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the trial is very good to see if you like the game. i think all mmos should do this, especially to see if the game actually runs on good settings on your laptop/pc
05/06/2015 18:54Posted by Gráinne
05/06/2015 14:44Posted by Anvarra
Token is 25% more than a sub - meaning every Token is actually 1.25 sub you're submitting to Blizzard's coffers.

Even worser: Token is 20 Euros. Game Time from the online shop, without sub discount, is 13.99 Euros.

Token is 42% more than a sub.

You're, as usual, absolutely right. Seems especially the math part of my brain has been whittled down of late.

05/06/2015 16:16Posted by Alyssa
P2P - WoW, good community. Bad guys get reported and punished
F2P - LoL, toxic as hell
B2P - CS:GO, less toxic than LoL but still some annoying snobs

You are kind of comparing apples to oranges, as both LoL and Counter Strike aren't MMORPG's, in fact some contribute WoW's toxic for a MMORPG community to trying to cater to 'console players' in the past.

Personally I don't think the payment plan really influences the toxicity levels.

Games like EverQuest II, Eldevin, and especially LotRO are all F2P with sub options, yet have rather good communities, in fact too often it are the subbing players that are the most toxic in them (as they feel entitled to do so, even if Freeps can easily spend more/month in the Shop).

On the flip side, WildStar, WoW and especially EVE Online are (were) all Sub games with Token options, and have heavy congregations of entitled doucheschnozzles, the last one having even 'famous' players encouraging on a public event to get a depressed player to kill himself

(and no, the Mittani didn't even get a permaban for that, way to go CCP. Not.)

Before someone starts about how it was supposedly rosey-dosey in Vanilla WoW:

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