Kill Loot Repeat - Recruiting!

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You actually named yourself Badboi... I have no words for this
Bump WTB more players
Bump bump
Looking for 1 resto shaman and some dps!
Still looking for a resto shaman!

Also looking for a boomkin and a dps DK!
Our raiding roster has been kinda low for quite some time now and we’re looking for able people to strengthen our ranks!
woop woop.
Ruga has learned how to bump! The horror..
ragnaros dead.
congratulations guys,heard you had some roster problems,good joob for pulling it out.
Thanks :)
Gratz lads.
Gratz on the kill! :P

Just a quick question for the members or KLR.
Iv'e been seeing a few people leaving and xfering away, such as Ninjaj and Mayken. What is the reason behind this...?

Also a last question to the officers of KLR, especially Ruga! I was thinking of faction changing back to alliance and was wondering if you would take me back inn! <3

Grats on the kill.
Thank you all.

You know the drill ßaddie, make an application and we will see .p

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