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So ill start off by saying that some of these fixes would benefit in gameplay for pve and make your class feel more unique again, saying that ,im gonna introduce myself so you wont think im a 1800r player speaking off my a**, ive played this game for 7/8 years , been gladiator 7 times and top 3 , 2 times, playing arenas since mid season 2.
The game changed a lot since i started to pvp , some changes were good ( pvp trinkets giving less damage on you,less instants) some were terrible (too many dr sharing in cc's , damage without cd's too weak, offensive cd's too strong, healing being too strong ,)

this first part is an overall look of the gameplay in WoD:

At the moment pvp is completly broken and boring this is due to several reasons :

-->Damage without cd's is too low, being my warr my main i can really feel a diference , without colossos smash my damage alone is really low , i cant kill anyone without poping all my offensives in a macro

fix: overal sustained damage needs to go up, id say by about 10/20 % in pvp

---> healing too strong, this is even more clear when sustained damage is low, but even if it was high you would not feel that much diference, a healer (some more than others, *cough* paladin) can eat all the cc in the world that when he comes back he will top some one to full using one CD, making line of sight not that big of an issue if you can just get out of the cc and top someone up to full .
mana is not a problem aswell so you can just use your best heal that probably you wont get oom (seeing monks at 5% mana and still being able to get mana/heals to top people is disgusting)

fix: reduce healing in pvp , especially burst healing, make the burst healing really expensive so you actually have to think about using them ( burning crusade style)

--->defensive cd's too strong (and too weak at same time) with low cd's, in order to keep up to damage blizzard had to buff all defensive cd's (lowering the cd's) , making this not that important your positioning aslong as you rotate yours with your healer (shammy using sham rage then getting bubble by monk , into sham rage .... this goes on ), they are too weak at the same time , they dont have an enough damage % reduction to make you actually switch off that target being worth it since it will be up again in no time .

Fix : make defensives from healers longer cd's but way stronger , like in tBC ( for example pain sup with 3/4 min cd but reducing damage by 80/90%, ironbark /barkskin 2 min cd with 60% etc etc ) making the other team switch . keep dps defensives the way they are, tweaking here and there

---> offensive cd's too strong, in order to get damage done , since overall damage is low, blizzard buffed offensives to unreal status (ferals incarnation.... really?....) with around the same cd as defensives , making this game around x and y, for example i use x my opponent is gonna use y, i cant make my opponent use y without using x , making this the game boring and predictable , where the only real skill is the rotation of cd's ... you can outplay an team the entire game , if you dont have the y for the x you will die no matter what.

---> mana not an issue , this has gone too far , make spells cost mana (good pve change)

-->instant cc's , hunter trap , should be like before , give them scatter again (not hard) so people can ground/reflect/stun the hunter

---> mobility , okay this has gone way wrong , hunters/mages/locks/boomies/monks have too much mobility , this is due to melee having way too much mobility (lolferals)

--->dispells, by giving every healer a dispell made comps/classes alike and made some healers really good while others drool all over the place cause their niche was removed

fix: bring the old dispell sistem , now this is tricky , but i think bumping the mana cost by a lot on dispells would solve the problems in the past about it (dont bring trash debuffs like the chills from mages)

--> purges too strong.....

fix: same as dispells make them cost a lot of mana, where you do it at begin then later on when you need to remove bops etc, not spaming removing every hot from druids for example

fix: make gap closers with bigger cd's(heroic leap) along with removing some abilities from hunters, mages(blazing speed fire only) locks ( bigger cd on port ), make the cd of the gap closer the same as the one who tries to get away ( for example mage vs rogue in tBC , mage would blink and rogue shs at same time, this is fine cause mage can then nova the rogue etc etc)

i think these changes alone would make a really big diference, they are not hard to implement and most players would come back to actually have fun playing pvp , would get pver's into arena (like in bc/wotlk) and keep subscriptions ( i think you kinda need to recover from that blow, and keep us busy having fun , win/win situation)

now some classes changes having this changes in mind ( solo my opinion)

Dks, fine, just nerf some of their burst abilities

Druids: all around fine , just make shapeshift cost a lot of mana for ferals/boomies ( mobilty fix)

MAges: make Frostbolt damage again, and their burst revolve around shatters (nerf ice nova , buff frostbolt/icelance)

Warriors: fine just all the other classes too strong, replace WW with heroic strike, remove colossus smash ( fury doesnt have it , arms shouldnt either )

Locks: fine , give affliction another school

MW monk: bigger cd on bubble, make their raw healing better

Hunters : too much damage with too much cc, sorry but i only see nerfs coming to this class

Rogues: KS change is good in 6.2 but it wont work cause good players already keep the other two cced while rogue is using KS . give them overall damage but nerf KS , and i think its time SUB comes back with swords!! remove backstab from game , allow combat/sub rogues use wtv they like ( shadowdance needs too go aswell , it broke rogues where you need to wait on a cd to do damage , outside that you just control.... boring .....)

Shamans: nerf purge, buff elemental damage, enhanc is fine

well these are just my thoughts on pvp and some ideias for the classes fix

Ps : sorry for the bad english

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