[DE/EU] LF Players 4k+ for International Esport Team

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Area45Gaming [DE/EU] LF Players 4k+ for International Esport Team

This is Area45Gaming!

At the moment we are looking for new players starting from 4k Sr. Our network has over 90 players, which are playing and training in different teams of their skill level.

What can we offer you?
    - Professional Management
    - Sponsoring’s for streamers and maybe for the best teams
    - Teamspeak Server
    - Coaching
    - Scrim organising
    - Website

What we expect from you:
    - Time for training
    - Reliability
    - Active playing and training
    - Teamwork
    - To be willing to become better
    - Fluent English

Area45Gaming is not a fun community. The players who play in our teams are all here because of one reason, they want to become better, not good, better. They want to be at the top! If this is want you want to be as well, then we are the right place to be! If you are interested, contact me:

Battle.net: Julian#23289
Teamspeak: ts.area45gaming.de
Email: bewerben@area45gaming.de or intern@area45gaming.de

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