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Here we go again...

TMNTrolls (10 man only) is recruiting (once again) people aged 19+ (years, not months) for either... a) Hello Kitty Island Adventure [OR] b) Cataclysm (you get absolutely nothing save protection from being made fun of if you guess correctly). Applicants should be able to actively participate on mumble especially during discussions that do not pertain to the raid at all - or else we'll just think you don't want to talk because you sound like Richard Simmons and then make fun of you... or at least some will. :D


Still looking for:

Currently not really recruiting classes, but numbers. We could do with 1 or 2 additions to our roster. You have to be either a Healer or Tank OR have a truly viable healer/tank offspec.

You can check our forum for the classes or specs we do not yet have. These probably have a higher chance, but really any class or spec could just apply.

We've been around for roughly 3 years now (WE'RE OLDER THAN SWINE FLU ROFL), mostly as a 10 man guild - we foolishly tried our hand at 25 man raiding on two seperate ocassions but our attempts at materializing raiders out of methane/thin air (as well as my attempts to get my unworldly (I learnt a new word yesterday) manfriend Trollerskate out of his house) didn't work out too well (yarly) - and are looking to continue our 10 man ways (wow, that sounded wrong) in Cataclysm where 10 mans have finally been made more viable. We're a pretty tight-knit group (some of us have been gaming together for several years and across several different games) and we're always looking to add more people to our growing community... Which includes ranks for Socials aswell as PVP-only players (you can pay us to watch Abyssmal the DK silence warriors or die ...a lot). Actually, Persevere is just getting bored of harassing the same fools over and over... In fact, both of these people quit, meaning we're looking for new people to bash the newer people, and do some raiding.

We have a TARDbard, a gbank with 6 whole tabs that uh, have fallen victim to hacked officer accounts on more than one occasion (GG nubs) (but thats in the past ^^, a ventrilo that will randomly "disconnect" you for absolutely no reason whatsoever (The admin probably doesn't like the sound of your voice) (maybe thats the reason we switched to mumble), and our very own guild-a$$hole - whose Official position is not officially taken, but NOT up for grabs either. Don't fret, though, as there are several people still in contention for the role of guild-retard (GL m8s - shouldnt be hard).

{Being a part of the TMNTrolls affords you the right to listen to our fantastic boss-fight explanations that are so long that either a) half the world erodes, or b) sediment turns into rock (or was it the other way around?). Also, you get to enjoy the quality vent chatter that includes talk about the people's (gleader) *%#%@## veins, or sauce that is apparently so good that you get the urge to dip your... uh, nevermind.}™®©


Membership does not protect you from having your guild-note being changed (NOT FOR THE BETTER) at least once a week.

Our language of choice is some indecipherable nonsense that includes both numbers and letters that requires a great amount of phlegm to pronounce (got a few sandy !@#$). Nah, seriously, engrish, do you speak it?

We raid on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from around 19:30 till 23:00. No one is obliged to raid (unless you're applying for a raid rank), but invites are usually handed out based on... nothing you have any control over (lol j/k) - skill, the ability to prevent any pets you may own from jumping on your keyboard in the midst of a boss fight, the ability to not wand Vael before he's been engaged (I!U@YUHGDW132!@#$ - don't ask), not being related to grandparents who get their extremities stuck in toasters or lawnmowers during crucial points in raids, and finally, not having the propensity to stand in circles of detrimental-to-your-character stuff, and more skill. Btw, that stuff that drops from the sky? Not good.

We have no set loot distribution system per se, but the guild mentality is such that if we (you, us, them) deem loot to be a bigger upgrade for another person we (you, us, them) pass, especially if it's an item class that we (you, us, them - this is getting repetitive) can't use (mages should be able to wear spandex IMO)... the exception to this of course being weapons, as all weapons are considered huntard weapons: TF, Ashkandi, Untamed Blade, Dark Edge - too bad Might of Menithil and Hand of Rag were maces. Ok, our hunter quit so thats not viable anymore either.
On a more srs note:

Throughout Wrath, despite the many hurdles a somewhat strict 10 man guild has had to overcome, we've been able to maintain a pretty stable rate of progress, and at times, been able to surpass some of our 25 man counterparts in 10 man content - not terribly impressive, we know, but something we're nonetheless proud of. That's obviously not the case anymore right now, but we keep the same strive for progression alive. In addition to this, many of us have been playing since release and have been part of some pretty hardcore guilds, so we know what it takes to operate at a high level. We expect performance.

We can offer you a place where you can be yourself (mostly), and more importantly (at least for some of us ancient players), peace of mind - the guild won't cease raiding anytime soon (there hasn't been any 10 man content that we've missed out on since the guild's creation), nor will we be disbanding anytime soon.

In all honesty, though, after having played this game for so long, most, if not all of us feel that even if our lifestyles still permitted us to accommodate hardcore raiding schedules we'd still rather stay put - nothing really beats being able to progress at a decent pace with people you genuinely enjoy playing with.

Given the changes made in Cataclysm as far as 10 mans are concerned, our goal is to be one of the premier 10 man guilds out there and to have the most fun doing whatever we set out to do.

For those of you that intend to fulfill your psychotic tendencies by being assimilated by us, you need to paypal 20 EURO to MY account -cough-... or alternatively, you could put up an application on our website: http://www.phpbbplanet.com/ninjatrolls/viewforum.php?f=5&mforum=ninjatrolls

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Jensk, Dangr, Yogsothothh or Iir.

World of Logs: http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/29616/
Live stream of our raids:http://en.twitch.tv/jensk1
Bumped the new topic!
Lol bump
A lot of recruitment going on in kazzak. We hope to define ourselves through this topic and show that we are no ordinary guild. We are not looking for ordinary people either.
10/12 if it helps
Looking for a holy/disc priest specifically!
Still looking for a priest
We still prefer a priest, but are also taking in resto druid or holy paladin applications. Only 1 spot though!

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