Warlords of Draenor Alpha Patch Notes Update - Jun 13

Discipline: Critical Strike
Holy: Multistrike
Shadow: Haste

    Binding Heal is now only available to Holy Priests. no longer available to Shadow Priests.
    Borrowed Time has been removed.
    Dispersion and Vampiric Touch no longer restores mana.
    Base mana regeneration rate for Shadow Priest has been increased by 200%, Shadow Word: Pain and Vampiric Touch mana costs have been reduced by 50% to compensate.
    Divine Hymn now heals all party or raid members instead of a variable number depending on raid size. Its healing has been adjusted to compensate.
    Evangelism is now available only to Discipline Priests and no longer affects the damage or mana cost of spells. Damage of affected spells have been adjusted to compensate.
    Focused Will now triggers from any damage taken instead of being limited to being the victim of any damage above 5% of total health or being critically hit by non-periodic attacks.
    Inner Focus has been removed. no longer provides any mana cost reduction.
    Inner Will has been removed.
    Lightwell’s healing effect is no longer canceled if the target takes enough damage.
    Pain Suppression no longer reduces the target’s threat by 5%.
    Shadowform no longer allows any healing spells to be cast but also no longer has a restriction on casting other Holy spells.
    Spirit Shell has been removed.
    Strength of Soul has been removed.
    Train of Thought has been removed.
    Vampiric Embrace now heals all party and raid members for 10% of damage done, and this healing is no longer split between targets (up from 75% of damage done, split between targets).

Divine Star now has a 1.5-second cast time (up from instant cast), but can be cast while moving.

Devouring Plague now heals for 2% of maximum health per tick (up from 1%).

Level-90 Talents and Atonement
To get back to a balanced place, we've reapplied the AoE caps to the level-90 Talents, making them consistent with all other AoE heals, and reduced their effectiveness across the board. We’ve compensated for this in the tuning of Priest baseline heals.

Holy Changes
Chakra: Chastise no longer grants a chance for Smite to reset Holy Word: Chastise’s cooldown.

Shadow Changes
The cooldown of Mind Blast has also been adjusted to make Haste more valuable for Shadow, and removes Haste breakpoints.
Mind Blast’s cooldown is now reduced by haste, but its base cooldown is now 9 seconds (up from 8 seconds).

Talent Revisions
Several talents were split into different versions by specialization. We revised the effectiveness of some of these talents to better balance talent choices on their row. We also swapped the Level-15 and Level-60 talent rows so players are presented with core Priest themed abilities earlier in the leveling process.
Divine Insight’s effects have been split based on specialization.
From Darkness, Comes Light has been split into Surge of Light for Discipline and Holy, and Surge of Darkness for Shadow.
Surge of Darkness now has a maximum of 3 charges (up from 2).
Power Infusion now grants 25% Haste (up from 20%), but no longer increases damage (down from 5%).

We removed the Mana generation from Shadowfiend, in order to simplify it to being a burst-damage-cooldown.

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