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Dear Blizzard,

Can you please ban any friend invite that includes the text "certain websites"?
I'm getting these spammed at me approximately every four to five hours and after three weeks it's really starting to get annoying.
The fact I've never bought, or intend to buy gold for this game makes me very annoyed as to how these people even get hold of my realID info -.-
Failing that, can you tell me if there's a way to turn off RealID invites altogether?

I've been reporting this spam using the UI ingame but it's made absolutely no difference at all.


Please edit out the website, as you are basically advertising unintended on the forum.

Besides, they don't have your RealID info unless they hacked your friend who has you as contact and then spam you with stuff, basically they're inviting you using battletag invites by right clicking on your character and then invite battletag friend.

You can turn off your RealID in your account settings at the website, but this will also remove all existing RealID friends and turn off battletag as well.
Hey Storm,
I know it may seem that nothing is happening but I assure you it is, please continue to report the invites in-game as we work on this.

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na Survey!
OK, this is nearly a week in and I'm still being spammed by these people despite me reporting every invite. My ignore list is now sitting at 69 different accounts so whatever you're doing isn't working -.-

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