Collection of dragonkins, what do you think?

Pet Battles

I haven't found a better place to post. After all it is a question regarding pets. More of a request (probably) yet I don't think that "blue" will even care >.< I am still trying tho.

Mostly I would like any player that disagrees or agrees to post here.

I know that pets that are "re-skinned", "re-colored" etc. in general it annoys players.
So Blizzard does it, sometimes anyway. Patterns, repetitions, sets

Reason for this topic is:

Wild Crimson Hatchling
Wild Golden Hatchling
Wild Jade Hatchling
It is a beautiful set of color per name and breed per name (if you are into it)
Where is our Wild Blue/Cobalt Hatchling? Arenji in Shrine of Seven Stars seems to be untamed...
I wouldn't mind taming it!
I really like these serpents.

Yet Blizzard gave us
Thundering Serpent Hatchling
It doesn't have the color specified anymore and we get only one out of possible four (or three if we don't count the blue classic one)

Then we had a chance for a celestial mini!
Yu'la, Broodling of Yu'lon
It is just like those "heavenly" mounts.

So to summarize we have a set of green dragonkins hatchlings. We have the classic version, thundering and heavenly.

I am asking about the rest. I really want to have a set of each color!
And fix the naming, in general.. -.-

Not sure if it's meant to be so hectic? Same thing is with mounts btw, I care less about those. But heavenly lacks few colors.
I can agree that the Wild Cobalt Hatchling should exist. As for having "heavenly" versions of each of the dragons... not so much. We have Yu'la, which just happens to be the Jade Serpent. Besides, wouldn't they somehow devaluate Yu'la? We don't have a blue Chi-Chi, or an orange Xu-Fu, nor there is any need for it. A "crimson heavenly serpent" would just feel like a recolor of Yu'la.

And Thundering? I don't know, if you hadn't said, I'd never noticed the Thundering Hatchling to be any different to the Jade one. Apparently it's supposed to have lightning, but out of all my concerns regarding Dragonkins, I think the amount of lightning on my hatchlings ranks quite low :p

So yeah, I'd be all for the blue hatchling, totally against the heavenly hatchlings, and kinda neutral towards thundering ones. Would rather much prefer if the hatchlings were given different skillsets, actually, because right now Thundering, Jade, and Golden only differ in looks and stats; whereas the Crimson one is a Crimson/Onyxian Whelp in disguise, which is kinda sad.
Indeed, I'd love to see a blue, and onyx too!

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