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Greetings Argent Dawn!

As one of the Official representatives of everyone's favorite RP web Portal I want to make sure that the community is aware of the excellent and free service available to all the role players of the Argent Dawn community!

Our URL:

What is the Archives?

This question has a few answers. Out of character we are there to facilitate the expansion and creation of Role play on the Argent Dawn RP server. We want to provide a meeting place for the Roleplay community that is inclusive, open, and supportive. The Archives is a place for the RP community to advertise, create, and share their character profile, guild profile, stories, screens and artwork! As well as offer news of happenings on the server via articles both staff and player written. We also offer and encourage support for events via posting them, archiving them, and advertising them for our members!

In character the Argent Archives and its team of members both Horde and Alliance side represent an IC neutral faction. The online site has a focus of In character only interaction and is designed to represent the Archives that have been established both in Ironforge and Orgrimmar. The items on this site are to always have some form of in character link, whether it be a screen shot of RP, artwork relating to characters and wow, or your characters personal and secret diaries.

Who is the staff and who can I contact?

The Archives is staffed by volunteers only, many of these although quite secretive and elusive on their mains are well known supporters of the RP community here on Argent Dawn outside of their Archives work.

Alliance Staff Members:


Horde Staff Members:


Our Philosophy:

The Main Goal of the Argent Archives Webportal is to tie the Argent Dawn community together. One visit to the portal should be enough to understand what is currently happening in the realm. It is a place where players can present their characters, guilds and role-play experiences (stories, screens, artswork etc.) and at the same time check current news, plan events, read stories and see others work. Enjoy!

- The Argent Archives Web Team

More info:

I want my guild on the Archives, how do I do this?

Once you have created a personal profile for the character you wish to have create and maintain the guild page you will select the contact button in the upper right hand corner of every page and select guild request.

Our Comic Tutorial: It is worth the read! Trust me.


Our FAQ:


Info on Advertising:

Our Newspaper the Argent Post:


Our newspaper is produced by reporters from among the Archives staff as well as players on the realm, if you have written a story you would like to get published as a news article make sure to contact one of the listed staff members via PM or use the contacts button in the upper left hand corner of the page to send the message to all of us! Make sure to give us a link to your possible article! The Argent post is a newspaper produced for both factions and has a printing office in Stormwind and one in Silvermoon.

Common Mistakes on the Archives:

Account Creation

-Account creation is often held up if the profile name is not entered correctly. This includes not capitalizing the first letter, making up an unusual log in that is obviously not your character name (ex. trishbear34), or adding multiple words or names such as a first and last name.

- If you do not receive your account activation email within 48 hours of account creation make sure to check your spam filter! Many times it seems we get relegated to this lonely dustbin!

- Your name is already taken! Yipes! This is a hard one as the archives unlike Warcraft does not differentiate a name even if it has accents in it. We can compensate for this by allowing people whose name is already taken by creating a fuller name to distinguish their character, such as adding the first and last name into the profile and login, but this does make it harder for your name to be linked and found. The best advice I can give when making a new character and wanting to make a profile on the archives is to also check to see if the name your after is already one that is taken and then to avoid it. If your character is already here and named make sure to use the contact feature so we can see about giving you a specialized name for log in.

Posting and Profiles

-We do not allow OOC content on the site except in select designated areas. These areas would be in the Event profiles where it is labeled OOC info and we will also allow guilds to place small well marked sections to include any needed OOC info on the guild such as level/race/class restrictions and recruitment requirements. Other than this we do not encourage OOC in any form regardless if it is placed in (( )). If you do place any ooc content on the Archives it is liable to be edited or deleted entirely from the site and a warning given to the user.

-The only artwork that should be placed on the site is your own personal work or any work that is not your own but posted with the explicit agreement of the artist/owner. The only exception to this rule is that we do allow official Blizzard artwork to be used on the site. Members posting artwork that is not their own will have it removed and be given a warning.

-The only videos or music that is allowed to be posted on the Argent Archives is those made by the player. The archives is there to inspire and share the creativity of our members and not to show off the talent of people unrelated to this realm. If someone embeds music or video that is not of their own creation or an IC inclination it will be removed and the member will receive a warning.

- The Archives is designed to encourage and support the community, OOC harassment of its members from within, inappropriate not work safe content, and general rude or inappropriate behavior will also be removed and the member warned.

- If you see inappropriate content such as those listed above please be sure to use the contacts feature and provide a link to the offending material. the Archives staff is always happy to have any help they can to keep the site clear to its intent. In the case of art that is copied or stolen please make sure of possible to include a link to the original or at least info on where the original can be found.
Reserved for Future Use
Archives staff appreciate bumps and questions! Please give us both, we need to keep this visible!
You also forgot thumbs up! :3

I'm not sure whether Blizzard would be willing to promote a sticky for the new forums, but I'm sure one nice person could always report it for that. :3
Bump! We would appreciate a sticky again, since people can use this thread to help report issues or ideas to the Archives, as they did on the old forums!
For the Archives
I love this site. But how did a Sons of Lothar member win an award?

This is a disaster.
I want my guild on the Archives, how do I do this?

Once you have created a personal profile for the character you wish to have create and maintain the guild page you will select the contact button in the upper right hand corner of every page and select guild request.

According to your site, only Guild Masters can request a guild page - Has this changed?
If you have the permission of the guild master to create a page on the Archives, we will allow another guild member to create the page. We do prefer guild masters being in control, as they are less likely to switch guilds, and then create the need to go back and change ownership rights and such for the page.

Only one person, (outside of site admins) is able to change a guild page, so if a guild member in control no longer belongs to said guild, they must then contact staff as well as get the new owner to contact staff to have the page transferred.
I am always a bit confused how you should consider the news from Archives. I know some take everything on it and use it as IC knowledge. I always first ask myself, could I have known?

Knowing once background can be a good thing to encourage RP, as we are not able to spent a lifetime to come to know each other. But to blatantly use it as if everything is known and done is over the top in my eyes.

What is the Archives own view on it?

Fist and foremost the Argent Archives is a group of scholars and historians, who work for and have built the Archives to collect as much historical information and to create records of the current history for the future. We look for everything, because it is all important for history. The type of toothpaste one uses and flavors of stew from the local tavern might seem trivial now, but are important in a historical point of view in order to establish what life was like at a particular point in time. The Archives seeks to collect it all. To know about everyone and everything. Then to file and store it away for the future. This is the basic idea behind it. It is Faction neutral, as we want to know about everything and everyone and point of view. We work to record the history of the world as it happens.

The files we collect and create, as well as works of literature and documents, all are for use for record keeping as well as illumination.

The only real people IC that would have access to things like personal profiles, would be the members of the Archives staff, although a character perhaps could seek us out IC and attempt to arrange a viewing or particular profiles IC. This would be, risky and a long process.

Many of the things entered on the site are private, and although the idea is that they eventually via our means end up in the hands of the Archives staff, they are not designed or really made for IC public viewing. This would be things like diaries and personal communication. They are there more to be shared on an OOC level, and give another facet for people to express their characters IC to develop more creativity and story.

You can find more of our IC view on this subject in one of the pages of our comic tutorial:
Argent Dawn would be nothing like it is now if it weren't for the wonderful Argent Archives, I would strongly reccomend any roleplayer on this realm to take a look at the site.
We are both the Guild Master of our Guild, Blizzard's guild system just does not allow us to do that. :P

Besides, as my other half quite rightly pointed out; That is what officers are for, all the hard work :P !

This was in reply to "Only guild masters can make the guild page request"
Oh yeh, reported for sticky.
Proeliator here, feelin' frustrated.

I have been a member of the Argent Archives for over a year only to be banned without explaination. Me and Alku are two different people, it's complicated... And.. To be honest, I have to much to worry about in my real life than mess around with the immature issues online.

I sent an appeal about two weeks ago via the contact tool, but I still have recieved no reply, nor been offered a chance to defend myself. The Argent Archives is an epic tool, and I love using it for IC reasons. Not having access to it frustrates me. I have exams to worry about, and I would appreciate it if this was one of the things that I could put to rest in my mind.

I would've perfered to keep this a private 1-to-1 thing between the Archives and me, but due to the email I recieved upon being banned:
I cannot discuss the advertisements for the moment. However, your ban still stands, and so you should likely nominate an officer/member/trusted person to edit and update your guildpage. Thanks, Mgurk

And not having my other response email replied to, clearly this is my only option to be able to actually get an answer.

The things Alku have done were idiotic, and we've moved past that. Proeliator is a serious Role-playing character who has contributed to this server by organising many RP events. I offer an optional route for people to go down in the "Military RP" way.
Not having the AA is a major handicap, and makes me and my guild seem unprofessional by it not being avaliable on there.

Please deeply reconsider my "ban", and lift it. I assure you that you will not regret it. After all, when the Kul Tiras comes out in future patches, I will require the AA to advertise my numerous events. Never again will I even dream of breaking rules, defacing the Archives with Alku's immaturity was a mistake, as it is not a place for that sort of crap to be.

Yours Faithfully,
Me and Alku are two different people

Wait - If Proeliator and "Alku" [also known as Ulka] are not both your character, how come "ignore posts by this player" on Proeliator also ignores posts by Alku? Surely EVERYONE by now knows that there's no concealing alts on these forums these days. They may be two different characters, but they're the same account, thus the same people, not different people.

Haven't we had a LOT of threads on that very technique now? Wasn't there even one by Grasshopper?
Dear Proeliator,

We have on multiple occasions been in private instead of public contact with you regarding the issue of your ban.

Due to the severity and regularity of the issues leading up to the ban, we at this time do not feel it is in the best interest of our users to release all of your accounts from the ban on our site.

Because we have been privately in contact with you regarding the ban, I am confused by your message: your last reply to us stated that you were in fact the same individual, and that previous claims of not being so were in fact false.

I understand your concern about wanting to use the site, but due to the abuse of others through the site, and the repeated flagrant disregard for its purpose, has lead us to ban your accounts after several successive warnings.

I would suggest that in the future you consider your actions, or the actions of people you share email and warcraft accounts with, as it is your responsibility to act in a manner, and make sure any that might be using your avatar to represent you act in a manner, that is in line with the policies and theme of the site or games you are part of.

At this point the only advice that I can give you is that if you wish your guild to not bear the brunt of consequence from the actions of your account, you should name another member of the guild via email ( or here if you chose) and then have them contact us to have the guild page passed over to them. We can then deal with the guild via this person.

Lady Britomart
AA Web Team

I'm not asking for any of my accounts to be released, only Proeliator.

This is just a game, and I have real life issues to worry about other than this nonsense. On Alku, I was looking for downtime from my life which is the main reason many people play WoW.

I thought that by following and attempting to please the elitist jerks of Argent Dawn that somehow conciously I would find solace in that.
I am just offended that when I was infact banned, it was ONLY because I implied about the use of advertising on the Archives, while before I was able to use Proeliator smoothly without problem after Alku's ban.

I love the Archives, it's brilliant. Me and Alku -were- the same person, but I no longer have the slightest interest in role-playing him, nor do I have any interest in attacking the innocent members of Argent Dawn, who are only trying to do what I am doing; and that's Role-playing. Play a game.

I violated the rules, and I'm apologizing. I know what I have done wrong. For god sakes, those comics were just something I was doing when I couldn't get online to Role-Play.
I did it to make others happy and possible laugh, as it would be relevant to them. And that's who I am; a leader, and entertainer. I don't even know why I cared so much, but I did.

I just want to appeal to you for what we are, roleplayers. We're a limited bunch who only want to do the same things. I made idiotic and immature mistakes that I realise now were unfair and cruel. I desperatly want to leave this behind me.
It was stupid of me to directly mock people. Despite my personal disagreements with them, I never truly meant the things that I implied.

The Archives took to long to respond, and over the last two weeks I have been kicking myself trying to get back on to it so I can edit my godamn event properly. There was little confirmation, checking all three of my email adresses for emails from you guys.

The only reason I ever starting lying about being Alku, was because I was embaressed for my moronic attempts at revenge against people who had looked down upon me afore. I'm a nice guy, I'm a good person. I think I'm repeating myself here, but.. I aim to please, and alot of the time we can end up pleasing the wrong people.

I'm not here trying to be prude, snide, or otherwise. I'm here trying to make you remember that this only a game, and remember we're all in the same boat. We're all playing the same game, and none of us are better than each other. I just think that you should give me another chance.

And if you really do think that I am a bad person that cannot be trusted with a simple archives account to only be used for event creation, then.. Please do, pass along the guild to "Lobella".
Wauw... To be honest, I had never expected Alku to say that.

I would give him a chance, and see how he has progressed to be honest.

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