not as primitive as you might think. Only fel iron can be used with this mold if we want to end up with a working key - anything else would probably end up breaking it.

Fel orc blacksmiths may not be the most skilled in the world, but there is some craftsmanship to their trade. Only fel iron can be used with this mold if we want to end up with a working key - anything else would probably end up breaking it.

It's not working, <lad/lass>. I cannot give it enough heat... the materials will not be properly tempered.

You know, the fel reavers used by the Burning Legion are powered by a scalding core of fel fire - it burns much hotter than normal fire.

It's no good, <name>! No matter how many coals I put to the fire, it's just not enough heat.

There's only one thing I can think of that is hot enough to temper this key and it is the insides of the Legion's fel reavers.
Feranos, http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8574007321?page=3

Some more info that could be useful for blacksmithing.

-- Frames of Adamantite are (apparently) not strong enough to hold molten metal.


The frame that you brought me earlier will not be sufficient to hold molten metal without reinforcement. A rare kind of earth can be used to cool and imbue the frame, giving the adamantite an unnatural strength.

Underwold loam, as the earth is known, is accorded great value among the naga. Few enough of them possess it, and in Outland, I know of only one naga who uses it -- Hydromancer Thespia, who resides in the Steamvault of Coilfang Reservoir.

-- Regarding the use of gems in blacksmithing; if the gem is flawed, any powerful enchantment placed on it may cause it to backfire, and less-receptive gems might shatter if you try to enchant them with too strong magics. This seems to give an understanding of why (gameplay excluded) we cannot just place the strongest of jewelcrafting enchantments in a piece of, let's say, malachite; the gem isn't powerful enough to hold them without shattering.


The sword's enchantments must be contained within a powerful focus, such as a gem. I know of a gem that we can use for this purpose, for there are few that can play host to such powerful magics without shattering.

The gem we need is called the tear of the earthmother. It's a powerful artifact in the hands of the ogres who created it, and Warbringer O'mrogg, who currently holds the gem, has many powerful allies in Hellfire Citadel's Shattered Halls. Take care in retrieving the tear, <name>.

<David Wayne holds the gem up, to the light, admiring it.>

It's absolutely flawless, and that's exactly what we'll need. A flawed gem would endanger the weapon's wielder, twisting the magic against them.
Feranos, http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8574007321?page=3

Aye, Fyne. There's a lot of information and lore to be found in the quests that were removed with the coming of the Cataclysm.

I also found some more info!

-- Copper is useful for the construction of parts for Steam Tanks, and Gyrocopters seem to be made out of copper to a certain degree as well.


Back again, <class>? Outstanding! The bars you've provided thus far are really going to help out in making all sorts of things for the war. I know, for example, that the copper is going to be used for parts of the steam tanks that are being built, as well as in a small fleet of gyrocopters that we're planning to deploy if time allows.

-- Steam tanks are made out of both Thorium and Iron.


Back so soon? Stop making me re-evaluate my low opinion of you <class>, you're making me feel all gooey inside. So, as you can tell we still don't have enough iron bars for all of the weapons, armor, steam tanks and whatnot that need building for the bug hunt. Think you have it in you to bring back another stack of twenty iron bars in between all of those trips to Zul'Gurub, or wherever it is that you kids hang out these days?

It is very kind of you to inquire about the needs that the Alliance has. In addition to all of the other collection efforts underway, we are in need of a great quantity of thorium bars, which is the task that I am in charge of. The thorium will be used in the creation of many different things for the war, foremost of which is the construction of a battalion of steam tanks to be airlifted into Silithus as soon as they are completed. Can you aid us in this endeavor, <class>?
Minor Addendum note by Fyne, also at http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8574007321?page=3

Copper is useful for the construction of parts for Steam Tanks, and Gyrocopters seem to be made out of copper to a certain degree as well.

As steam engines, both likely make much use of brass and bronze for parts for their mechanisms, as brass corrosion especially does not impede the works. Copper makes for great boilers, and so would also be crucial, if real world technology has any application here. Likewise, iron would be important in the making of steel, with both iron and steel [steel especially good material for rivets] likely being important.
Feranos, http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8574007321?page=3

-- Some more info on Thorium: it is so tough that a powerful yeti cannot smash through a chest made of the stuff, but the Snickerfang Hyenas have so powerful jaws they can bite through three inches of Thorium!


I had a month's worth of dried meats salted and locked away for the cold season. Kept it locked so the bears wouldn't get it! But while I was off hunting deer, that beast, Old Icebeard, made off with the meat locker. He won't be able to smash through that Thorium though. But I'll starve if I can't get my meats back.

It is a well known fact that hyenas possess tremendous strength in their jowls, but the strength to snap through three inches of thorium steel? Impossible, improbable, and yet I have seen this demonstrated with my own eyes.
Feranos, http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8574007321?page=3

I'm back, and with some more info on the materials of World of Warcraft, gathered not from the quest this time around, but from the TCG cards and the small snippets of lore on some of the cards.

--- THORIUM ---


"Even the steaming goo that flows in Hive'Ashi won't melt thorium. I'm getting out of here!"
--- Savin Lightguard

First up, some more info on Thorium, that speaks once more of it's heat-resistant properties. In this particular case, the quote is referring to the heat in the Molten Core (and the heat used by its inhabitants); while Thorium can handle great levels of heat, in this case the fires of the Molten Core (or its inhabitants) melts right through it, which obviously would demoralize anyone that wore Thorium armor or used Thorium weapons.

Also, this is in line with what I posted earlier in regards to Thorium; it needs great heat to be forged, like a lava current. Which might be why the dwarves can make so heavy use of it; both the Dark Irons and the Bronzebeard have access to lavaflows that would be hot enough to melt/forge Thorium (the lava of Blackrock Mountain for the Dark Irons, and the lava that flows in the Great Forge of Ironforge for the Bronzebeards).

So, it's unlikely that you'd be able to forge Thorium with a standard forge; you'd need magical assistance or an extreme source of heat to be able to do so. If you were in Ironforge it'd likely be quite easy, though. Well, easy in regards to the heat. Not so easy in regards to -working next to said heat-.



"They will be like waves crashing against an adamantite wall."
--- Danath Trollbane

This, to me, speaks volumes of the durability of Adamantine; in this example, the Burly Bellow is meant to reduce the enemy's attack power, rendering them weak. The way it is phrased means that a wall built of Adamantine would be exceedingly strong and resilient, even against very powerful forces of nature, like the crashing tides of the ocean.

--- FEL IRON ---


Even the metals of Outland carry with them the taint of the Burning Legion.

This merely confirms the often-accepted theory that Fel Iron is just regular iron (or Draenor Iron, in any case, since iron from Draenor might be different from Azerothian iron) contaminated by Fel energies. So, wearing stuff made of Fel Iron might be hazardous, since you might be affected by the Fel energies. Or, the forging might remove all (or some) of the negative effects. That is currently unknown.

--- FELSTEEL ---


Forging is complete when the anvil shatters.


It pierces through armor, flesh ... and hope.

These snippets seem to imply that Felsteel is a difficult material to work with, or possibly that it needs constant hammering and toil to make it "work". Or at least, making -bracers- of Felsteel would require a forging so great that it would shatter the anvil.

The second part speaks of Felsteel (or an axe made from Felsteel) being quite... effective when it comes to breaking past armour. The quote implies that armour wouldn't even be all that useful, at all, when a weapon of Felsteel is used.

That said, since we don't know -what kind- of armour it is referring to, we must take it with a grain of salt. After all, if the armour is iron, then that makes it an effective weapon. If the armour is -thorium-, then it's even more effective, and so on and on. And, since we don't know any more (yet), we can't be act like the Felsteel is the Grim Reaper of all weapons due to armor-piercing properties.

--- TITANIUM ---


"The strength of titanium coupled with the crystalline beauty of frozen waters - truly a remarkable combination."
--- Tiffany Cartier

Again, not a great deal of information, but it at least tells us that Titanium -does- have a fair bit of strength to it. Though, we have litttle-to-no idea if the Titanium of Azeroth is the same Titanium of our Earth, though my guess is that it isn't. And going by how it is a high-tier material for Blacksmiths, it obviously needs more skill to be forged than, say, Cobalt.



"Elementium possesses traits unlike any other metal on Azeroth."
--- Zane the Sniper

So, Elementium is unique. This is something we already suspected, due to Elementium's elemental-suppressing powers in regards to Deathwing and the Bound Elemenetals.


Alas, not a lot of information on the whole. But hey, it's a bit more info for Blacksmith roleplayers and lore-enthusiasts to work with ;)
This is why i love you Fyne :3
22/11/2013 06:24Posted by Àtoro
This is why

None of the work beyond the table of contents is mine. This is why you love FERANOS. His work, here. For which he knows he has my thanks. And to think, the original question being asked was whether steel would cost a bit more than iron in the setting.
22/11/2013 19:31Posted by Fyne
This is why

None of the work beyond the table of contents is mine. This is why you love FERANOS. His work, here. For which he knows he has my thanks. And to think, the original question being asked was whether steel would cost a bit more than iron in the setting.

Oh sorry then, my bad! Well thanks for both! :P
fyne, if I see you cluttering up the forum with your constructive and informative posts we're going to have to have words.

(and well done Feranos, I'm going to find this very useful on all my characters - you pansy)
This has, of course, been added to the "Useful threads: setting, story, and roleplay" sticky over at http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/859137668

And Mister the Flint, I suggest words indeed. Over kaffe perhaps? I'll see that Inkeeper Wiley has a two-day-old pot on the stove for us.
This thread is absolutely amazing for me, given Lerrance is a blacksmith.

Who likes good news? Everyone? Then good news, everyone!


Found some more information regarding Trillium.


Following the later MoP patches, Garrosh excavated the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. He did this by hiring goblin mercenaries to dig up the vale for him, and those goblins made use of shredders to cut through the rocks.

And they used trillium-bladed saws to do so!


From this we can gather that Trillium, besides being very recipient towards beneficial enchantments, is also quite durable and -powerful-, as it's been used extensively to -cut through rock- without breaking, which is no small feat!

Feel free to add this new information to the guide if you so desire, Fyne :)

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