Survival Leveling - Your thoughts and mine.

Hello guys and girls.

As you can see I have in the last day or two been starting a Human Hunter, (as we can do that now) and decided to try out leveling as survival spec. Now in previous patches before 4.0.1 it would be almost impractical to level as survival as you didn't get any neat moves till around level 40+.

This one at level 10 got the infamous explosive shot, which i'm here to say rocks my socks off. Granted without being higher level the cost of focus for this skill is high but its dmg output is insane single target.

I have got some decent BOA gear, like shoulders and chest + knife with 15+ agi but all I simply do is use one explosive shot and the target dies before it can charge towards me. If its not dead, (which appears to be rare unless its an elite) i steady shot to get some focus back and then serpent sting and then use expolsive off CD each time.

Has anyone else had any better experiences with other specs like MM or BM. I'm really not to keen on the idea of going BM spec and like the sound of MM which I may take as Offspec at 40 considering the price is now 10g :)

Please if you have any thoughts about this, wanna share some hunter love or just want to rant, please do so here. I'd be happy to hear what you think.
Leveling as MM is also easy and great.

great damage output and almost no need for pet.
Leveling as MM is also easy and great.

great damage output and almost no need for pet.

thx for your reply.

Does MM get any focus regenrating tools/skills/talents along the way. That so far is my only gripe with survival because i can't chain mobs with explosive shot due to the high focus cost. would you say the MM is easier to do this?
I've been spamming dungeons as Survival, and I can say that Survival has most DPS, as I've tested all 3 specs.

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