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Chapter Nine: Avoiding common mistakes

Most players pick up their lore as they play the game, so certain beginner mistakes in backgrounds are unavoidable. This handy list will let you avoid most of them:

Born in Darnassus, or elsewhere in Teldrassil. The new world tree was created by order of Archdruid Fandral Staghelm after the events of Warcraft III, only 6-8 years ago. The 'obvious' choices of homeland for Kaldorei are Ashenvale and Moonglade; Astranaar and Nighthaven were the largest Kaldorei settlements until the creation of Teldrassil. For more suggestions, see Chapter Five.

Raised in an orphanage/by evil step parents. Kaldorei children are raised communally, in peer groups of other children in the settlement born at the same age (see Chapter Two). The tradition of calling other elves sister/brother is because this is how most Kaldorei come to see the other children they are raised with. In this environment, an orphaned child would not lack parents willing to take them in, and systematic mistreatment is extremely unlikely.

Being a lady/lord/other noble title. Night Elves have not recognised aristocratic titles since the Sundering 10,000 years ago, and they are ashamed of ever having done so, as their nobility was responsible for allowing demons to find Azeroth (see Chapter Two). Most Kaldorei will react with open hostility to the suggestion that they, or any other Kaldorei, should be accorded a noble title. All Night Elf titles of respect are related to the person's job, and earned personally by hard work, never inherited. The handful of Quel'dorei who remained after the exile and integrated among Kaldorei renounced not only their magic, but also their heritage and all their titles, in profound shame at what their kin had done.

Half-elves. Kaldorei are notoriously xenophobic, and until recently were very unlikely to even meet other races, let alone have their kids. It's possible that a Kaldorei could have a Highborne parent, who was either exiled after the character was conceived or gave up magic and stayed with the Kaldorei. It's also possible to imagine a mix of human and Quel'dorei. However, human-Kaldorei hybrids have only become possible since the events of WarCraft III, meaning that such characters can be no more than ten years old.

Raised by/closely related to/mentored by a major lore character (see Chapter Eight). This is the Kaldorei equivalent of being the daughter of Arthas or the lovechild of Jaina and Thrall; such characters would be lore NPCs, and not player characters at all. Kaldorei live long lives, so it's quite possible that your character has met one or more of these individuals, and may even have worked with or for them. Keeper Remulos seems to be on first-name terms with every single druid, but still, being his personal student or protege is not a good idea. Otherwise, a good rule of thumb is that if your character has met a lore NPC, that NPC should have no particular reason to remember the occasion.

Teetotal. Night Elves have both bars and native alcoholic drinks - moonberry juice is described as potent enough to make a dwarf lightheaded - but Night Elf culture has little tolerance for open drunkenness. So, Kaldorei have no taboo against drinking, but would normally disdain the irresponsibility and lack of self-control of anyone who gets falling-down drunk.

Green eyes. This would be a Blood Elf; green eyes among Kaldorei are specifically a sign of addiction to arcane or fel magic. Kaldorei eyes are silver - or less often, gold, which is sometimes taken as a sign of Druidic talent. In ancient times, when golden eyes were rarer, they were regarded as an omen of greatness.

Squeamishness. Well, it is actually possible to imagine a Kaldorei who is squeamish about killing animals, or who can't stand the sight of blood. But Kaldorei generally hunt, kill and eat animals the way you or I eat popcorn; they regard this as normal, and even more, as necessary for the preservation of the Balance. So, although some Kaldorei may be vegetarian, or unwilling to personally kill animals, proponents of "animal rights" as such would be regarded as crackpots.
Closing remarks

We hope you have enjoyed reading this guide, and that it gave you some helpful ideas. If you have suggestions for how it could be more helpful, please post them below; as you can see from the credits at the top, we do try to use the suggestions we receive. Happy roleplaying, and see you soon in Kalimdor!
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Positively awesome guide. Nice work. :)
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Like I said in the old thread on the other forum, this is an absolutely amazing guide: thank you so much for sharing it with us all! Anybody who's purple and has long ears must read it!
Does RP even exists still? Wow. Just wow.

Nice guide though its rather TL;DR. ;)
TL;DR indeed! However this post was so magnificently long, that I believe Some of it must've been valuable information for someone, out there....rp'ing on a nelf.....
Only problem I have with this is there are no naming helps, and I guess although anything that isnt "lolnightelf" is good, a choice of 'common' or 'traditional' night elf (examples) would be quite nice for this.

eg, on a thread made my one of the best troll rpers on sporeggar, he described names and titles etc http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/859357496

EDIT: But other than that, a great guide that will help people! Much good to read.
Thanks for all the appreciation!

There is actually a little section on naming, but it wasn't that easy to find it - I've tried to flag it up a bit more clearly in the contents. There's a bit on ranks and titles in the Sentinels too - although the lore here is very thin. Do you think more information is needed?

As for the TL;DR: sure, I hear you! I do worry that it's got too long now; it was pretty hefty before, and every time we make revisions it seems to get longer. I've tried to give lots of headings so people can navigate to the sections that interest them, but: would it be helpful to produce a digested version? Or an index? :-D
I've now updated this version with info on Mages.
I don't think it's too long; it just looks longer because the individual posts themselves are short (thanks to the character limit).

Anyway, fantastic guide! Thank you to all who have been working on it. We'll be linking to it on our website when we next update it! :)
Updated with our revised ideas on Sentinel ranks, reflecting the NPCs encountered after the Shattering. Please let us know if you spot a "type" of Sentinel in-game that isn't mentioned here.
Absolutely fantastic. I really enjoyed reading this and got a very good sense of the mindset of Night Elves from this. This is invaluable information to any RP'er and rightly stickied!
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An absolutely amazing guide; thank you for doing this. I found myself absorbed and was disappointed when it ended!

I have recently been contemplating a return to actively seeking to RP. I am fascinated by night elf lore and this guide definitely makes me want to roll a new character.

I was especially interested in the list of 'traps' inexperienced RPers could fall in to. Being a relative 'noob' to night elf lore it has been great to be made aware of potential pitfalls. I shall make sure to check in from time to time to see how this continues to develop.

Thank you ever so much.

EDIT: I am sure you'll receive this question a lot. But where are the best places to learn more about NE lore and which books did you find to be particularly helpful? Also could there possibly be a 'resource' section which contains links to particularly helpful sites/resources?

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