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Dear Blizzard SOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Partner's account (Nidalapp Hellscream Balance Druid) was Hacked all his 90 where missing from the list and all Gold etc.. :(
He opened a ticket and got an mail from Blizzard that he's Chars where changed Realm and factions.... After that he could not go in his Account anymore as it say the account is banned though we don't know why. We checked and saw that the hackers has changed sms protection
... Still no answer from Blizzard... we are playing Wow always together and are very frustrated by this event both of us :(
Please help ............

Thanks in advance for any help
Hello Nightgale,

Please ask your friend to follow all the steps mentioned on our security page. I hope he's back in action soon enough!

How's my driving? Let me know!
Thank you for prompt answer :D
He is doing it right now he try but it bring him back to another Page instead and gives him error 404 :( I don't know if its because the account is banned now
We are calling Blizzard now ....
Where does he get the 404 error? Is he able to use the account recovery webform?

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Blizzard is promptly helping us after we called the response was immediate on telephone
as it was here on the forum we will wait as the security service is on it now , a big big thanks to all Blizzard stuff for that I'm very moved from great costumer service and will come back here to write what happened :D

Thank you very much Hagut :D:D
Please don't hijack other people's threads.

If you have already submitted an account recovery form, you will need to wait until it can be resolved. We can't provide an ETA sadly.
Dear Pattyg

Ohhh Dear you got hacked too :(
Blizzard told us that it could take about a couple of hours or more but they assured all will be ok , I let you know when we get our Chars and account back as for now waiting is the only thing we can do.

Thanks for the update Nightgale, glad to hear it's already being looked into :)

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SOS this came from Blizzard after we informed that the account was hacked yesterday we can not understand why .... Its not our doing

What should we do ????????

Please see in to it ...

Subject: World of Warcraft -- Account Closure Notification -- Exploitative Activity Found

***Notice of Account Closure***

Account Name:

Reason for Closure: Terms of Use Violation -- Exploitative Activity: Abuse of the Economy

This account was closed because one or more characters were identified exchanging, or contributing to the exchange of, in-game property (items or gold) for "real-world" currency. This exchange process negatively impacts the World of Warcraft game environment by detracting from the value of the in-game economy.

Even if this is the result of account sharing, the account owner can still be held responsible for the penalty because of the impact it had on the game environment.

We've found the above behaviour is many times directly related to groups responsible for compromising World of Warcraft accounts; we take these issues very seriously. To better understand our position against exploitative activity and the risks involved, please review this article:

The exploitative activity that took place on this account violates the World of Warcraft Terms of Use. We ask you take a moment to review these terms at Any recurring subscriptions on this account have been suspended to prevent further monetary charges.

If you believe your account was compromised, please go to the following website Our support staff will assist you as soon as possible. If you are unable to access your account due to the password being changed, please visit our Login Support site here:

For any disputes of this action or further information on Exploitive Activity, please visit the Exploitative Activity FAQ and contact page here:


Customer Services
Blizzard Entertainment Europe
When we go to the links they give us an 404 error nothing we can do
Seems the link is assuming the " . " is part of the URL. If you remove the dot symbol the page should work. I'll pass on the information though to make sure it's not an oversight.

Thank you :)

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Dear Blizzard

It is a shame that things like this happened my Partner in life is a very lawful man he feels insulted by this mail came from blizzard he is playing wow and other Blizzard games for years as do I and had never ever a problem he can not be responsible for other bad peoples act who hacked his account . We both are middle aged pair and our children playing WoW too , this is the worst thing ever happened to us. We are one of this pairs who met in wow years ago I from Greece and He from UK , 3 years ago I left Greece to be with my beloved Nidalapp for the rest of my life as we fell in love even in this age..... I love Blizzard for that, it is of great important to me to get my Nidalapp back as tears is the only thing I have now in my eyes ...

please help
Can we do it from my Battlenet account ?
It works from my Battlenet account
If you have already contacted our support team to report the account as compromised, please wait while it's being investigated.

I'm afraid via the forums we're unable to assist you with this issue, but I hope it's resolved soon.

How's my driving? Let me know!
Dear Hagut

I'm sorry to take your time I know how much work you have , I only came back to the forum after we spoke with Blizzard and didn't expect to get a mail like the upper one after we explained what happened ,of course we can wait if only all things go back to normal. we both thank you for your reply it is comforting to know that we got heard from Blizzard. Srry for the panic I feel , it is coming only out of our love to World of Warcraft ..

Thanks again

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