Razza rogue

Miglior razza orda per il rogue ??
Quella che ti pare.
La scelta di razza incide praticamente zero, con BfA ancora meno.
Non fidarti di quanto detto sopra, in realtà la scelta della razza nasconde dei tecnicismi ,sconosciuti ai più ,ma fondamentali per la specie stessa....
Dalle ultime simulazioni si nota benissimo come il Tauren di alto Monte sovrasti di
+ 0.9 % dps un Bue normale.....le meccaniche, se vuoi essere pro ,sono fondamentali......e sui numeri non ci piove....
Percìò go Tauren.....
Tauren rogue? O_o
22/06/2018 14:00Pubblicato da Shànnàra
Tauren rogue? O_o

Mentre sparavo l'eresia sui tauren ho pensato quanto potesse essere figo un tauren rogue ^^ pota lo vorrei ad ogni costo....
25/06/2018 19:51Pubblicato da Millodeficus
Mentre sparavo l'eresia sui tauren ho pensato quanto potesse essere figo un tauren rogue ^^ pota lo vorrei ad ogni costo....


sono troppo bravi a nascondersi.
Io l'ho sempre pensato e lo dico qui pubblicamente, dessero ai tauren la possibilità della classe rogue lo farei mio main. Sarebbe stupendo! GIà farlo monaco da delle soddisfazioni: il calcio rotante alla Chuck Norris è impagabile :); ma rogue sarebbe stilosissimo.
Provate a vestire il tauren nel guardaroba con le skin set dei rogue.... a dir poco magnifico.
Ci vuole una petizione pro rogue tauren....che si hidda a 4 zampe....
Alla fine se si nasconde un Orco può farlo anche un Manzo...
Servono tesi utili alla nostra causa.....le troverò.....
Istituisco la formale petizione a favore del Taruren Rogue:


quote dello slogan... facciamoci sentire ordosi!!
E un pally NE no? E se volete un tauren rogue non discutete neh.
Pero' il muccone che fa il rogue piace anche a me come idea.
Saber Slash MUUUUU, stealth muuuuu

As we all know, Tauren rogues exist, are always stealthed, and have such a high move silently and disguise skill that they can preform actions such as fighting and fishing without breaking stealth.

I can hear you ask: "But why can't I choose to roll one then?"

The answer:
When you select tauren in the race options, you will not find a rogue button. This is because even the button is stealthed.

Tauren rogues are so good at disguising themself, they can change their appearance to look like another class or race. Now you're suddenly afraid of that little gnome mage standing all by herself, aren't you?

Not only are they good at sneaking and disguising, they are also known for extremely potent poisons. As Tauren have always been one with nature, they know everything about it, and they can make poisons that will instantly kill you out of peacebloom and silverleaf. Of course, even grand master alchemists won't know how to use these two simple, easily obtained materials for such a thing.

Furthermore, tauren rogues posses the power to manipulate one other's mind, causing them to think there is no tauren rogue, or making them crazy. This is why mobs sometimes preform strange actions, like running from one place to the other even though nobody touched them, aggroing at a strangely big range, and suddenly evade bugging.

Tauren rogues do not generate threat, because they are so skilled tricks of the trade is up at all times, and their damage is not displayed by addons, because the makers of the addons do not know how to record damage done by such a skilled rogue. To make up for that, they just added additional dps to retribution paladins, fury and arms warriors, any other race and spec of rogue, warlocks, mages, shadow priests, death knights, feral and balance druids and hunters.

The only class able to do as much damage output as a tauren rogue is a shaman. One knowing what he or she is doing, with the right spec and gear, can almost out dps tauren rogues. The tauren rogue community is fine with that, knowing that if they would ever get too bloodthirsty and try to take over the world, the shamans would be able to stop them.

They do exist, do not wish to be discovered and always outdps you, unless you're a shaman. The next time you log on your ret pally after reading this, you'll see your dps has dropped by thousands, and you cannot help but think the tauren rogues are avoiding you, because you know the truth about them.

You might tell yourself "This is nonsense, I play alliance, and why would a tauren help my ret pally in dps? My extremely high dps is real, ha!", but do not be fooled. Tauren are peaceful by nature, and the entire tauren rogue community agreed to aid any class, any race, except for the shaman, because they are powerful enough as it is. You should not be scared of the tauren rogues, because they are helping you and your raid to obtain loot they do not need.

They can create BoE legendary plate armor with tailoring, leatherworking as well as with blacksmithing. Their weapons, BoE legendary once more, are made by blacksmithing, and they can enchant their own gear, create glyphs that triples damage done by certain skills. Tauren rogue's preferred armor proficiency is plate, because they are strong and skilled enough to walk around with it, and it offers the best stats for them. They often dual wield polearms, but two handed swords, maces or axes are valid options too. They are able to backstab, ambush and mutilate with every type of weapon.

Tauren rogues do not need mounts, because sprint is always active. They do not need to fly, because their legs, trained by sprinting all the time, are strong enough to make them jump as high as they want to. Of course, tauren rogues can walk on water, because every single one has the glyph for it.

There is usually only one tauren rogue in a raid, being able to pull out more dps then an enraged patchwerk on heroic, while not wearing any gear or weapons. Tauren rogues have a 100% dodge chance, and are not affected by diminishing returns of any type, because they are invisible for regular game mechanics. They often hold back to hide their presence. They gain 100% of the damage they deal in health, and have a health pool five times bigger then a 25man heroic TotC geared tauren warrior tank with last stand active, while having the maximum amount of tenacity stacks in wintergrasp.

The developers are aware of the tauren rogues, but will not admit they exist, or joke about it, because they know the tauren rogues are too dangerous. They programmed the game so that a tauren rogue's stealth hides the from game mechanics too.

Tauren rogues do not care much about pvp, because they do not need confirmation about the fact that they are almost unbeatable. All they do is assisting your little ret pally in fighting that arms warrior, while that arms warrior is also assisted by a tauren rogue to balance it all.

Tauren rogues can hit multiple targets at the same time, and their fan of knives costs 0 energy, allowing them to create the illusion of a mage doing a lot of damage with blizzard.


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