Armor remodeling?

With the new model changes to characters and it seems to cloaks as well, my question is, Will there be an update in armor models?

I ask because, last night i was thinking of obtaining items for some transmog. Found a nice head piece, then shoulders, but when i previewed a chest piece i was disappointed, it looked like i painted my skin or was wearing a latex version of the armor, same with pants. it just didn't feel like i was wearing heavy plate at all, shoulders and helm look bulky and stand out, but the armor just doesn't have the same affect at all.

this is what i'm hoping for.

What i'm trying to show Is getting that definition between what is skin and what is armor. Making heavy armor look heavy and stand out.

I thought about this a longtime ago but i just took it with the times and how the game was, but since models are getting made n updated i thought it would be good to get this flowing around. Hopefully this is something already been looked into but i can't find much info on this specific thing. So my question again, will there be changes to armor modeling in the xpac :)
I don't think so, not at the start of the expansion at least. Blizzard are talking about making the game as a whole better looking, but I have no idea when they'll get to old armor sets.
They might get an Update during the expansion Like the Blood Elves and Draenei, but I doubt it'll be soon. There are too many Vanilla and Burning Crusade areas that, in my opinion, require an update.

It would be cool to be able to run around with a new toon that doesn't look like she threw on the first armor piece she could find tho.
Updating armour models is really not something Blizzard should do, unless it fails to stretch over new models properly.

There are only a limited amount of armour models, of course. The only major difference between most armour pieces is the texture they use. Updating the textures is a monumental task, and there is literally no justification behind the costs involved with that (I am surprised that a lot of players even ask for this).

So basically, I am sure they will update the shape of armour where it makes sense, since it is doable. But as for textures, really, I'd hope they are not going to do that. Instead, make new armour.
Updating old armor, weapons and npc models should be done, as some of them look to bad for game of 2013
Would not mind having an actual armour on my character. Don´t really think painted chests and legs armours looks cool these days. On the other hand, WoW is not really about graphic so I don´t mind ... that much.
Quite a few mixed opinions and there all good points. Doing this overtime would be nice way to go about it, but it could take a considerable amount of time to do, like Danellos said. Yeah tbh it's not really needed, it was more of a quality of life kind of suggestion.

The point you made about not stretching over the new models was something on my mind though. People dont really notice the models of the chest and legs to much as the current player models are quite low and static, but with the new ones being more crisp and more alive looking, i just thought players might start picking up on quality of their armor when comparing it to the new models.

Guess its me being fussy haha. Just disappointing looking up an armor piece with a crystal or something on it, but to preview it in game and all you get is a diamond shape printed on you.
Like i said it's only chest pieces and legs, rest of the pieces are fine. If anything i would just suggest doing only item set pieces if that helps :)
I think there will be plenty of new armour for you to choose from anyway, so don't be too worried about that. :)
Of course not - The sheer amount of item meshes is insane. The new character models will match up with old armour to save time.

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