So we are bugged?

Death Knight
Just reading around and experimenting figured i would place the bugs in same place (here) and see if anyone has any temp solutions or could share ideas.

Imp Blood Presence:
You can be CRIT still! Had this happen to me on Lich King a few times apparently if you swap to frost presence then back to Blood it solves this issue temporarily? It seams to have worked for the last kill I did but I don't no if I was just lucky could someone shed some light onto this?

Imp Death Strike:
Just is not working no matter what I do just doesn't seam to work I have tried everything I can think of (re-logging, changing spec, resetting talents, changing gear, trying it on a target dummy, trying it on a boss, trying it on something lower than my level and something higher than my level.) It just doesn't work.

Being the best geared tank in my guild and the main tank with only 26k armor (after the nerf) and bring able to get crit when tanking and my death strike not healing for what it should (also with it not healing means my mastery blood shield is smaller) is not fun at the moment its making it almost impossible to tank or making it hell for the healers. Im kinda living off a 6k heal 62% avoidance from armor and my other talents so ya not fun when your tanking heroic ICC runs as main tank.

Does anyone have any solutions to the above problems? Its causing me and 24 other people (and the subs in guild) to get very annoyed the only answer I got when asking about was "wait till cataclysm".... But ya here is some news i have already paid my £8.99 for this month and don't see why I should waste it hanging around org talking in trade. I pay my subscription fee to be able to raid I expect to be able to do so without getting yelled at for getting 1 shot as a tank.
What are you expecting Imp. Death Strike to do? It only increases total healing not base Healing, and AFAIK that was fixed.

The 2 weeks post-4.0.3a means nothing to Blizzard. They've balanced the Game for 85 so 2 weeks of you suffering on LK Heroic is the same as saying "Arthas likes Cheerios."

Here's 2 lists though, first is for Bug Fixes, second is for un-addressed issues.
Thanks for the links much appreciated. Still im paying for them 2 weeks and as a customer should expect some form of fair game-play.

regarding death strike just tested it again my states are as followed (with only Blood prez on):
HP: 56.9
Armor: 25130
Runeforge: Stone-skin gargoyle
Mastery: 108%

This is what happens when I hit the training dummy with no buffs up just 1 Death strike hit no procs nothing:
Protectus gains Protectus's Blood Shield.
Protectus's Death Strike heals Protectus for 0.(3980 Overhealed)

[04:22:03] BloodShieldTracker: DS [Tot:3980, Act:0, O:3980, Last5:0, Pred:0]
[04:22:03] BloodShieldTracker: Blood Shield Amount: 4309 (min)

My spec is shown on armoury with imp death strike in the build so this is the correct amount?

My maths isn't very grate but that is 7% of my HP like the standard tooltip reads. Now what happened to the extra 45% from the talent improved death strike I see no change with or without the talent the tooltip of death strike still clearly reads 7% of my HP without the talent and with it. By taking the talent there is no change I don't gain any-more healing or any less.

I agree 3980 is correct without the talent but with improved death strike 3/3 surly it should be around 5770 if my math is correct?

Death strike tool tip:

Imp Death strike 3/3 tool tip:

Calculate 20% of damage Taken as Healing from Death Strike, then add in +45% from 3/3 Imp. Death Strike.

Let's try the minimum for now:

7% of 56900 = 3983/45 = 1792.35 = 3983 + 1792.35 = 5775.35

Your Shield should heal for a minimum of 5775.35, assuming Imp. Death Strike Healing adds to the minimal 7%.

Cross-Linking to Pwnwear incase someone else can help out a bit more than I can.
ah cheers ya there is a def gotta be an issue here then my shield is no where near that big and my heal most def isn't i tried a few times with same results :(

from what i can gather according to that site is that its effecting the heal that you get from damage you take but the base heal like we are calculating. Could this be intentional you think?

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