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Hi fellow WoW-players,
I took a 1 year long break from WoW not long ago and I can't seem to get in to Fury rotations anymore.
My ilvl is 521 but i only do 85-100k dps when i try real hard and my burst doesn't exceed 117k (the figures are single-target). I'm comparing this to the dps-meter by noxxic (for 522 ilvl). Is there anyone with some experience who might share some tips and tricks? It would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance
Welcome back!

The first thing you need to do, the very first, is ignore Noxxic's numbers.

You need to ignore them thoroughly.

Indeed, you need to forget you ever saw them.

I actively enjoy playing with SimulationCraft - which is what they're using - to understand the effects of stats on rotations and results, and I have never - never - been able to reproduce Noxxic's numbers, despite using the same simulation program and following their published methodology, no matter what parameters I choose. Noxxic do not publish the detailed spec that they say they are simulating; I don't know why.

OTOH, I do see that on my own characters, the DPS I can do in a controlled fight against a dummy does match what SimulationCraft expects very well, assuming I get my own play right, of course. :)

I just simmed your armoury, in a 5-minute fight against a Raid Target Dummy, with no raid buffs, flask, or buff food.

SimulationCraft says that on average you will get 94K DPS, probably within 5K DPS most times, occasionally up or down by as much as 10K DPS.

In the pull and kill phases you will spike up to 120K-130K DPS, which suggests that maybe your pull needs work, but most of the time you will be holding around 90K.

That matches what you say very well. Now, if you're doing that 85-100K fully buffed, then we have a different question. Simming your armoury in the same fight, but with all buffs and all target debuffs, SimulationCraft gives me 119K, plus or minus 10, with a spike of 180K at the pull. However, that 119-120K is far from Noxxic's figures of 155K, plus or minus, at ilevel 522.

You can reproduce this yourself, if you're willing to spend a little time on it, by downloading the application from

The bonus of this approach is that the sim will specify the priority (rotation) it uses, and kick out a blow-by-blow log listing the exact sequence of attacks and effects.

I'm sure you're already aware that Icy Veins is the first go-to site for class advice:

What I would suggest is that you compare yourself to similarly geared warriors in actual play, or to an actual sim of your character, rather than to Noxxic.
Fury is a tricky class if you do not have gear for it.. the Crit rating before making Fury is 33%.

altho my main rotation to gain Dmg is Bloodbath + Bladestorm and all the CD's within afterwards or whenever..

i stack some rage with bloodthirsty, Colossus Smash Berserker Rage Raging Blow. and whenever you're able to pop in a Heroic strike when the others take time to refresh.. Whirlwind makes your raging Blow hit 2 targets and recomended. altho it's all based upon how you play. i pull about 200k on mine. note: i keep Berserker Rage and Bladestorm Invidual and all the other CD's with skull banner, Critical and whatnot as a 3rd option to scale balance the abilities to be used at different times or at same time.

just my opinion..
Check out

It has a very nice visual guide to the fury warrior rotation along with everything else you need to know.
Thx alot guys! I'll look up SimulationCraft and mmo-champion (as i - as pointed out - already do know icy-veins) :-) Thanks again! :-)

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