gamon in orgrimmar is killing everyone?

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hello,gamon,the mobs who is normally like lvl 14 and has 227 hp,is now a 85 elite and has like 2000k hp,and he hits like 95k,is this a big mistake or somthing?hes killing whole orgrimmar out
Working as intended.
He’s been eating a lot of porridge so don’t get him mad.

If you do, form a raid. He drops many copper!
haha,yeah lol,i see,he had 18 copper as loot=)
He's had his weetabix
Minding my own business then a raging, porridge-filled gamon owns me. Why, Gamon?! D:
Im scared of the Gamon King!!!
Imagine how you would feel being beaten up everyday by low-level ale drinkers just for kneeling there with a yellowy glow.

He's out for revenge...
You no touch Gamon!
Well done, dear Gamon.
Gamon for Warchief!!!!
I went to say hi to him and he smacked me in the face.

Okay, admittedly, I did try to say hello by stabbing him in the eye...
Finally the justice has been done. All is right with the world again.
Just missing Topper to go crazy on the citizens of Stormwind now...
Best change so far.
He have been working out secretly. The Garmon who has been standing in Org for month now was actually just a poppet he put there to cover his absence. But now he has returned stronger than ever to get revenge of those who in the past, in cold blood, have mortally wounded him without reasons.
(that is at least my theory)
I love the fact Gamon is 85 elite! <3

Looks like he's been working out ;)

Hahaha. This post made my day <3
Gamon seems to be deaded on my server : /

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