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help i need to redo my subscription as i have had to have my bank card numbers changed so i need to re subscribe but i cant log in to do it
They're looking into issues with the account management page at the moment.
i also cant transfer my one of my characters how long will this take them :(
Normally blizz seems to be quite fast at fixing these kinda problems (20-30 min) But seems like they have faced some bigger issue perhaps?

I have the same problem i need to re-subscribe after taking a break. And i cant do it.

Though im sure our friends at blizzard is working on it, trying to fix it as quick as possible :)


EDIT: Just checked the system seems to be online again now
Still getting this error message when trying to buy a character migrate. Blizzard tweeted 12hrs ago that everything is fine. Same issues again?
Also trying to transfer a character with same error appearing.
Hows it going Blizz ? hard to get ppl to work..... get this !@#$ going ffs.
Have you tried using a different browser or clearing the cache/cookies on your current one?
Definitely not the browser or cookies. It's been tried in 3 different browsers with clean slates. The error is with the website not us.
Hey guys,

Regarding subscription/game time:
Please delete the cache and cookies of your browsers and try again. Here's how to do it for the most common browsers:

Alternatively, try it with a different browser.

Regarding character services:
At the moment players are not able to use character services. This is being looked into and we'll provide more updates when we can.

How's my driving? Let me know!
I did that, but anyway, I cannot buy MoP and play days...
I cannot buy Boost, tell me why...?

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