Did conflag just get stealth buffed?

I could swear it's doing more damage now then yesterday? Right now it's hitting harder then chaos bolt. While yesterday it hit for less.
Shhhh, don't let trollz see this topic or we are all doomed coz of nerfs!
haste affects immolate , immolate does more ticks , conflagrate hits for more , i know , i know it's hard to understand.
Yeah, except that haste scaling has been around for some time and he his talking about a recent change.
I know, I know, it's hard to understand
How it works is: When you reach 10% haste you gain an extra immolate tick and your Conflag does more damage accordingly.

Same for 30% then 50% haste.
^^ afaik its 15% not 10% 15 30 50
I've had the exact same gear on for weeks, and before the server restart a couple of days ago, conflag did less dmg then chaos bolt. Now it does more. So it has nothing to do with haste. Pre maintance i would crit for around 8-9k on a lvl 80 npc mob, now i do 13k ish.

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