[Eu] Mage community united for major class changes

Okay so first of all i apologogize for the possible language errors since i'm not a native english speaker and let you know that if it becomes relevant at any moment i will show you my main character but i don't think it really matters for the point i'm trying to bring here.

This thread is gonna be posted on all the Eu mage forums (as i'm unable to post on US) so if somone could briefly translate this to help non english speakers to understand what is going on it would be nice.

Something is wrong with the current state of Mages.

I'm not a 2900 rated player nor a Method hardcore raider but it doesn't take that to realize there is something definitely wrong with the new design developpers are trying to build for our class.

Many have already been discussed, from class-wide lack of DPS or the terrible gameplay changes and new talents but i'm not going to repeat what have been said already except for one thing :

We are the players. It is not our job to bring perfect solutions for gameplay issues. But we can definitely tell the devs when they are doing bad job, and we will.

If we don't say anything and just hope for a fix we MAY get some + x% damage buff like they did with Pyro but we will never get the deep revision we need until the next xpac.

The devs, like they always did, will tweak numbers to let us be more competitive but they will never even admit we currently have a poor button-mashing gameplay with outdated / stupid mechanics (hey Ice Nova).

We are not the only class involved in this gameplay sabotage but it is certain we are one of the most injured.

This is why i'm asking you, the entire mage community from all countries, to raise your voices and help me to show our discontentment to developpers.

I'm not calling for massive forum spamming or blizzard trashtalking, and this is not a petition.

I'm just asking you to click the following link and add +1 to the first post, and eventually post a quick reply about your general feeling about the mage.


If we don't actively show the developpers there is a problem and we want it to be fixed, they will say there is none.

Thank you for paying attention to this post and i hope, like you probably do too, that we will at the very least get a meaningful blue answer.

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