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Leaked Expansion Key Changes

These are the keynotes of Diablo 3’s future Expansion, and will contain: 2.0+
Ø Game Menu changes to City Hub
Upon logging in and choosing a character, the player will now be placed into a yet to be named Major City Hub. The City Hub is real-time place where players can meet each other. The City Hub will be introduced with Act VI and has a player cap of 100, after reaching 100 players; a new instance of the City Hub is made to ensure a playable environment.

The Medieval City Hub:

Ø Blacksmiths Guild Street
o Your Backsmith and 3 Highest Experience Blacksmiths of players.

Ø Jewelers Guild Street
o Your Blacksmith and 3 Highest Experience Blacksmiths of players.

Ø Mystics Guild Street
o Your Blacksmith and 3 Highest Experience Blacksmiths of players.

Ø Auctioneers Area
o Different Auctioneers for Gems, Crafting, Armor and Weapons.

Ø PvP Queue Area
o Defense of the City
o Endless Rush
o Gladiator

Ø Waypoints
o The City Hub Waypoints are connected to all acts.
o Upon entering a different act; no quests will be present. However, all bosses will be spawned.
o Selecting quests is available through the Gate System.

Ø Gates (Game Selection Area)
o Gate to quest area in ACT VI
o Gate to open game system
o Gate to quest selection

Ø Random Objectives at Random Times.
o Random Objectives, from defending Tristram from waves of random monsters to defeating a set amount of monsters/ elites/ goblins to completing randomly generated events throughout the game. Completing the objective is rewarded with a treasure chest. Higher monster power increases the quality of the treasure.

Ø Guilds
o Guild support has been added

Ø Half of Fame (Ladder)

Ø Item stats are now allocated into 3 main categories and 1 bonus category.
Ø Rare Armor items dropped from monsters now roll 4 to 6 affixes and have a small chance to roll 1-2 sub-affixes.
Ø Legendary Armor items have had their sub-affixes removed, and now have an average chance to roll an extra 1-3 sub-affix. Legendary items also have small chance to roll legendary-specific sub-affixes that are not listed below.
Ø Items now roll at least one primary class attribute

Ø Primary (Affix)
o Strength (Class)
o Dexterity (Class)
o Intelligence (Class)
o Vitality

Ø Offensive (Affix)
o Critical Hit Chance
o Critical Hit Damage
o Attack Speed
o Defense Piercing % (New)
o Bonus Damage
o Bonus Elemental Damage
o Increases damage against Elites
o Mixed Stat, two of: (Crit / Crit Damage/ Increased Attack Speed/ Defense Piercing%), each 45% of max base value.
o Skill Bonus (New) (Specific skill bonus, all skills are available)
o Standard Socket (New).
o Specialized Socket (New). Increased effect if socket and gem match color.

Ø Defensive (Affix)
o Reduce Damage from Elites
o Reduce Control Impairing effects
o Reduce Slow effects (New)
o Health Regeneration
o Increased Healing by % (New)
o Increased Block
o Movement Speed
o All Resistance
o Elemental Resistance (Fire/Cold/Poison/Physical/Arcane) – Double Cap of All Resistance.
o Armor
o Life %
o Reduced Melee Damage
o Reduced Ranged Damage

Ø Bonus (Sub-Affix)
o Bonus %XP
o Magic Find
o Gold Find
o Gold and Item pickup radius increase (New)
o Resource Stat (Barbarian / Witch Doctor / Demon Hunter / Wizard / Monk)
o Chance to Blind/Freeze/Fear/Bleed/Knockback/Immobilize/Stun
o Level Reduced Requirements
o Treasure Hunter (New) Increases chance of finding Treasure Goblins and Resplendend chests and increases the quality of loot received through objectives and PvP.

Ø All items now roll equal primary attributes.
Ø All items now roll at least one primary (class) attribute.
Ø The affixes indestructible and thorns have been removed from the game.
Ø The magic and gold find cap has been removed.
Ø Players are considered Elites as of 1.0.7
Ø Diamond gem has been added.
o Weapon – Defensive Piercing %
o Armor – All Resistance
o Helm – Reduces Damage by %
Ø Wings can now be added to your inventory, and can now be toggled on or off that persist through game switching.
Charm System introduced.
o A dedicated inventory will be introduced with a quest in Act IV.
o Charms spawn in sizes of 3×1, 2×1 and 1×1. Charms are rolled similar to items (affix / sub-affix).
o Each Charm Size has unique affix and sub-affix rolls.

Ø Acts
o Players can now switch between acts through the waypoint system.

o All zones should spawn equal mobs and elites packs based on their size. For a zone of 1000m2 meters spawns 100 mobs, and 4 champion packs, and a 2000m2 zone spawns 200 mobs and 8 champion packs. Some degree of randomness will be used to vary elite pack amounts.
o Sub-bosses have had their legendary drop chance increased by 300% when killed with 6 Nephalem Valor stacks or higher.

o End of Act bosses have had their legendary drop chance increased by 400% when killed with 10 Nephalem Valor stacks or higher.
Unique Name Monsters
o Health increased by 400% and now have a 200% increased chance of dropping legendary items. Their loot table has also been changed to match the loot table of rare and champion monsters.
o Now roll (difficulty +1) random abilities.
o Upon killing a named monster, the player increases the Nephalem Valor cap by 1.
o Upon killing a named monster, the player gains a Nephalem Valor stack.

Ø Nephalem Valor
o Nephalem Valor stack size cap increased to 10.
o Nephalem Valor now increases your Magic and Gold find and Experience gained by 10% per stack.

Ø “Secret Level”

Treasure Goblins now have a very small chance of dropping a Gheeds’ Treasure Tome when killed. The Tome can be used on other Treasure Goblins, making their portal permanent and enterable by players.

Ø Gheeds’ Exotic Treasure Island:
o Treasure Goblins
o Goblin Gladiators (GG’s)
o Goblin Mages (GM’s)
o Goblin Fanatic of Gheed (GFG’s)
o Uber Treasure Goblin King, comparable to an end of act boss.
o (Very small chance of spawning Gheed himself)
o Many treasures!

Ø Mystic has been added as new crafter
o The Mystic specializes in altering armor and weapons.
o Unlockable in Act VI.
o Alter item appearance
o Change to another random sub-affix
o Reroll amount of sub-affix
o Change to another random primary (class) attribute
o Reroll amount of affix
o Craft Rare Dyes
o Altering Affixes require very rare materials dropped from monsters.
o Altering Sub-Affixes require rare materials dropped from monsters.
o Altering Sub-Affixes quality require common salvage materials.
o Altering an items’ appearance requires one of an items with the desired appearance, and it will be destroyed in the process.
o Special items unlocked by achievements

Ø Crafters can now specialize in a certain tree.
o Reducing its craft cost
o Craft time
o Unlocking special recipes
o Gaining unique appearances
o Experience system after maximum level.
o Higher Quality Affix
o Higher chance of rolling a Sub-Affix

Ø Blacksmith
o Off-hands can now roll base damage ranges (Witch Doctor/ Wizard Source)
o Quivers can now roll base attack speed
o Shields can now roll base block chance
o Crafting uses the new Affix / Sub-Affix system.

Paragon Level Perks

Ø (Account Bound), I.E. All characters benefit from the bonuses.
Ø Upon reaching level 100 all your characters gain an additional 50% more experience after reaching level 60 and gain magic find equal to your highest paragon level character.
Ø Level 100+ is only available for expansion characters.
Ø Each level beyond 100 increases the experience gained by 3% for all characters on your account.

Ø Level 1-100: Magic and Gold find bonus as well as attributes.

Ø Perks:
o Introduce perk system at Paragon 50

o Level 50: Increases the starting amount of Nephalem Valor stacks by 1.
o Level 55: Increases the chance of finding Legendary items by a small amount.
o Level 60: Treasure Goblins and Resplendent chests are now marked on the minimap.
o Level 65: You can now list 15 auctions, up from 10.
o Level 70: Your experience gain is increased by 5%.
o Level 75: Monsters explode more violently.
o Level 80: Increases the chance of finding rare monsters by a small amount.
o Level 85: Increases healing received by 10%
o Level 90: The cooldown triggered by your health potions is reduced by 20%, and potions restore 10% of all your resources.
o Level 95: You resurrect players 35% faster
o Level 100: The size of your Charm Specific Inventory is increased by 2.
o Level 105: Increases the pickup radius of gold and items pickup by 2 yard.
o Level 110; Increases your movement speed by 5% in PvE areas
o Level 115: Increases your stash by 1 half-tab.
o Level 120: Reduces the crafting costs by 20%
o Level 125: Increases the number of followers you can have in a solo game to 2.
o Level 130: Increases item quality of random objectives
o Level 135: Increases the chance of finding rare monsters by a small amount.
o Level 140: Reduces the cast time of town portal to 2.5 seconds.
o Level 145: Increases the size of your additional stash tab.
o Level 150: Increases movement speed by 5% in PvE areas
o Level 155: Increases the starting amount of Nephalem Valor stacks by 1.
o Level 160: Increase item quality of PvP objectives
o Level 165: The size of your Charm Specific Inventory is increased by 2.
o Level 170: You can now list 20 auctions, up from 15.
o Level 175: The cooldown triggered by your health potions is reduced by 20%, and potions restore 10% of all your resources.
o Level 180: Increases the number of followers you can have in a solo game to 3
o Level 185: Reduces the duration of control impairing effects by 15%
o Level 190: Increases the duration of your control impairing effects by 15%
o Level 195: The size of your Charm Specific Inventory is increased by 2.
o Level 200: 1 Follower will now join you in a multiplayer game.
De donde ha salido esto...?
Ha bote pronto parece un fake mas, pero no se la verdad.
Sin un link a una fuente fiable no me lo trago.

Edito,ya te encontré la fuente,y es un churro de fanmade...en fin...
Es una pseudofiltración para ir metiendo hype, no veo por ninguna parte lo que más me interesa, eliminar las casas de subasta, por no decir que miedo me da el ver el apartado pvp en la expansion. Tampoco veo por ninguna parte que digan que se permita la creación de partidas con nombres. Se han olvidado de los nuevos pjs, solo viene un acto más. Me parecen añadidos curiosos. Estoy confiado en un 70 % de que esa información parece mínimamente real. No se si con eso conseguirán venderme la exp, pero está claro que faltan cosas no porque no esté trabajado sino por ir dosificando la información para alimentar ese hype, si fuera cierto el post del op claro. Me parece coherente el no añadir más lvl de pj más allá del 60, podría provocar una ola de DEMACIAAA DEMACIAAAAAAAA y un monton de sangre en la sede de Blizzard.

Luego hay una parte que me parece muy correcta que es a partir de lvl 100 leyenda, cada nivel que suba da un 3% de exp para todos los pjs de la cuenta, por lo que explicaría el porque de la mejora de exp conseguida en los PM en el futuro parche 1.07.

Todo lo que se propone me parece muy lógico la verdad.
Interesantes ideas... El problema es que la expansión habrá que pagarla.

Ya les vale.
Lo que parece es que se han dado prisa en eliminarlo
pues poco tiempo le queda a este hilo, menos mal que lo copie XD.
Mira... Como esto vaya en serio es para meterles una demanda del 15. Porque lo que han hecho se llama, claramente, estafa.

No digo más.
08/02/2013 18:46Publicado por ju4n
ncreases the number of followers you can have in a solo game to 3

si los 3 mercenarios juntos jugando contigo, ahora voy y me lo creo... jajajaja
Por la razón que sea lo han borrado del americano echando leches. Puede que solo sea un borrador de todo lo que vayan a incluir. Por ejemplo también hay una errata con lo de la mística:

Ø Mystics Guild Street
o Your Blacksmith and 3 Highest Experience Blacksmiths of players.

La mística se supone que es un NPC propio y no tiene nada que ver con el herrero. La cuestión es que igual es un boceto de posibles aspectos a añadir.

En fin...

PD: Me voy a instalar diablo2 y LoD... Por eso de recordar lo que era un run y tal.
Aquí dice que son notas escritas por un fan de Diablo con los cambios que le gustaría que incluyera una futura expansión, asi que me da que nada es verdad :

* Notes are fan-created by Varox (Varox#2933), Astion @
* Changes I would like to see to Diablo 3, simply because I love playing this game, and hopefully for long time to come!
* These changes are how I would like to see the game changed. Ofcourse personal opinions may vary, but I would greatly appreciate the feedback (both ways)!

LOL de donde has sacao eso?

por ai andan urgando los rompe puertas jajaj.
Según estas notas, si pagas recibes 5 nephalems más, un mapa con goblins por todas partes y recompensas por nivel de leyenda. Por lo que veo es pagar para hacer el juego más fácil, en vez de añadir cosas al juego.

Espero que la expansión no sea como esta wishlist, porque sino el Diablo sería como el típico juego "gratuito"(espera, me costo 55€) donde puedes comprar un estatus premium.
Ponen cosas interesantes. No son todas de pagar para ganar (cosa que, conceptualmente, ya está implementada en la beta actual).
Fake Fake Fake, es mas hace tiempo vi uno similar del wow.
Es un fan made,ya hay puesto un post mio con el link al original,y otro de venuss con lo mismo,asi que no os calenteis el coco que es una pelota mental que se montó un friki,y la peña se está dedicando a darle bombo.
Oki. Pero había cosas que molaban :(
Como siempre, los "fan-made wishlists" nos demuestran que Diablo III pudo ser muucho mejor si se hubieran tomado la molestia de desarrollarlo escuchando a los fans.
En ese texto hay mas faltas de ortografia que en el diario de un analfabeto... Dudo que nadie de Blizz escriba tan mal ingles.
No cuela chavales... ¬¬

Todos sabemos de sobra que la expansión incluirá un acto completo lleno de "vacas-asesinas-mutantes-que-sueltan-mempos-a-cada-paso"... Y que nos la regalarán por la molestia de habernos comprado el Diablo 3 cuando estaba "claramente" inacabado.

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