4.0.3a resto druids: what the...

I won't shelve my druid, in fact it will probably be my last character in this game -- I played almost every class since early Vanilla and found druid to be the most rewarding and versatile. It's just sad that HoTs -- the thing I enjoyed the most while playing this class -- are being nerfed and made almost unusable because players abused their mechanics. Really, if I just wanted to spam HT and Nourish, I'd have chosen paladin.

I'm quite sure this druid will find its place in Cataclysm though and I will enjoy the game. If not, I can always go back to my old good rogue -- another class that's an inexhaustible source of fun, especially in PvP :D
Tell your raid to stop getting damaged, and pray for Cata to come, where raids will feature far more avoidable damage; And you can actually blame your DPS for standing in the fire.


can't wait for this moment tbh

Me neither.
And to be honest, healing is piss easy now. Even for me who's been level 8 for 2 days /played. I healed HC's just fine once I dinged 80. I haven't oom''d once.
A little challenge is always welcome, right?
I think in short, people need to stop comparing today's healing to that of Cata's. Don't judge your toolset until you've adapted and gotten used to Cata healing, or you won't give your dear resto druid a chance.

We are the masters of adaptation in the very nature of our class, and I'm very much looking forward to more challenging healing, controlled group and raid play and figuring out our new toolset and find the most optimal way of doing it.

Edit: Btw, I happened to come across a video on youtube showing a druid healing Shadowfang Keep Heroic, and found it very interesting to watch. Search for "Resto druid - cataclysm beta - ShadowFang Keep heroic" and you'll find part 1 and 2 as your first two choices. Keep in mind that this video is nearly two months old so I'm sure healing wise it's changed, but likely health wise and the damage they're taking there is not completely off. I'm not in beta so if anyone can confirm or deny this, please do.

What scares me most in that is how the healer uses rejuv at people with 30% health and leaves it running as their only heal. :) Also the use of Efflorescence and how he moves into it to heal himself is neat too.
guys im not being funny its ok and nice its all going to be balanced at 85 but do consider those tht dont have 80's like me :) as we are jsut uber nerfed :(
Hi fellow druid's hard times for us,
Well it had to happen sooner or later we obviously did 2 good in the past lol.
As soon as download of patch 4.0.3a has finished i log in and first thing I noticed was blizz has added about 6-7k of mana to my blue bar. A big smile showed across my face but started thinking way??
So I went to a HC to what hides behind blizz generosity and was not pleasantly surprised my usual routine with rolling LB on tank and Rj on all that take damage with some WG at AoE damage taken or SW+HT and just the usual stuff was draining mana fast and not really regen it as fast as it used to.
Well ok heard something about nerfing us resto druids and adding mana problems with the fact that blizz implemented Cata changes on us before Cata is actually out (not sure why when Cata is still like 2 weeks away). OK that evening did some doll practice (not what you thinking) managed spells and got to an acceptable lvl of mana drain. So I don’t consider mana as a problem but what do find it to be a problem besides the fact that druid’s resto have to use a play stile of the future now, is that my spell’s are not only nerfed but it seems to me that ex. HoT spells are not that anymore. I mean with short tics, huge mana costs and the fact that I have to wait for ppl to take damage to cast my so called HoT’s (to preserve mana) doesn’t make me a healer that thinks in advance anymore. All I have to do atm is look at my DBM ant cast spells in accordance with it. In days before nerfing patch I reacted before DBM and with having in mind my raid member’s position, gear they have, will they continue to receive dmg after boss cast’s and so on chose the best spell combination and keep all alive. As I posted before on my pala who I have woken up from a long sleep (and trying to transform to a Holy) I shaman with blues on him can easily match every spell I have and he can do that with spamming one spell and laying down totems, not to mention he saved my behind with flash heals on tank when I was trying to cast extra-long HT and/or Nourish and got feared or stunted or interrupted or well you get the idea.
My post is to long as it so I’m not going to annoy you anymore just to conclude that yes we are Scrw.. but hope things change in the future because I have frozen my acc till I see some change’s. O yeah would like to see some post’s from guys that played on beta especially regarding differences between healer classes.
No one will read that wall of text. Use the edit button and break it down into proper sentences and paragraphs ^^
I'm not happy with rejuv change either, but...

People that are complaining about being outhealed by blue geared class x have to rethink what they are doing wrong. I don't want to sound arrogant, but use your tools people. "Work" for it, don't expect to steamroll everyone without an effort. Spec correctly, if you have mana issues, pick talents to help you last longer. NINIRVATE early, and then every time it's off cooldown. Use your OCC procs wisely. Spam lifebloom when you go to tree mode (more occ with malfurions gift). Pop a pot. Stay close to mana tide. Stuff like that. I really don't have huge mana issues atm, tho it is MORE then noticeable. I still use rejuv whenever i want - on people that need heals, or on people im anticipating thay will take damage.

As for cata, im pretty sure that at the beginning (5 man heroic gear, t11) it will be a struggle with mana efficiency (and i welcome that, i like to be challenged while healing).

"Soon" enough, with higher tier gear, mana won't be a problem, and we'll be back to business as usual. Or close enough.

There are stuff that could be easilly done to somewhat ease the mana problem, like, moving moonglow to T1 in balance tree (instead of Nature Majesty for example) etc etc.

Thing that really BUGS me tho, is that i feel that blizzard is at the strange place when it comes to druids atm. It's obvious that they don't want us to spam Rejuv like we used to, and i feel that's counter intuitive when we take in to consideration our Mastery. In order to take advantage of it, we NEED to have hots on people. Regrowth? nah. Not anymore anyway. Lifebloom? meh. On one person (tank) sure. wg? not really.

There are other issues (from my pov) like, having to spend 6 (SIX) talent points to get Efflorescence (that's also nerfed recently). If they could at least unlink it from Living Seed...

After all thease years, blizzard has come a long way (still waiting on them to fix some issues that are plaguing them from vanilla tho... like rogue vanish, pet issues fallowing them in stealth etc) and i really don't think they will leave us "broken" for long. If we're broken at all... (we'll just have to wait and see how it all plays out when everyone starts raiding in cata)

Anyways, I'm hoping they'll tweak the cost of rejuv OR do something with our mastery. OR like i already mentioned, it won't be an issue when we get our paws on good cataclysm raiding gear.

We are very versatile class, and im sure we'll adapt, like we always did. It's not the first time blizz changed the way we "tick". It's not the first time we got nerfed either.

Non the less, i'm still very much in love with my druids, and i very much plan to stick with them, no matter what. Tho i kinnda like to flirt with my priest too. ;)
well ive done 7 bosses not 4 and if you dont think that its unfair that we do not get any new spell for geting to 85 then thats up to you and do you like the new tree form ??? as for experiance no i have not been a resto druid long but this is an alt not my main ............
Not using punctuation is a bad idea. I never read a post by a person who's too lazy (or too stupid) to put a single comma.
Whilst i only played resto for a short time, i enjoyed it a lot before these changes, as i only play bg pvp with this toon right now, its not so bad to heal the smaller bg, wsg ab eots etc, but for bigger bg like av and ioc its near impossible to heal.
I came from playing feral tank on my other druid, which are also suffering badly with this patch and prior to this i was playing mage, seems to me that i will be going back to mage as it looks like blizz really loves them right now.
Why try and swim against the current, may as well play what blizz wants to big up.
Raid heal is worse but all healer get that but have you ever try to heal tanks on fights were they have to switch many times?
For Heroics is fine but for raids Lifebloom is just annoying and stupid!
We have to lose 3 GCD so we can heal the tank and get our T11 Bonus. Or just let the lifebloom on the other tank overhealing and wasting mana refreshing lifebloom and set reju on the other tank 100% of the time so we can get the mastery bonus.

This is the stupid thing druids get. Realy!
Lifebloom is like a Earth Shield now but a worse one when your tanks switch.
Why don't let us set 3 stacks with one GCD?
Devs can easly make a funtion to check if we have allready stacks of lifebloom on some target and copy the stacks to other one.(like afli lock).
This way if we have 3 stacks the offtank get 3. If we have only 2 the offtank get 2. If only have one stack then lifebloom work normal way.

And this is only one of the annoying of new druids style. The lack of our spells is just asking for a new design when 4.1 comes.
They wast so much time on ToL that they "#$% up our Tree.

At 85 Reju is slow, weak and expansive.
Nourish is a JOKE. Allways need a hot so can be good like others healers spells. Our cheap spell have to be expensive so can heal like others cheap healers !!
Regrowth is stupid for a Flash heal. A flash heal should be fast, heal even faster and not a nourish with a small hot. The worse flashheal of all healers arsenal.
Swiftment is very good but using our unique instant to aoe heal is realy bad. If someone need urgent heal and we use it to aoe how we do it now? Cast regrowth? :s With the nerf to efflorescence you do better if we don't wast 6 points on eflorescence.
Lifebloom is our new baby earthshield but you need 3 GCDs to change it to other target and you have to refresh it every 9s or your spells on tank will suck.
Wildgrowth is slow but kind do his job and is good to get mastery on targets.
In the end our only good spell is Healing Touch.
So yeah OP your are right! Resto Druid is in a bad shape now and realy need some love when 4.1 comes because now is to late.
And people i'm not asking for buffs! I want a change to our arsenal. Some sinergy to ur spells, our tree.

Check this link out: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=27607277795&sid=2000

In my opinion the OP os this thread and some posts in the end tell all the problems about Resto design!
After healing 6/12 ICC heroic mode I have some thougths.

- ToL cannot be "saved" for emergency situations anymore. We have to pop it whenever we feel it would help. While in ToL, spamming instant Regrowth is very tempting but it's also a VERY bad idea. Spamming Rejuvenation is also (of course) a bad idea. Lifebloom is the way to go. Cheap, procs OoC, and you can easily raid heal with it (together with WG which heals 2 additional targets).

- Regrowth isn't that useful. As I said, I healed till Putricide and I used Regrowth 5 or 6 times at best. Most of the time LB, some Rejuv (only some), WG, Swiftmend and some Nourish here and there (when there's time) are enough. I simply couldn't afford to cast Regrowth, even with 44k mana and 950 (yeah it's not much) spirit.

- Tranquility saves the day. Really. I know it's a 8 minute cooldown but we have to actually use it, now. It really helps for example to counter Pungent Blight.

All in all, I stand by my assertion that resto druids still lack "something", but they'll probably tweak us shortly after Cata hits. My point is: we CAN still heal, but we must pretty much almost forget Rejuvenation and Regrowth atm.
My problem with resto druids atm is our lack of cheap heals. On my holy paladin i have holy light, holy shock and word of power all of which are fairly cheap (admittedly 2 are on a cool down).

Due to the rejuv nerf i now just have nourish as a cheap heal. Whats more nourish often feels less powerful than other classes equivalent heals. Im sure this is down to the HoT bonus but to be honest i would prefer such a bonus on a very big heal. Nourish is what i am likely to use on raid members when i have enough time to not need to cast the fast heal but not enough time for rejuv to do its job. Most of the time this situation will occur when i do not have a hot on the target im trying to heal (assuming its not a tank) so the HoT bonus is just an irritation. The big heal (healing touch) is the one im likely to be using on the tank and a HoT bonus on such a spell would be much more appreciated.

My other problem is the relative power of regrowth it feels a lot less powerful than flash heal, flash of light or healing surge. The hot on such a spell is stupid if you want a fast heal the you want all that healing to be upfront. Swapping the roles of Healing touch and regrowth might work with healing touch becoming our quick expensive medium heal while the hot on a much more powerful regrowth (with a more powerful corresponding hot) would work better IMO.

But thats just my 2 cents im sure im completely wrong and you will have great fun poking holes in what i have said.
I am seeing people saying Nourish being useless alot. Even at level 85. Thing is that you'll use it for tank-healing mostly. It's not an off-tank heal. If you're trying to use it for something else then failure is pre-programmed, horrible failure that is.

At 85 Reju is slow, weak and expansive.

Define "slow". Saying a HoT is slow when its nothing but the usual characteristics of a HoT is confusing and misleading people into thinking: "Damn, that's alot negatives". Could as well say: "Rejuvenation is slow, weak, expensive, not ordering my pizza and definitely not creating long-lasting world peace".
Checking Beta raid logs it however seems that WG and Rejuvenation still enjoy alot popularity. Especially with high health pools providing a huge efficiency boost for either.

Regrowth is stupid for a Flash heal. A flash heal should be fast, heal even faster

It has a 1.5s base cast time. Which matches exactly the base cast time of other flash heals. So what are you referring to?

Swiftmend will be most likely single-target in smaller groups, as usual raids will need a broader range of decisions and saving someone or not might not be just your job alone.

Saying it's a small Earthshield completely misses the point of it. Earthshield and Lifebloom are wholly different in mechanics and not comparable. Also leaving out that it's cheap and refreshable per HT/Nourish and leaving out that Lifebloom is cheap staple HPS means that people will indeed think: Lifebloom sucks, buff it.

Anyways I saw a Beta thread there. I haven't posted there but I am agreeing with Jesintal and Fizzleflame/Magrahn here. They were also the most contributive posters around in Beta and provided constructive feedback - meaning they were once in a position where they did point out flaws.

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