I get stuck in retrieving character list

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I can login but when i select the server i get stuck in the "retrieving character list" page but no matter how long i wait i can't see any of my chars... what's that?
This happened to me before, if you hit escape and head back to the login screen and login again it should take you to the serve you was trying to get to
nah, i usually did so but i did a format of my puter yesterday... a wrong one as i deleted all disks so i had to install the whole game too... patched last part an hour ago but now i can't see any of my chars... no matter how many times i hit escape key or try to relog... nothing happens... =/
any help please? that's so annoying....!!!
Try deleting your WTF, Cache and Interface folders.

Note: Deleting these folders will delete your AddOns.
things are going worst... not even i couldn't create a chat 'cause of the screen goin back to realm selection but now i can't go through the "succes" message of my log-in...
can't really get what's goin on...

p.s.: deleted 'em all several times...
Do you happen to have a poor connection? I currenly have wireless, and every time that happens, my connection is quite crappy, and as my connection gets better, it gets resolved. Other than that, did you try restarting your computer?
Have you throught about reinstalling the game?
i got a 20mb connection so i don't think it's a related issue...
restarted puter and router....
i installed again the whole game and now i'm on v4.0.3.13329
Yep, that is the newest version alright... Hope for you it will fix it:P Otherwise: welcome to the club!
Lol... It was working fine until formatting disk... :/
Did you install the newest drivers for your network adapter after re-installing the operating system? Also, make sure you're using a wired connection to troubleshoot, not wireless.
will look for the network adapter drivers
network is wired not wifii
need any further info to inspect the issue?

p.s. all other internet applications are working so i don't know if that's related to network adapter drivers...
Try the newest drivers first, and if it doesn't work, provide the following information please.

Internet Service Provider:
Modem model:
Router model (if used):
Connection used, USB, Ethernet or Wifi:
Network card model and driver version/date:
Internet Security Software:
Can you access any other realms?
Country: Italy
ISP: Telecom Italia
Modem model: -
Router model: NETGEAR router firewall ADSL wireless DG834G
Connection used: Ethernet
Network card model: Realtek RTL8111C Ethernet
Driver version/date: 7.3.522.2009 - - - 22/05/2009
Internet Security Software: AVG Antivirus Free

No, can't access any realm. Now can't even log (i'm stuck in the Neltharion screen with "SUCCESS" window frozen after i try to log in)
Can you do a trace route as well? Any realm works really, but here's Saurfang's IP:

How do I create a trace route to a World of Warcraft server?
doing a new tracert, wait pls
Please run the trace route to instead. Thanks!

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