If the poster above you was an NPC... (Part 2)

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Zulfi (or Zufli... whatever) is a Zandali word meaning "baby witch". It's used as a pejorative term among trolls for female witch doctors, though some female witch doctors take it as a honorary title (kinda like "Crone").

So, yeah, you'd probably be some kind of martial artist/witch doctor hybrid in Sen'jin Village or something.
Goofy but passionate dk,all other dks find him silly and not tough enough,so he,as quest giver in dk starting area,sends you to put stink bombs in shoes of other dks who make fun of him.
^ A revered Earthen Ring shaman! Maybe handing out quests in Deepholm.
Servant of garrosh Hellscream , a mighty warrior who strive to take over Azeroth and destory the races that are not Orc blood.
Deranged undead priest in the church in tirisfall glades, turned his church into an alchemist lab, sells potions
Illidari officer traveling around Azeroth and spreading Illidari faith like a Jehovah's witness.
Quest giver outside Well of Eternity.
Plate armor vendor in Blackrock Mountain.
Outside ICC a weekly quest giver for killing a boss inside
A Night Elf defending Hyjal from the fire elemental onslaught. She specialises in ranged blades to avoid the burning damage, as the red represents her inner pain after seeing Hyjal burn.
/rasp at quest giver for telling me to kill 10 cockroaches
One of those vendors selling you bags and skinning knives.
I would find you in Outland nagrand, selling epic looking gear for pvp points
Space ship mechanic
Paladin with a bit of a gambling problem, gives a quest to rogues to go steal back her boots and chestplate.
I'd go with Pandaren Mercenary.
Quest given in Uldaman
A friend of Hemet Nesingwary in his camp in Draenor (assuming there is one), handing out a quest to kill 10 boars, then kill 5 large boars, and finally a quest to kill a giant elite boar. The final quest awards you with a cosmetic boar skull that you can hang in the trophy room of your Garrison (again, assuming there is one).
A quest giver in Icecrown claiming that the player can't possibly smash more ghouls in than him!

"Ya think ya be beatin' me mon?" *death knight laugh*
a draenei who think shes a troll and asks the player to give two wolf heads to wear on her shoulder

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