Random disconnects for no reason.

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Dear Blizzard,
please fix your game. I bought this game like 4 days ago and I'm experiencing random disconnects to login menu with red text 'Unable to connect to the server'. Please do not tell me that is due to my internet connection. I played plenty of Heroes of the Storm and I never experienced such thing.
There is no warning. No lag, no player rubber banding around or freezing in place which could indicate problems on my side. I do not understand this phenomenon. I played so many games and this is first time I'm experiencing that kind of issue.
Yes I'm playing on Wi-Fi connection but if your game requires special treatment - having mandatory ethernet cable connected to even be able finish or start one match... well that indicates that there is something wrong with it.
I don't think that I'm the only one having that issue.
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Serwery Overwatch są inne niż do HotS więc z połączeniem może być zupełnie inaczej.
Zacznij od wykonania testu WinMTR w trakcie gry:
Link do programu:

Wyniki wklej tutaj.
Wtedy będziemy mogli powiedzieć coś więcej.

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