How To: Disable water elemental sound (US Re-post)

Found this on the US forums and thought it could do with being posted here what with lots of Mages speccing frost once again for levelling. It was definitely annoying me earlier today anyway.

Original by Nyteshade :

Since it seems the old forums will be vanishing in the near future, it is time to migrate some of the more useful information over.

edit: Forgot to give credit to Stylo for the original post in the old forums.

If you are like me then you are being driven nuts by the constant glug glug glug sound!!!!

Well with very little digging I have found the sound file responsible for my torment, so without anymore babbling here is how you kill that annoying sound.


Step 1: File Structure

Go to your World of Warcraft/Data folder, check for a folder named "Sound" if no folder exists make one.

Now go inside the Sound folder you created (or if one already existed ) now you are going to make another folder inside Sound named "Creature" (If for any reason one already existed leave it) go into your Creature folder.

Now the last folder you will make will be "WaterElemental" Your folder structure should now look like this: World of Warcraft/Data/Sound/Creature/WaterElemental


Step 2: Creating the File

This part is extremely simple, open up notepad, go to file/save as, save the file with the name "WaterElementalLoop.wav", save it where ever you like (also you must put the .wav after the name).

Now just move your new wave file into your WaterElemental folder, enjoy!

Confirmed. It works. Thanks!
will try this, the bloody thing sounds like my belly after too much booze
work for me too thanks
I dropped a custom wav on my friend's install when he wasn't looking so now the WE just loops the trolololo guy.

Well, I found it funny anyway..
This didn't work for me.
First my computer would not let me create a .wav file. When I finally did manage to create it, it did absolutely nothing.

The noise only stopped after I downloaded Mute Annoying WoW Sounds.
This 'addon" creates the exact same file but for some reason this does mute the Water Elemental, were manually making it or other "addons" did nothing.
Whoever figured that one out is a genius. My W.E was driving me bat****crazy!
Why do frost mages even have a WATER ELEMENTAL? Do they even need it? To me it just looks like a 'special' friend of the warlock minions.
08/03/2012 08:05Posted by Rangarth
Why do frost mages even have a WATER ELEMENTAL? Do they even need it? To me it just looks like a 'special' friend of the warlock minions.

only good for extra freeze otherwise as frost i just keep the damn thing passive ;)
Looks like a thred necro, but the latest patch introduced OGG versions of the sound files and the previously used method is no longer sufficient to mute the bubbling sound. There's an archive of empty sound files on curse that allows you to mute many annoying sounds. That archive has been updated for the latest patch, so you can find a replacement file for the new water elemental sound in it:

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