Druids in the Horde or the Alliance?

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I have a question regarding Druids. It suddenly just popped up in my head, that most Druids are always neutral, such as part of the Cenarion Circle or simply roleplayed neutral by the players themself. Though does this mean that it is lorewise rare to be part of the Alliance or Horde, and still be a Druid?

I did some searching through Wowpedia at this link:


And the interesting thing is, that it shows this: "Druids belong to many different organizations or sects including the Cenarion Circle, Cenarion Expedition, Druids of the Claw, Druids of the Talon, Druids of the Fang, Druids of the Grove, Druids of the Antler and Druids of the Scythe." (So far I know these are all neutral)

There aren't many sources of Druid's picking a faction except neutral. So my question: Is it rare, and if so, are there perhaps any important lore figures in WoW that do pick a side between Alliance and Horde while being a Druid? (Not sure if Malfurion is neutral or Alliance due to him marrying Tyrande. He might be Alliance now?)

I hope to get some good answers, and perhaps it can inform other people as well about Druidic lore!
Most of those are schools within druidism, not "neutral organizations." While the Cenarion Circle itself, like the Earthen Ring, is purportedly neutral and outside the Alliance and the Horde. Despite this, there are members of these groups which are sometimes "neutral," and sometimes act within one of these factions. Thrall, for example, is sometimes neutral, but is still definitely a member of the Horde, despite being a prominent member of the Earthen Ring. Zen'tabra and the other troll "witch doctor" druids [or is that witch doctor "druids?"] are decidedly a part of the Darkspear Tribe and the Horde.

Malfurion is not "Alliance" because he married Tyrande, he is part of the Alliance because he is a night elf, and they are part of the Alliance. Sometimes, like Thrall and Malfurion, these members of the factions rise above their faction divides due to a "larger threat" that needs seeing to. Hamuul Runetotem is an important tauren spiritual leader and part of the Horde. He is ALSO an important druid, and so sometimes acts in alliance with other druids, whether Horde or Alliance.
So Malfurion is a part of The Alliance for being a Night Elf? You got a lot of Humans but being a Human doesn't automatically make you a member of The Alliance, right? Pirates or bandits while Human aren't seen as members of the Alliance so far I know. I ofcourse may have misunderstood your explanation Fyne. But I was a bit confused by your statement.
Pirates and bandits are not a willing part of the Storwind government, and there are human governments beyond that of Stormwind. Citizens of Stormwind are members of the Alliance. Those who set themselves outside the government would not be.

Likewise, the night elves [there is no "kingdom" name for them, really, but instead their species has basically one government] are a political organization that is a part of the Alliance. There are those who have cast themselves outside that government [like Illidan] who would not be. Malfurian is a night elf, a part of that culture and government.
Interesting. I always assumed that if you were part of a neutral group, you actually left the Alliance or Horde. But it seems it is more like the avarage adventurer. The case with Thrall also makes sense. Thank you Fyne!
Malfurion is part of the Alliance now. Go check his Heroes of the Storm description.

Druids can certainly be Alliance and Horde aligned, and we see plenty of examples. Look at Archdruid Renferal (RIP) in AV, for example.
We see Koltira and Thassarian in Andorhal being parts of the Horde and Alliance, but still recognizing their allegiance through both being in the Ebon Blade.
Gilnean Druids fighting at Lion's Landing, so druids are active in the Alliance army atleast.
Fandral Staghelm is one of the greatest hallmarks of biased druidism I'd say. He didn't like the idea of the tauren and the trolls being involved in the Cenarion Circle or even allowed the knowledge of druidism. There was also that removed quest where he sends orders to slaughter all troll participants in a certain battleground (Alterac Valley I guess?) and he had many supporters and close followers with the same biased state.
Druids are able to be in both Horde and Alliance these days. Back in the day (I'm talking thousands of years back) the Cenarion Circle was neutral and home to all Druids. Yet as the war between Horde and Alliance rose, some picked their sides, and can train others.

As a matter of fact I can count pretty much all purely Neutral Druids I know on one or two hands. And I know a whole lot of Druids.

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