[A] Exsul -Hardcore- 10M 8/8H PvE+PvP *International

Burning Legion
Guild Name: Exsul
Server: Burning Legion -EU- PVP
Faction: Alliance
Guild Type: -Hardcore- PVE 10 Man Guild + PVP activity
Nationality: International

Current PvE Status: 8/8 H
Current Raid Schedule: 3 days 20.00-00.00
On farm status: 1-3 days till next encounter.

Guild URL: http://exsul.wowstead.com/
Guild created on: 03.10.2010
Guild Goal: Clearing content before it gets nerfed as server first -10 Man-
RP Policy: N/A

Leading and Managment: Team Work
PvE: Nykhaos Hatred Colander Nimh Elementz
PvP: Grzmocik Xanise Shuhan

Recruitment: Open http://exsul.wowstead.com/recruitment
Trial period: Up to 1 month.
Raid Slots: Minimum rotation

10 man Teams by Attendance and Progress Type:
A: %100 Attendance 6-7 day late hour raiding: Progress Rush Team, Progress Team
B: %90 Attendance 4-5 day standard hour raiding: Raider Team, Late Night Raiding Team
C: Spontane Attendance 2-3 day standard hour raiding: Semi-Raider, Reserve, PvpE, Weekend Team
D: Full pack PvE teams with their own leadership, rules and raiding schelude: Phat Banana, Fire of Dune
E: Full pack PvP teams with their own leadership, rules and premade schelude

Rated Battleground Premades: +
Arena Teams: +
World PvP Activity: +

Loot Type: Roll
Dkp System: N/A

Ventrilo and Mic: Required

WOTLK 10 Man Achievement Rank: World 54
Our past progress can be found at related pages under our old guild name: Doomed
Exsul formed as an Endgame Progress Guild from PvE-inclined guild Doomed by Core Raiders at Cataclysm. Which has been the best Alliance international guild since the start of The Burning Crusade on Burning Legion for the past four years.
We are bunch of old school highly active and dedicated group of hardcore players which used to raid together since start of TBC and most of us played since the launch of World of Warcraft.
Our experience with playing 10man as a team started with the launch of Zul'Aman and our first success in making timed run and continue with many other server firsts even despite fact 10Man wasnt our priority. We never sacrificed any team member due encounter push us to use specific classes and here we are.

[Project] Exsul
We wished to create a guild with several lvl of progress ideas and game-play opportunities. While creating project, one of our priorities was offering to the players oldshool atmosphere in highly activite hardcore guild.
Exsul built from 2 parts - PvE and PvP. We wont tease each other. Both parts have their own rules and Leadership.
Our PvP squad formed by high rated, old BL PvPers. Hope to meet with you at Battlegrounds and Arena!
Also we might be interested in small teams as full pack -playing their 10man under our common banner- with their own in-team rules, leadership and chat channel.

with Cataclysm.. Exsul is going to focus on Hardcore 10Man Progress as PvE Squad and Rated Battlegrounds as PvP Squad.

And.. we aim high ! ROAR
wowtrack: http://www.wowtrack.org/guilds.lua?g=EU-Burning%20Legion&update
wowprogress: http://www.wowprogress.com/pve/eu/burning-legion/rating.tier11_10
guildox: http://www.guildox.com/go/g.asp?a=4&r=Burning Legion-EU&w=

Guild Feats of Strength:
Realm First! Working as a Team
Realm First! Guild Level 25

Exsul Recruiting for Mists of Pandaria

-PR- Team
Progress: 13/13 H * 7/7 H * 8/8 H
Schelude: up to 7 days during progress / 1-3 days till next encounter on farm status.
Recruitment: -OPEN- Hunter, Mage, Moonkin, Warlock
Apply: http://exsul.wowstead.com/recruitment

-PB- Team
Schelude: up to 5 days
Recruitment: Closed
Team Leader: Joaanne

-FoD- Team
Schelude: up to 4 days
Recruitment: Closed
Team Leader: Kanrei, Shayan

-R- Team
Schelude: up to 3 days
Recruitment: Closed
Team Leader: Lee, Dhakar

-SR- Team
Schelude: up to 2 days
Recruitment: Closed
Team Leader: Xaal

Average Rated Bg / Arena Rating: 2400
Recruitment: -OPEN- Shaman, Rogue
Rated Bg Team Leader: Shuhan, Grzmocik
Arena Team Leader: Xanise (Daggie)
We require:

• Experience:
-PvE- High endgame PvE experience, activity and achievements
(level 60, 70 raiding experience and level 80 hard mode experience will be a huge bonus).
Min: full normal mode experience on current encounter
-PvP- High endgame PvP experience, activity and rating
(old PvP titles will be a huge bonus).
Min: 2000 Battleground Rating or 2400 Arena Rating
• Attendance: %100 stable and reliable raid attendance
(being able to cope with one of the raiding schedules).
• Gear: Proper gear/spec/gem/enc/glyph for raiding on hard modes or high rating arena/rated battleground.
• Extensive knowledge of your class and in-game mechanics and being able to use your knowledge with your skills.
• Being tacticaly well prepared for every raid, bringing a lot of consumables and using them.
• Able to use and speak on Ventrilo.
• Stable connection (disconnects will not be tolerated).
• Showing you care your char but also being Team Player.
• Discipline, motivation and dedication during progress.
• And last, but not least: knowing how to have fun and enjoy the game.

Cross realm Applications:
-Do not apply without detailed WOL/WWS/WMO report-

Be extremely honest about following assets for your application:
Connection / Playability
Being able to use mic
Experience / Skill
Played / Play times / Age
In game goals

Basically, we're looking for long-term members sharing our views on endgame raiding. If your in-game goal is to raid with high skilled and dedicated players, then here, we have guild for you!

If you meet our requirements and you are currently looking for a new international PvE / PvP inclined guild for Cataclysm, feel free to apply.

Please apply only if you are active dedicated player with decent PvE / PvP experience.
Please do not whisper guild officers about your application status, we will contact with you.

-Team Recruitment- Open only for full packs with minimum: 3/8 H Progress
Contact with: Nykhaos or Hatred

-PvE- Read Team Recruitments
Open Slot: Ranged Dps
Apply: http://exsul.wowstead.com/
Do not contact ingame without we ask for it.

-PvP- Open only for endgame PvP Players with minimum: 2k+ Rated Bg or 2.4k+ Arena Rating
Contact with: Shuhan Grzmocik or Xanise

If you are well known old player at server which gave a break during WOTLK and you are planning to play active PvE or PvP with Cataclysm you have a chance to get invite still.

Even recruitment status -CLOSED- for your class/spec we have open slot for endgame experienced skilled players.
-PR- Team Recruitment

Monk, Druid Hunter, Mage, Warlock -OPEN-
* High and stable hardcore raiding activity without time limit.
* Endgame PvE experience also atleast semi PvP experience.
* Skilled with proper dps, kite, interrupt, dispel, cc and survive abilities
* Quick learner and able to adapt team
* Minimum 10 Man Normal Mode Gear with latest gems and enchants.
-We can gear you up if you can prove you worth for it-
* Able to play 3 spec
* Able to communicate at ventrilo.

Prot Paladin -CLOSED-
-Minimum Rotation-
* High and stable hardcore raiding activity without time limit.
* Endgame PvE experience as Tank with impressive skill and dedication.
* Quick learner and able to adapt team.
* Proper Tanking gear with latest gems and enchants.
-We wont gear you up-
* Able to play proper with geared retri offspec or ranged dps alt
-If u dont want to be rotate-
* Able to communicate at ventrilo. -MUST-
-PB- Team Recruitment

by Joaanne
Exsul's PB (former Phat Banana) team is recruiting a highly skilled, active and last but not least dedicated healing priest/shadow priest/boomkin.

We're a 10man raiding team, and current progression is 10/13HC. With a couple of realm firsts 10man kills (Omnotron, maloriak, Chimeron and Nefarian - this being heroic ofc). Our general idea of our raiding team is semi-hardcore raiding schedule but with smart, individual players who can think for themselves and understand the game.
Raids are usually wednesday, thursday, sunday and monday (sometimes tuesday if the others cant be done), and raiding times are 20-24.

Due to a strictly 10 people team (i.e no replacements/backups) we've had alot of canceled raids which lead us to an averge of 3 raids a week (if not even less) and due to varius circumstances, our progression sorta stopped after killing Cho'gall.

Now heading towards firelands, we're now looking to sort that, and get back into our old rythm, which has at some point been the best progressing 10man team on the server.

What we offer you:
Is a highly social raid enviroment.
Good and stable progression (for now we have not spent more than 2 nights on any bosskill other than sinestra)
Aaaand! Alot of fun :3
Im sure we can offer you alot more but thats up to you aswell ^^

What we expect from you:
High skill, dedication and passion for the game.
High activity
Stable connection and working PC.

For more infomation or an applcation, either contact me ingame or throw an application at http://exsul.wowstead.com/recruitment
-FoD- Team Recruitment

by FoD Team
EU-Burning Leagion's Exsul Project (13/13HC)'s FoD 10 man group 9/13 HC without Al'akir, Omnotron Defense System, Ascendant Council and Sinestra is currently recruiting the following roles and classes:

1 Tank - DK would be perfect, any other classes with outstanding applications will be considered as well
2 Healers - Priest and Resto Shaman, the priest with Disci and Holy specs if possible, the shaman with Elemental off-spec preferably, an outstanding Resto Druid application would be considered as well
Melee DPS - Frost/Unholy DK, outstanding applications from Warriors, Paladins, Enhancement Shamans and Feral Druids will be considered as well
Ranged DPS - Moonkin, Mage, other ranged dps with outstanding applications will be considered as well
What do we provide?

Competitive, high end raiding in a friendy environment
A lot of fun while keeping the good tone of professionalism
Maths for min-maxers and friendly chat for the social oriented people
Level 25 guild perks
We are gnome friendly (even though if we have more than one gnome in our raids we will get back to blame rolls between to gnomes to see whose fault the wipes are)
What do we expect?

> 80% attendance to the raids. We are currently raiding Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday from 7.30pm until around 12am CET, which is 6.30pm until 11pm GMT and 8.30pm until 1am GMT+2
Professionalism, you have to know your class in-depth. The more comfortable you are with your character, the higher your chance for being taken is. Being able to think critically, contibute to the discussions and adapt and learn from a very few mistakes is a must
Very good understanding of English and the ability to freely speak and understand when spoken to you on programs like Ventrilo. Please, include the words 'ice cream' somewhere in your application, so that we know that you have taken your time to read carefully this wall of text
Dedication and understanding that you need to get used and familiar to the fight before you can hope for a kill to happen
Trust, in a 10 man evironment you have to be able to trust your fellow raiders in order to achieve progress. Note: This does not mean to point out mistakes that you believe others are making, or improvements for their play style.
Sense of humor
How to apply:

In order to apply, please visit http://exsul.wowstead.com/ and follow the process there
Please, specify that you are applying to the FoD team, so that we can sort your applications faster and process them fast enough
We will contact you back within reasonable time, however, if you have not heard from us in a weeks time, please feel free to log on our server and whisper to Shayan, Grifflet, Kairy or Aellyn in order to find out what your recruitment status currently is. In all other cases, before being contacted, please do not try to whisper anyone from the team
If you have any questions you have towards the group or want answered, please add them in your application form and we will get back to you
Please, specify explicitly if you would not like to be rotated with other people in the team in order to achieve the maximal possible raid composition for the boss, which is currently being worked on
-FoD- Team Recruiting for Hard Modes (12/12 N)

Priest Holy/Disciple
-Full Time-

* Stable raiding activity (4 raids in reset - Wensday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday).
* Endgame PvE experience as Healer.
* Proper Healing gear for both speces with latest gems and enchants.
* Quick learner and able to adapt team.
* Able to communicate at ventrilo.

Contact Shayan, Kanrei or Kairy ingame.
bump for the lovely Nykhaos

PvP: Grzmocik lold. you will have to wake up in the morning for games
QQ come to ally for instant ques!
Exsul 10m team -FoD- Recruiting for Hard Modes (12/12 N 1/13HC)

Priest Holy/Disciple // Resto Druid // Hunter
-Full Time-

* Stable raiding activity (4 raids in reset - Wensday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday).
* Endgame PvE experience as Healer.
* Proper Healing gear for both speces with latest gems and enchants.
* Quick learner and able to adapt team.
* Able to communicate at ventrilo.

Contact Shayan, Kanrei
-LN- Team Recruitment

by Etternal
[A] Exsul -LN- 10M Group Looking For Healer with raiding experience.
We prefer a Paladin or Resto Druid but other players will not be excludet.
Raids consists at late hours on Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday.
Starting time is 21:00 every night and ends around 00:30 - 01:00 ,
depending on the progress,morale and raid stability on the respective group.

For further information on any subject on this matter
wisper/email Etternal or Keepmovinn. Thank you for you're time!
-R- Team Recruitment

by Sakyto
Hello, one of the Exsul 10 man raids is looking for new additions. At the moment we are looking for experienced and decently geared for 10 man raiding Hunter, DPS DK, DPS Warrior. Our raid currently have all instances cleared on Normal Mode, working and progressing right now on Hardcore Modes. Of course everyone who has vast experience, knowledge and excellent gear can apply if you are looking for 10 man raiding, but as i said at the moment we are mainly looking for DPS DK, DPS Warrior and Hunter - if you are interested contact Sakyto or Richie ingame.
-SR- Team Recruitment
PvE Progress:

Dragon Soul (Heroic): 8/8
Dradon Soul (Normal): 8/8

Firelands (Heroic): 7/7
Shannox -Down-
Lord Rhyolith -Down-
Alysrazor -Down-
Beth'tilac -Down-
Baleroc -Down-
Majordomo Staghelm -Down-

Firelands (Normal): 7/7
Shannox -Down- 29.06.2011
Lord Rhyolith -Down- 29.06.2011
Alysrazor -Down- 29.06.2011
Beth'tilac -Down- 29.06.2011
Baleroc -Down- 30.06.2011
Majordomo Staghelm -Down- 30.06.2011
Ragnaros -Down- 30.06.2011

13/13 H
Throne of the Four Winds 2/2
Conclave of Wind

Blackwing Descent 6/6
Omnotron Defense System

The Bastion of Twilight 5/5
Ascendant Council
Valiona and Theralion
Halfus Wyrmbreaker

12/12 N 2/2
Throne of the Four Winds
Conclave of Wind

Blackwing Descent 6/6
Omnotron Defense System

The Bastion of Twilight 4/4
Halfus Wyrmbreaker
Valiona and Theralion
Ascendant Council

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