[A]Genesis 14/14(H) SoO 25m, 3 days/week, LFM 4 WoD!

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is this a /wave @ Xaxadese or just a bump.. Questions questions

Chimaeron Heroic 25 down. More to come.
Shameless bump, we might consider ranged DPS applications.
Classes updated, openings in the raid squad for the first time in a long while.
Dont miss out on the opportunity of heroic 25m raiding.
Friendly tip: awesome WoL links go a long way when applying to Genesis as a DPSer.
Owl bump.
Maloriak Heroic 25 down.
Recruitment status updated on the 25m squad. Added a Healing Priest opening.
Also added a Healing/Shadow Priest spot for the 10man group.
Up we go. LF an awesome Healing Priest.
Great work, Genesis! Well deserved Silvermoon rank 2!

As Silvermoon is still, probably, the most progressed alliance server in the world, it makes you among the most dedicated and talented WoW PvE players in Europe.
But as for long term strat; use your current status for all its worth, primarily to attract top players (when needed) from other servers via the international recruitment forums and by using similar marketing techniques as Numen used to on this server (almost all PR is good PR). This is the key to maintaining your nr. 2 position and to push down IS`s neck. A solid and active recruitment strategy which succeeds to continually attract the most talented players in Europe - cross server apps - is among the most essential of all admin tasks, or at least should be.

But, Im sure youll continue to do great, just taking the liberty to give som advice you most likely already are familiar with<3
Thanks for the kind words Anders:)
Trying our best to keep up with progress with such a limited raiding schedule.
As far as recruitment goes, i just wish our server had more people interested in heroic raiding. Silvermoon still is competitive but judging from the amount of applications we get, like 95% of them are cross-realm, i think its fair to say that most current Silvermoon players are more interested in pursuing other in-game goals or are perhaps intimidated by it. I remember a time when that wasn't the case.
Now roll a Priest & file in an application^^
Classes updated. Added a Mage, an Enhancement Shaman & a Deathknight spots.
What's the World (of Warcraft) coming to when it is I that bumps this thread ?
Heroic:Atramedes 25 done.
Classes updated, added a Retribution Paladin spot.

p.s. university exams period sucks
Still looking for a quite many classes, mainly a Deathknight, a Retribution Paladin & a Healing Priest. Added the Conclave hc kill.
Vote me for boomkin . or Bump-in
24/02/2011 10:34 AMPosted by Aranu
Vote me for boomkin

You will never be allowed to have that much fun. Ever.
Bump for Skillful fellows to join our rankz

25/02/2011 11:11 PMPosted by Enlightned
You will never be allowed to have that much fun. Ever.

Bad person!

Edit: Need 10 likes and i ll go boomkin!! clicky clicky
bump for killspree and tyrion u *%%s xoxox
Magmaw heroic 25 down. Still need a Deathknight, a Retribution Paladin etc etc.
Please refer to the main post for more info.

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