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Hi, I upgraded my trial account (WOW2) to wotlk, however i cannot trade or do things that a normal account would do, it still says i am a trial account. The RAF works fine and myself and boyfreind are levelling well but when it comes to trading it says i am still trial.

Any Ideas?
It takes up to 72 hours for the trial restrictions to be lifted.
That´s all there´s to it.
It takes up to 72 hours for the trial restrictions to be lifted.
That´s all there´s to it.

Hello there Demonicro,

As the other posters in this thread have said, it can potentially take up to 72 hours for the ‘social’ restrictions on a Trial account upgrade to be fully unlocked. Apologies for any inconvenience you may be caused by this, and hopefully your own restrictions will already have been lifted since you originally created this thread.

Happy levelling and welcome to the game! :)
Have similar problem. Downloaded trial. Immediately last friday purchased online, but still says trial. Used RAF for 3 friends but still can't group us. The only possibility to play for 3weeks for me is today and tomorrow. If I cancel the order, and go to shop in 4 hours from now and purchase the basic WOW, and upgrade with that key, will this solve the situation and we can group?

Do we have the RAF bonuses on XP + other or do we lose these?

This is quite anoying that there are several FAQ:s but it takes like 2 days to surf and find out that how this actually goes, that this could be said in 5 lines answer in FAQ.

I think there must be a LOT of discussion on the same topic and if there is no answers in FAQ:s on this, there will be a LOT of questions coming on the same subject in coming years also.

Now the transfer is complete, took around 46h to complete. But still as advice for someone who is in hurry to play, please try to have the Game package from shop and upgrade you trial with that key, it probably is much faster way to have proper account.

It takes more then 72 hours... I upgraded wednesday 21:30 pm. It now is Sunday (more then 72 hours later) and it still says trial account

I cant trade
I cant use guildbank
I cant use auction house
I cant form a party
I cant speak in global channel

Oh yes..they took my money 75 euro 4 days ago. That was immediatly

bleh.. remove the trial account frm my upgraded account plz.. It has been 4 days now
Hello Wwar,

I’m sorry to hear that the delay in your Trial upgrade was an inconvenience to you – I believe the Trial upgrade FAQ does say that the upgrade process can potentially take up to 72 hours to complete, although obviously it’s usually rather faster than this, but unfortunately we’re currently experiencing some additional delays within the system and these have meant that some players have sadly had to wait over the usual 72 hour limit.

It’s still good advice that if someone is in a real hurry to play without any restrictions then a physical purchase of the game can avoid any processing times however. :)

Good evening Willdo,

Unfortunately it’s sadly not possible for us to force remove the lingering Trial restrictions on your account, as these are imposed by the system while it completes the upgrading process, but please accept my apologies for any annoyance or inconvenience the additional delay may be causing you.

We do currently have a sticky post at the top of this forum (which I shall link below) in an attempt to forewarn players that there may regrettably be an additional wait for the service at the moment, but I do sincerely hope things complete for you as soon as possible. :)

01/12 Delayed Upgrades/Trial Restrictions
I'm also at 5 days now -.- its getting realy annoying
06/12/2010 3:09Posted by Alstan
I'm also at 5 days now -.- its getting realy annoying

Understandable, hopefully it will not be much longer, keep an eye on the sticky.

06/12/2010 0:35Posted by Nephadne
01/12 Delayed Upgrades/Trial Restrictions
I have waited for 4 days now, and my account is still Trail account. Its pretty annoying. I got MoP and Monk class in game, but I cant party or Whisper to other players, they have to have me as a friend... :S
Don't necropost. This post is very old. If you can level past 20 and can use monks then you should be fine, some restrictions might be taking longer to lift than usual. If, regardless, you want to talk to them, you have to ticket or call, they can't do anything here.
if it takes 72 hours for my account to be upgraded it should take 72 hours for wow to make money
23/03/2014 14:12Posted by Miistt
if it takes 72 hours for my account to be upgraded it should take 72 hours for wow to make money

It does actually. The delay is actually the length of time it takes for the money to arrive, as payments are not instant (despite what many people think). As soon as they receive it from your bank they remove the rest of the restrictions. This is also why it's usually much quicker than 72 hours.

In future though, do not post in such an old thread. Thanks.
Hey... my friend can't level past level 20 even though he bought the game...

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