Will prob be flamed but I like LFR

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I took over 7 month break from wow and did not use LFR during Cata.
I was dubious last week going into LFR after the horror stories I read about on the forums.

I have to say I actually really like the concept of LFR. Sure I get why some don't like it as they see it as easy gear etc etc.
I have never been hardcore but used to raid a lot with a guild on diff chars.
However I am not taking the game seriously anymore and just want to have some fun.
LFR has given me and also some others I play with an opportunity to see content without being in a raiding guild.
For that I am grateful.

I know a lot say that most people afk and rude people in LFR. Barr the odd snotty tank. I have to say there have been no problems. Not sure if I have been lucky but from what I read I was expecting it to be aweful.

Only time I was not too happy was few days ago we wiped on a boss for first time. A tank said kick anyone under 50k dps. Luckily i was much higher than that but I thought that was harsh!
Was also my first time on that boss like some of the others.

Anyway don't mean to waffle. My point is I know a lot hate this feature but personally I am grateful for it.
Sure I would love to raid with a guild again, but time is an issue lately and I don't want to fully commit. LFR is a nice feature for me overall. I am probably in the minority but just wanted to say anyway.
I like LFR.

I've not been a raider for a long time, but am interested in lore and enjoy the graphics and feel of a raid. I just dont like wiping over and over to kill a boss. I understand some people do, I dont.

LFR means I get to see all the cool stuff, without having to wait an expansion or 2 to be able to solo it.
I do also, pretty much everything you've said applys to me, i honestly couldn't give 2 monkeys if the next guy is afking, as long as he isn't wiping us, im there to see whats inside, maybe get a bit gear to make my travels a bit easier and thats it.

Last week i joined the first soo part, some guy from the off was raging, fing this, fing that, so we decided to vote kick him someone piped up 'good job' you kicked our second highest dps' as i pointed out, i'd rather have someone doing complete crap dps, than to whine on constantly my whole run. Nothing else was said and the rest of the run went fine.

Its what you make of it really, most people you see complaining are just jumping on the bandwagon, yet when you check their armoury, they use it to its fullest.
The LFR is fun if you go with friends. Otherwise, it is normally a little boring for me personally.

I try my best to go with friends whenever possible, so that I don't feel alone. :)
The LFR is fun if you go with friends. Otherwise, it is normally a little boring for me personally.

I try my best to go with friends whenever possible, so that I don't feel alone. :)

Make friends in LFR!

No, really. I've had so many random, but enjoyable conversations in there. Hell, recently spend four hours talking about old games like Dune 2 in LFR, as we wiped quite a few times on each boss.

Any-way, yes LFR is alright by me.
I quite enjoy LFR.

I've noticed however, and this is a very broad statement, that the majority of the people I see that flame everyone and try and take control and get as many people kicked as possible, are the people that are already ilvl 540+. I'm sorry, but if you're ilvl 540+, why are you in LFR? It seems strange to look at recount and see the top person doing 250k DPS, and then everyone below is doing ~110k. It just seems odd.

I do LFR because I like to see the content, and to gear up so I can perhaps dabble in a bit of Flex. Will maybe try 10 man if I find a decent pug but I doubt it. I prefer the relaxed version, I play WoW to un-wind, not to cause more stress making sure I hit every single spell rotation perfectly.
I enjoy LFR a lot too and yes often enough I am made to feel like I shouldn't just because it isn't a lot of peoples ideal max level activity. I like it because I am not required to have some kind of speaking device that means I have to comunicate with strangers as if I am on a phone. I don't even like talking to people I know on a phone so why I'd ever want to talk to a bunch of strangers in a game like I'm on a phone I'll never know. I also love how I can just que for it whenever I want and not have a set schedual like a lot of guilds require and while I'm in the que for it I am still free to do anything else in game that I enjoy like pet battles, farming, dailies or just hanging out somewhere having fun.

Yeah occasionally I come across some rude obnoxious players in LFR but those are usually just higher level raiders that don't even want to be there rushing everybody else because they're only there for their easy loot to boost them into the higher raids anyway.

I like LFR too.

So do I like the litle letter arrangement :

LFR = Real Life Friendly

I have very few experiences for rude players. Mostly those I see kicked, is because of AFK.

True that people often talk wery litle in there, but as long as the job is done, I dont mind.
I hate that LFR seems to be replacing 5man hcs though.

I really hope WoG brings back a good 5man hc scene.
I've done it a few times. Mainly to get the damn sigils for the legendary questline, but I haven't really enjoyed it all that much. It doesn't feel like raiding. It's basically free loot grab with almost zero effort required.
Cool for people who want to see the content, but I don't like it.
I rush through all parts of SoO and ToT LFR then part 1 of flex. I barely have time for more than that every week. Once I get legendary cloak I can relax and probably start doing flex only.

But I like LFR. It's relaxing and nice, most of the time.
20/11/2013 15:04Posted by Karpa
I am probably in the minority but just wanted to say anyway.

I really don't think you are. We can see by the numbers that it's a popular feature. As is the way with most things, if you're fine with something you're unlikely to make a thread about it—so thank you for going to the trouble :D

Having said that, people do have valid issues with game features from time to time, and we make sure to pass on that feedback to the developers so they can decide whether to make any adjustments, and hopefully improve the game experience for everyone. We've made a number of tweaks to LFR since it was introduced based on your feedback, so also a big thanks to those who have highlighted other aspects.

Basically, we really appreciate good or bad feedback about LFR or any other game features, as long as it's constructive!
LFR is great addition to the game, and long may it continue. I don't even run it much, but think it has it's place.
I enjoy LFR, but not the people in it.
i found LFR very useful until they introduced flex

however flex wing 4 is too hard for 99% of players to pug
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFWh9aY4pas - This video explains why i personaly dislike LFR
(An experiment, where the player does 0 dps and does not contribute whatsoever in anything through the entire LFR, he only got kicked once ever and still managed to clear the last boss without any issues. )
I was really thankful for LFR too, because it let me see content I never would've seen otherwise. Without LFR and the legendary questline, I wouldn't have seen any of the older tier raids.

My problem with LFR is that it's like a long daily quest, but it's for a whole week. I have to do the last two ToT raids for the legendary quest for the week, then do the SoO LFRs for the week if I can still get upgrades from it... with alts and the weekly Flex runs with my guild, it's getting grindy. It makes you burn out on the content way faster. It's a stepping stone into raids, currently, so people have to see the raid content (with simplified boss mechanisms) with 24 random people (with common bad attitudes) first instead of with their friends.

I think there should be some kind of system so that you'd only want to run LFR if you really don't have the option for anything else. It should not be a stepping stone to get into raids, it should be an option for those who can't commit to raids at all.
20/11/2013 16:25Posted by Takralus
I am probably in the minority but just wanted to say anyway.

We can see by the numbers that it's a popular feature.

It may be popular, but it doesn't give any information on how many people actually enjoy it.

Personally i don't mind LFR. I've come back for 5.4 on a 'non-scheduled' basis (if that makes sense?!). Combined, Flex pugs and LFR really tie myself over nicely.

That said, i can't say i'd be too heartbroken to see LFR go entirely.
I like it too but it can have it's bad points.

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