Speedy Heirlooms...?

Hello guys... i dont know if this has been asked here before or not (5 pages and still looking) but is there a FASTER way to get heirlooms? i mean 70 JPs per dungeon isn't that bad i know... but when your a DPS.... :( the queue times arent that effective to grind a lot of JPs.... so my question is: Is there an easier/faster method of grinding JPs? i kow people will say *do BG's... PvP and then turn those points into JPs...* but i suck at PvP and always loose... also is there any ONE specific dungeon i SHUOLD be grinding to maximise my JPs/Dungeon returns? i grinded HoO last time i played about 9 months ago... is there a better one or is HoO still the way to go?

Thanks for your help/advice
Yes, lvl to 90 and do heroic dungeons. Bosses there award 100jp per kill plus the bonus jp for doing randoms. :)
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Reach lvl 90, get 100 JP per boss.
If you queue up for specific dungeons, your queue times will probably be even longer to be honest.

Try and advertise in the trade chat in your city and ask if there's anyone that's up for forming a 5 man group and farming dungeons for JP. Instant dungeons every single time then. Or at least just ask for a healer/tank to make the queue time's quicker.

If you're playing on a 90, you can do the PvP daily on the Isle of Thunder to get 500 Honor Points, and transfer that into 250 Justice Points. (Doesn't seem worth it I know, but every little helps)
Level to 90 and you will get more JP

You can also buy heirlooms for Honor points, DMF points, Argent tournament points etc
wow thanks for the speedy reply and the tips guys :D appreciated
Diffenently reach level 90, and spam heroics.

100 Justice points per boss (120 with guild perks)

Also keep in mind, that with the right reputation and if the guild have completed certain achievements, you'll be able to purchase some heirlooms with gold (Legs and Head) - Although they'er a bit pricy, so if it's your first character, I'd not aim for those. :)
As a DPS I find spamming random normal scenarios the fastest and (for me) the most fun way to get justice points and gold. This morning I started out with 1100 points, queued at my own pace (I took smaller breaks every now and then, cleaned the house, etc.) and capped a couple of minutes ago. Scored a couple of achivements and about 2000 gold along the way.
You can also buy some of them through your guild.

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