Do you not think that instant 90's will ruin balance?

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you say: your not forced to buy a lvl 90..... but if i could choose i would like to have a few free lvl 90's but i wont pay for them, but since its a paid option youget your lvl90's and i get nothing, thats not fair game, i pay my subs.

it should be free or not exist at all.

So, basically, you're arguing over this because your selfish and want things for free, rather than either taking the time to level or coughing up the cash.


He's selfish?!

That's priceless...

Honestly, I've heard it all, now.

It doesn't effect them and all this scaremongering of F2P or P2W is ridiculous and I'm sure they know this deep down.

I certainly do not.

Tell that to all the people on the blog, 90% (at least!) of whom agree with us.
19/01/2014 23:37Posted by Jito
I mean, once you offer a free level 90 with WoD, then there's no stopping players from just creating a new account, install WoD on that, get another free level 90 character, and then transfer it to their main account.

And since players would inevitably do that if they got the opportunity (look at how many people RaF themselves, or SoR their own old accounts...), then you may as well remove the hurdles of the process and just put the service out there for players who want it.

20/01/2014 14:12Posted by Shiftyeyes
so what? its not something blizzard is trying to sell for people needing 1 more lvl 90, just people making 'smart' use of what they can, thats a completely different matter.

Just leave the Character Boost out of the Store and let players to exploit the system with multiple accounts, everyone will be more or less happy.



I assume people call you this, a lot?

Projection is a terrible thing.

Just ask the Sha.
I think selling overpriced virtual goods to enhance a game you've...

    Already paid for
    Bought 4 expansions
    Continuously pay £8.99 a month

Is disgusting.
Never understood the amount of QQ about this.

It's like getting a lvl 85 purchasable right now.

Wow, it's just right into raiding from there isn't it?

lol nope, not really. Most of the lvling is always done in the current expac. Seriously, 85-90 takes roughly as long as 50-85.

Besides, who knows how to play their class "perfectly" after they lvled up? I didn't learn !@#$ from lvling my toons since none of that is really a challenge. If you see yourselves as pros after you dinged and just go into hard end content without reading guides you're bound to mess up, no matter if you lvled your character up normally, or bought him/her.

For the record, considering all the scaredy cats regarding kids getting max lvl toons and messing up your groups... really? Most "kids", nephews and such, I know that play WoW spend their time lvling characters and enjoying the game in their pace. Maybe you should too
i like pie
What balance? to many 90s/100s? Balance is with classes to do, or realm pop horde vs ally. How does it effect balance should be the question.
20/01/2014 19:26Posted by Damían
i like pie

I don't. And that's okay!

Oh but we're the WoW community...let's argue about it even though the fact you like it and I don't doesn't make a difference to anyone.

20/01/2014 17:13Posted by Magemma
I certainly do not.

Tell that to all the people on the blog, 90% (at least!) of whom agree with

You can't base a percentage of people on how many bothered to come to the forums to complain.

I think you'll find there are less of us speaking up for this service because when you're indifferent or for it you don't necessarily go out of your way to let people know. Half of the people who aren't bothered about this paid service, or even like it -gasp- probably don't even know there's so much discussion going on in the forums. They're just getting on with their WoW life safe in the knowledge that it really will change NOTHING.

I wish I too was blissfully unaware.
well blizz never cared about pvp this expac so it would not surprise me, it all has with the new talents to do also, you can pick tank stuns and tank heals as warrior and utilize it in pvp.

Speaks for itself, too much cc and stuns.

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