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Ahh forget it, why do I even bother.
14/12/2013 02:07Posted by Drmarko
Go ask the goldspammers to stop compromising accounts of people who answer phishing or just dont have any basic security on their computer.

That would not be enough, displaying the battletags publicly on the D3 forum was a bit of a bad idea to begin with, too. Some people have suggested the option to block invites, which would be good, just block them all and unblock if you want to add someone, as the damage is already done if your Battletag has been 'leeched'.

That said, I was getting goldseller spam via RealID at one point and it was most likely not hacked accounts as they had nonsense names (unless people are truly putting such nonsense as names, I guess); it only stopped after changing my email (but then again I was lazy and had not changed it post-Blizzard leak..).

14/12/2013 02:07Posted by Drmarko
Yes, as I previously explained, this is completely false. The queues are due to stupid tickets that the GMs can do nothing about. Ill say it again, 1 hour replies in person, in MoP. Nobody is going to hire and train more people for this.

To be fair, we don't know the numbers on 'stupid tickets' VS 'legit tickets'. It's just speculation as it got this bad again after Blizzcon, plus RAF - RAF is bound to be generating a load of contacts as well.
To bring this back on topic ßow if you made your ticket within 72 hours of abandoning the profession then it should be possible to restore it, if you have emailed CSFeedbackEU@blizzard.com then the ticket will be reviewed to see if it was handled correctly.

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