dwar shamman changes plz

hi, i am not used to tank in the forums so i am not sure if its here this should be, but i think it would make alot off peoples happy if blizzard made the dwarf ghost wolf a little different from the other 1, a little smaller mby. and remodeling the dwarf shammy totems to look like beer kegs or something like that?
Not all dwarves drink beer. There is a growing subculture of winedrinkers, I heard through the g#!!%vine.

Rofl at the filtering of g%##%vine!
02/12/2010 14:22Posted by Silecio
Rofl at the filtering of g%##%vine!
Did you g%!@# any wine recently? :P
g#%@@ fruit anyone?
I love g*#*#fruit
Totems are just fine. As for the ghost wolf I agree, we should turn into a ghost RAM!. That would be damn awsome!
Sounds like sour g#!@@s to me...

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