[Guide] How to contact Blizzard (updated 17-03-'14)

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Greetings dear reader!

You've found the thread formerly known as the "How to call Blizzard" guide! Seeing how Blizzard has changed and added the ways for you to contact them this guide shall be henceforth as the "How to contact Blizzard" guide!

  • Where do I contact Blizzard Support?
  • What options do I have in contacting Blizzard?
    • Submitting a ticket
    • Web Chat
    • Phones
  • Calling Blizzard using Skype
  • Disclaimer

Before reading this guide on how to call, be sure you have as much information as you can to help Blizzard verify that the account is yours. Examples of information:
  • Account information (Account name, the answer to your secret question)
  • Credit card number or other payment information / history
  • A government issued ID such as an ID card or a Passport

Now that that's out of the way, onto the rest!
Where do I contact Blizzard Support?

So, unfortunatly you're finding yourself in need of some assistance by Blizzard. Did you know that there's actually a lot that you can solve yourself? Many issues can be fixed by yourself, Blizzard's Knowledge Center which can be found here: https://eu.battle.net/support/en/ holds many articles on how to solve problems. Problems ranging from Account recovery after a compromise to restoring an accidentally deleted item or a blocked payment method.

On that page, simply select the game you're finding yourself in need of assistance for to bring up the support page. The support page holds many articles and quick links to certain services such as Item restoration for you to use.

If you find yourself in a spot where you cannot solve the issue yourself you can contact Blizzard Support through the following link: https://eu.battle.net/support/en/ticket/submit

This also takes us to the next part of this guide .. the actual contacting options!
What options do I have in contacting Blizzard?

So you've come to the point where you cannot fix an issue yourself, fear not! The helpfull and friendly folks at Blizzard Support are there just for these things. There are three ways of contacting them and depending on what the issue is, the support site will give you the available option(s). If an option is greyed out it means that you cannot use that to help solve your issue. Underneath each button the average waiting time is displayed.

If you have followed the previous post you should now be on the following page: https://eu.battle.net/support/en/ticket/submit . Here you can make a selection of for what game you need assistance with and if you recently purchased a service with Blizzard such as a character transfer it will be displayed there as well in case you require help regarding that (purchased) service.

As I mentioned before, Blizzard has three ways for you to contact them. You can contact them by creating a ticket, you can call Blizzard and they've also recently added an option which lets you chat directly to a CSR! We'll go over all 3 options here.

Submit a Ticket
Well, the name kind of says it :-).

If you get the option to Submit a Ticket and click said button, it will take you to a new page which may or may not include you having to answer your Battle.net Security Question (compromised account will have this question) and then there is a field in which you can describe what your problem is.
You can also attach a file if it's needed, for example a scan of an ID to verify that you're the account owner.

You can view all the tickets that are active and the ones you made in the past, if you click on the "Support" button in the top right corner (next to Account / Explore) and then select "Your Support Tickets". This also includes the tickets you might have made in the actual game itself!

Live Chat
Celiby says: Help me think of a funny subtext Gontier! ... Gontier says: I AIN'T FUNNY D:

For many things which you can use the phone lines for, you can also choose to use the Live Chat. If you click this button you will be taken to a new page in which you can add a description and/or attach a file in the same way as you would whilst creating a ticket. Once you've done that you can click the 'Chat now' button and you should be connected to a CSR who will do his/her best to help you with your issue :D!

Keep in mind that you will have to disable any popup blockers in order to use this function. Also you can give feedback of this feature in the following topic: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6298132772

Phone Support
Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring.. banana pho- oh wait wrong number!

At times, you will have to call Blizzard in order to have an issue resolved as . This option is generally presented if more specific and/or more private data such as Creditcard details are needed for billing issues for example, these things cannot be done through a ticket. The system will automatically select the phone number for you to call depending on the country you are in.

If you live in a country for which Blizzard doesn't have a personal support number, it will display the list of countries which have and their phone number with the opening times. You can always call the UK number or you can use the Live Chat feature.
Calling Blizzard using Skype

Unfortunatly, due to the recent changes to the calling system, Skype can no longer be used to contact Blizzard as Blizzard has now implemented a Call-back system.

For more information, see the following topic:

Announcing - Callback Support:

Big thanks goes out to Nochrano (again!) who made this guide on the old forums. Unfortunately it hasn’t been updated for quite some time, hence I made this new and updated version of it. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask them in here and I’ll do my best to answer them ASAP! I’ll also keep this guide up to date as often as I can :).

Updated 17-03-2014
Revised Calling Blizzard with Skype as it is no longer valid due to the Call-back system Blizzard has implemented.

Updated 18-01-2013
Big re-write of most of the guide. It's no longer limited to calling the phone lines but also explains the other options and how you get to them. List of phone numbers have been removed from the guide for that reason as often the new Live Chat is available and generally that being a faster option.

Updated 04-10-2012
  • Index changed and Calling Blizzard support changed as there are no longer two different departments but rather one department for all the support questions! No matter if it's technical or billing.
  • Changed the How to call Blizzard through Skype somewhat to include which phone number to call Blizzard with over skype

Updated 19-10-2011
Changed Skype part as appereantly you no longer need Skype credit!

Updated 05-08-2011
Added Ireland number to guide.

Updated 05-12-2010
Clarified that Skype credit will not get used whilst calling Blizzards (free) numbers
Nice guide celiby. Really helpful for new players to the technical support :).

Thumps Up.
Calling Blizzard instead of using email is very much worth it too. You'll generally get problems solved a lot faster that way.
phone numbers are busy, they have been busy for 2 months now!!!
actually with skype you don't need credit to call blizzard.... i call blizzard uk from portugal via skype and i never charged credit.

blizzard:- welcome to blizzard free nerf hot line, to whine about druids click 1 to whine about warriors click 2 to whine about mages click 3 , we apologize about other classes they are un nerf able atm.
player:-123456789 and ten and twelve
blizzard:-you have been nerfed
player:- no more more
blizzard:-please wait 24hours before whining again
And still no phone support for any Balkan countries although there is really big base of players from here :*(
I mean how hard is for Blizzard to make one number for either Serbia or Croatia for support that would help folks from here a lot...
05/12/2010 6:44Posted by Lémontree
actually with skype you don't need credit to call blizzard.... i call blizzard uk from portugal via skype and i never charged credit.

I will confirm with Celiby, but as I recall, you do need credit to use Skype for freephone numbers, but it will not use any of that credit.

22/11/2010 15:28Posted by Celiby
Do note that even though you have to purchase Skype credit It does not get used whilst calling Blizzards (free) numbers
Nice thread :)
Indeed you don`t need credit on Skype in order to call Blizzard. Veriffied 2 months ago and a few days aswel.
Nice guide Cel! :)
why isn't this a sticky yet?
its a perfect guide, and more then worthy guide to be a sticky.

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