[A] EU-Sylvanas Raid Guild 14/14 LF Socials / Casuals

Looking for Players – PvE
Greetings :)!

We are an Alliance guild based on Eu-server Sylvanas. As the title states we are always looking for active, social, friendy and mature players.

My best IRL friend and I formed the guild and not long after we got our first members it started to become a real family. Now, almost a year further, a lot has improved and we can now proudly say Sober Dwarf is the home of at the moment around 100 unique players (160/170 chars with alts included). We are even more proud to say many of our guildies admit to never have experienced a guild experience as fun and good as with us.

We are a very social, friendly and mature group of players and this will always be very important to us. We are a tight group of people, together quite some time by now, who care alot for respect and dignity for one another. The game should and will always be a fun environment for us to be, not the other way around.


As said, we are an awesome, very social and active guild meaning that:

- We are always respectful, friendly and mature towards one another. There are no exceptions.

- There are now around 100 unique players on board. Alts included it's heading towards 180 charachters. There are many languages spoken amoung our people, however English is and will always be the language we ask you to use when dealing with other guildies.

- We have multiple (of our own) teamspeak 3 servers available that are free to use for guildies, both socially and gaming related. At first this was rusty and people would barely log in there. This is totally diffrent now. More and more active comms users now. Also for what its worth, there are hardly any dull moments in the guild chat.

- Every week lots of raiding going on. From new to old content, everything included. There is a core raid team progressing in HC SoO, but there are many other capable raiders meaning there is lots of flex and SoO Normal (alt)runs. At the moment this is not in any way organised due to lack of RL. That's because we outgrew flex and normal. Soon there will be someone assigned to lead those flex / normal(alt) runs meaning it will be organised and on fixed times again. There was a 2nd Normal team up untill not long ago. This disbanded due to Raidlead issues.

- Are you looking for a core raid team spot? Currently we have no Raidleader available to manage our SoO team #2. It means we can't promise any instant core raid spots. We are working on it and it should be back up soon.

- We do a lot of stuff together going from mostly the old raid / achievement content to PvP. A world event (pvp, questing) where we would gather up as a guild for the interested ones wouldnt be something new to us either.

- We have transparent leadership meaning feedback and ideas / events for the near future are always welcome and well considered. Everyone's opinion matters to us and is weighed equally. The leadership's view is: the more calendar events the better.

- We are working on getting a full PvP team going again. This was once the case and will be again soon. The reason that this team disbanded was simply due to the fact slowly each and all of them being dragged into Raiding. Can't blame them, we do awesome raids together :)


As stated a few times, we are respectfull, friendly and mature people. Needless to say you will be expected to behave as respectfull as the rest. Thats a golden rule without any exceptions.

- Are you a casual player enjoying the game in your own way without being fussed about all that raiding and pvping?! The game will either way be the most fun when you have an active, social and helpful guild. We are always looking for more social players to come aboard. We have all kinds of players, young, old, female, male and from all corners of Europe. Feel free to join in!

- We are always looking for exceptional players. If you think what you do, your skill or mindset, is exceptional and would be of value to us? Feel free to contact me. This can vary from being a Raidleader for old raids / achiev runs up to leading a Normal SoO team. Ofcourse this all goes for everything that has to do with PvP aswell.

- I think most is covered now. What's left to say is that we hope to expand our roster with some awesome social and active gamers. Maybe except from PvP where we aren't that active, we do lots and lots of stuff together and now we feel the time is right to expand our family. Do you want epic raiding fun? Are you looking for an awesome gaming family to join? Are you hoping for some helpful friendly people? You may have just found what you look for :)

Feel free to add / contact me for any questions or things I forgot.

If you think you would fit in and are interested in joining, add my battletag for a little talk.

BattleTag: Milan#2761 Charachters I play alot: Luriofax, Lurio, Lurofax

My kind regards,

I look forward to meet you,

Milan / Luriofax

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