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There are several network connection issues which can be resolved with some simple steps. We have gathered the most common problems and their solutions here, under the following categories:

0. Introduction
1. Unable to Connect
2. Disconnected from Server whilst Playing
3. Unknown Entities or Invisible, Missing or Naked Characters
4. Router or Firewall problems
5. Making a forum post

Note: When troubleshooting connection issues with World of Warcraft make sure that you have removed all add-ons, we have had some reports of disconnections being caused due to out-dated add-ons running:

When you have closed down the game, locate your World of Warcraft installation folder and delete the WTF, Cache and Interface folders.
Unable to Connect
If you receive the message ‘Unable to Connect’ or ‘Disconnected from Server’ immediately upon logging in, or if the connection hangs on ‘Connecting’, then World of Warcraft is not able to establish a connection to our servers.

First and foremost make sure that you are entering your e-mail address when attempting to login and not your old World of Warcraft account name.

The more common reasons for this message however is a firewall or router blocking the ports that the game uses, or the game program itself:

Check section 4) Router or Firewall problems below for links to support articles that will allow you to
configure your router or firewall correctly with World of Warcraft.

Renewing the DNS
Updating the DNS cache can help refresh data used in your internet connection. This has been known to solve some connection issues. Please make sure that you are logged into your computer as the system administrator.



Blocked ports
Although unusual, it is possible is that your network provider may be blocking or limiting the ports World of Warcraft uses for gameplay: TCP and UDP port 3724 and TCP port 1119.

This limitation finally ends with the error message that you unable to connect. So if you can eliminate all other reasons that can cause this error message, please contact your provider to make sure that they are not limiting or blocking port 3724 or 1119.

Router Problems
In some cases for setups may have a connection configured using a router + modem (not a combined unit); there have been cases when the router was blocking the connection. If you are using a similar setup try removing the router from the connection, and connect directly to the modem.

Also if you are using a wireless connection, try simplifying the connection by hard wiring the connection.

dsound.dll /dsound.ini
If you are experiencing this error message, check your Wow folder for files called dsound.dll and dsound.ini and delete those files should they exist. Many players have stated that this resolved their connection issue. Please do NOT delete these files from any other location besides those found in your World of Warcraft folder.

Compatibility Mode
If you have been running the game in a Compatibility Mode (i.e. to simulate previous versions of Windows) please disable any Compatibility Modes you have set for the game, and try the game again.
Disconnected from Server whilst Playing
One of the more common reasons for getting “Disconnected from Server” is due to out-of-date drivers for the network device you have installed and/or a misconfigured network component. Ensure that you have downloaded the most current drivers available from the manufacturer of your network card. More details on driver updates can be found here:

Please also check the 4) Router or Firewall problems section to ensure that those devices and software are correctly configured for the game.

Account sharing
A connection to the server can also be interrupted if another person, using the same account as you, tries to log in after you. If another log in with the same account as yours is attempted, you will be kicked out of the game. Please keep in mind that sharing an account is against our terms of use.

Network load and other programs
Other programs on your computer or on other computers within the network which use the same internet connection can also cause a disconnection problem.

Please disable or end all other programs within your network that increase the network traffic (e.g. file sharing software, parallel downloads, internet community programs etc.). You can do this by following the following article:

Problems with only one character
Should a problem occur only with one single character, and normal gameplay is possible with other characters, it is possible that there is a corruption in the game’s cache files. In this case please exit the game, then delete the folders WTF, Cache and Interface in your World of Warcraft installation folder, and then restart the game.

If the issue continues, please also log into the same realm with another character and use the red question mark on the toolbar to contact a Game Master about the problem to ask them to investigate if that particular character has become stuck in some way.

Note: In some cases, powering down your router/modem completely for an hour has fixed some single character connection issues.

Satellite DSL
Due to the architecture of the connection via satellite, you should expect high latencies and to be routed over foreign countries, which can cause lags and disconnection problems. Furthermore some providers of Satellite DSL block ports used by World of Warcraft. Due to the fact that Satellite DSL software changes hosts and imhosts registrations, you should uninstall this software when temporarily using another internet connection.

Advanced Network Options
As World of Warcraft has been updated, more options have been added to tailor the game's network architecture to suit more modern network types. However these options may cause issues with older or less stable network connections.

If you are experiencing disconnections, go to the System options in World of Warcraft, then the Network tab and disable both the Optimize Network for Speed and Enable IPv6 options.
Unknown Entities or Invisible, Missing or Naked Characters
This problem is, in most cases, caused when there is a breakdown in communication between your connection and the realm you are connected to. It can also be caused when your connection is swamped with information that it is unable to handle.

In many cases this can be solved by updating your drivers or configuring the network device correctly.

If you have a wired Ethernet connection please check the configuration of your network card as described in our FAQ article here:

Also don’t forget to make sure that any Wireless connection is secured:

If you continue to have problems on a wireless connection you should also check to make sure that you have the latest drivers installed for your network adapter and the latest firmware installed for your router as mentioned in the 4) Router or Firewall problems section below.
Router or Firewall Problems
Having a firewall installed or running on your connection can protect you against snooping eyes and potentially dangerous programs, however if your router or firewall is miss-configured it can cause connection problems, latency and disconnections.

World of Warcraft requires that TCP/UDP port 3724 and TCP port 1119 are open. Our support site contains the following articles for a number of commonly known routers and firewalls, if you are unable to find your router or firewall listed then contact the manufacture of the that device/software for further information and assistance:

Note: In addition to the above mention ports World of Warcraft may also used if they are available the following ports (TCP/UDP) 1120 and 6112-6114.

Configuring your router for use with World of Warcraft:

Configuring your firewall for use with World of Warcraft:

In addition, guides for some of the more common firewalls and routers can be found at the following website:

We would also recommend that you regularly check your Router Manufacturer’s support site for any firmware updates that may become available for your router which can help to improve performance and stability.
Making a forum post
If you continue to have difficulties with your connection after following the advice above, or you have any difficulties with the any of the recommended steps, it is time to create a new forum post.

We would recommend firstly that you consult our advice on creating a post in our Information thread here:

In addition to this, it is especially important when posting regarding a connection issue that you include as much information about what the issue is and what hardware/software you are using.

Please include a detailed description of your problem, try to list as many details as you can think of and include a detailed account of the steps that you have already taken to troubleshoot your issue.
Please also provide the following information:

Country -
Modem (and firmware version if known) -
Router (and firmware version if known) -
Network device (Driver version if available) -
Type of connection used (Wireless / USB / Ethernet) -
Operating System -
Security Software installed (Firewall, Anti-Virus) -
Traceroute to your realm -
Pathping to your realm -

PLEASE NOTE: The traceroute and pathping may take some time to complete correctly, please allow at least five minutes for these commands to finish. Please also run the pathping/traceroute when you're experiencing the issue, as this will give the most accurate results.

Remember that the more information we have at the start the easier it is to troubleshoot the issue with you.

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