Make more slots for macros

Considering I use a lot of modifiers as conditions for a single macro slot, not really practical... This solution takes up 1/3rd of the space you need for a macro, more if the spell names are really long...
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Would it maybe be an idea to add a dropdown menu like traps for hunters where you can choose different sets of abilities?

For example:

1: Ice Block: regular
2. Ice Block: Safe and spammable
3. Ice Block: Cancelaura

Or with the same principle have the ability asign CTRL, SHIFT, ALT keys in a dropdown menu. So you just fill in what the extra keys have to do when pressed with the ability. However only 1 icon is on your bars instead of 2-4 for each target/focus/party in arena.
Shameless plug: For those of you who can't wait for WoD to improve your macro situation, consider checking out my macro addon:

It offers thousands of macro slots as well as expanding the number of conditionals available in the macro syntax. It also includes a shorter alternative to Blizzard's approach to casting talents, as well as a conditional for casting spells depending on chosen talents or known spells.
There are sreenshots and examples at the link above.

In addition, macros can be written on a class-specific basis. Write a macro for one Warrior, it becomes available on all Warrior alts as well.

It's currently in an early alpha state so there may be bugs and it's missing some planned features, but I've been using it myself for months because the core functionality is working.

Some examples:

Spell known condition:
/cast [known: Aimed Shot, harm, @focus] Aimed Shot

Negated (Spell not-known):
/cast [known: !Aimed Shot, harm, @focus] Kill Command

Checking spec-name (instead of just primary/secondary spec):
[spec:Blood] Heart Strike;
[spec:Unholy] Festering Strike;
[spec:Frost] Howling Blast;

A complex macro for DK healing to give an example of the flexibility:
-- If shift is pressed, use the best health potion available.
-- If alt is pressed, use the best bandage available.
-- If ctrl is pressed and the player is Blood, cast the 4th-tier talent. If that talent is Death Pact, cast it @pet; else cast with '!' for Conversion toggle-trick.
-- If ctrl is pressed and the player is Frost or Unholy, cast Death Strike.
-- If no modifier is pressed and the player is Blood, cast Rune Tap followed by the best health potion available in a sequence.
-- If no modifier is pressed and the player is Frost or Unholy, cast the 4th-tier talent. If that talent is Death Pact, cast it @pet; else cast with '!' for Conversion toggle-trick.
/targetenemy [@target, noexists][help]
[alt] [bandage];
[shift] [healthpotion];
[ctrl, spec:!Blood] Death Strike;
[ctrl, spec:Blood, talent:10, @pet] [T4];
[ctrl, spec:Blood, talent:!10] ![T4];
[nomod, spec:!Blood, talent:10, @pet] [T4];
[nomod, spec:!Blood, talent:!10] ![T4];
/castsequence [nomod] reset=2 [spec:Blood] Rune Tap, [healthpotion];

An example of using the talent choice conditions:

-- If the player has taken the talent 'Roiling Blood', cast Blood Boil; else cast Pestilence.
-- If a modifier is pressed and the player has taken the talents 'Plague Leech' or 'Unholy Blight', cast the appropriate spell; else Pestilence
/targetenemy [@target, noexists][help]
[mod, talent:!1] [T1];
[mod, talent:1] Pestilence;
[talent:!1] Pestilence;
[talent:1] Blood Boil;

The reason that I'm doing this bit of shameless advertisement here is that I'm really eager to get feedback on usability and functionality from users.
Forgive my ignorance as i only use macro's for basic things,but im just confused about this /startattack thing i keep reading about.

Is it not the same as when i tab target a mob and just press SS and it automatically starts attacking,or is it something completely different?
who doens't use sap macro?
20/06/2014 15:09Posted by Mangham
Forgive my ignorance as i only use macro's for basic things,but im just confused about this /startattack thing i keep reading about.

Is it not the same as when i tab target a mob and just press SS and it automatically starts attacking,or is it something completely different?

I have it macroed to some things on my rogue, namely fan of knives that wont target anything when you press it, very annoying in AoE situations, but for me atleast, I cant have it macroed to as much as I want.

Triple the macro spaces both personal and general macro space please, so many macros I cant have
Due to my many alts I tend to hit the shared macros cap, rather than character specific (because I'm too lazy to remake the macro by the time I get to my 10th warrior).
My fan of knives doesnt target anyone? I often lose combo points mainly because of that reason,i have to manually target what im fanning to get combo points.
20/06/2014 13:42Posted by Hertog
Then you would just cast the spell that comes with the chosen talent in that tier. Wouldn't that be a lot shorter? Macro length is very restricted already...

You can do more with it this way, since you're not restricted to specific spells.

20/06/2014 13:54Posted by Erca
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Have a great weekend everyone!
I challenge Blizzard people try windalker monk without any macros ! None. And to raise the bar, try i.e. HC 25 man klaxxi paragons with standatr UI without add-ons.

Jokes aside (base don my experience though). Some abilities kind of must be mousoverable, and then you must have separate cancel macro (Monk clones) and since there are like 40 buttons to spam, you must make macros to combine buttons (with modifiers) so you can play like normal people. I am using monk as example, but AFAIK there are other specs too like this. And I hot majority of macro slots with windwalker spec alone, let alone if id ever want to try healer...

And not just /startattack for me, there's also petattack for xuen (same goes with i.e. death knights pets).

MMmm... yup character based macro slots should be double as currently i have to maintain .txt file and swap macros there based on each boss (as I even with mousover clone-attack is too slow if there are 5 mobs around you - i.e. potectors).
Seems like most of you are making a simple game more complicated than it has to be.... i've never had an issue with all these buttons,i still use each and every one on PC and Laptop,so mouse and keys aren't an issue.
It hurts that the amount of character specific macro slots never have been increased. And therefore the increasment from 36 to 120 in general isn't even enough.
I wish getting familiar to the reason why it is this way.

We've been given a lot more abilities since vanilla, as well as the fact that players have become much better and continue to improve. Today, it is amazingly hard to have a well-organized macro-interface, as the character's specific macro slots are never enough.
So what happens? Well, I end up having macros that should be classified as character specific in the general tab instead. Completely filling it up!

So far I've written macros for my Druid, Paladin and Mage - as well as other general macros of course.
Oh, and yes, I do make my set-up in the regards of PvP.

How many slots do I have left? 2.

Thing is, many spells have been removed since previous expansion leaving my action bar - and probably many others - pretty damn empty. So why not allow us to fill the emptiness with macros that are beneficial for the experience of our gameplay?
Typing macros, setting up keybindings and stuff like that are one aspect of the game that can be very enjoyable as it allows your creativity to flow striving after the perfect synergy.

There are so many types of macros to do. Here are some tips and examples:

As a healer, why should you target yourself?
/cast [@player] regrowth

This safes you a keybind and allows you to use two different spells on the same awesome bind:
/cast [harm] soothe; nature's cure

If you like to change talents, you might want to use a macro that simplifies it all. But yeah, imagine how many slots this can steal from you..
/cast [talent:3/1] faerie swarm
/cast [talent:3/2] mass entanglement
/cast [talent:3/3] typhoon

Are you an engineer? For goblin glider I find it really nice to use this:
#showtooltip 15
/cancelaura Nitro Boosts
/use 15

Because this too enhances the experience as you perhaps sometimes equip Wrap of Unity.
By the way, for belt (nitro boosts), the number is 6.

What more can we come up with? Let's see:
All different combinations with "/stopcasting" (Ice Block is one example).
Then we have the macros that allows you to make it extremely hard cancelling an aura by accident.
/cast !ice block

But hey, we also do want to be able to cancel the aura. So here's what some may do:
/cast frostbolt
/cancelaura ice block

Two more examples regarding mage:
/cast spellsteal
/cancelaura hand of sacrifice

- you immediately want to get rid of the sacrifice.
/cast [@target, nodead, harm] Ice Nova

- because when you're gonna burst, you want it to hit the enemy..

For PvP you should want to utilize target-/focus macros as much as possible.
- gosh, that's a lot of macros.

And don't forget the macros you want with [@mouseover]!!

There's so much we can do! If you only allow us, please!
This limitation doesn't make much sense to me.. :(

I hope you can consider improving this aspect.


EDIT: Spelling

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